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The Battle for Same Sex Marriage

By , Spring Valley, CA
If it is one thing that America is known for, it is undoubtedly its state of being at liberty.  However, for a country that claims to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, imprisoning restrictions are tying citizens down and weak, petty arguments are holding the ropes.  For years on end, same sex marriage has been a charged topic that many people agree and disagree with.  Some find it perfectly normal and support the ratification of the subject, while others believe that it is an incorrect way to live.  But, pray tell, when exactly did love, regardless of gender, become a highly debated political issue?  In a country whose own Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, one would think that the topic of same sex marriage should not even be arguable.  People retain certain rights, unalienable if you will, that allow them to live their life with choices that only they can make.  This freedom, this liberty, exists to be followed, not to be taken away by confining propositions that hypocritically violate the very document that gives them the power to fairly judge.

Possibly contributing to the support of such laws is the over-abundant influence of religious views. While religion is a wonderful subject rich with history, hope, and happiness, certain aspects that it teaches can be hard to keep separate from the creation of governmental rules. Perhaps the fact that the Bible preaches the opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman leads certain people to choose an option on the ballot under the notion that everyone should and does follow the same path. However, different views reside in different individuals' minds and although those that are following the Bible probably have everyone's well being at heart, they forget that others may not share their beliefs. One can see that, based upon religious affiliations, sides may be taken not because they are fair, but because they are subjectively believed to be correct or incorrect due to spiritual influences. It has been proven time and time again throughout history that laws formed through these means cannot function and will eventually crumble. In order to keep reasonable and fair rules available for voting ballots, a separation of church and state must be held.

The ability to take away a person's right to marry someone they love simply because of gender is a power too great to be bestowed upon anyone. Love is a force that man as a species cannot even begin to define, let alone prohibit. When it strikes, it strikes deep and regardless of sex, people should have the capability to be forever united with the person they are enamored with.

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