Syrian Ceasefire Would it really help?

November 19, 2012
Since March 15 2011 Syria has been having a bloody internal conflict. However this was not an isolated event, many other countries in the region had started protests against their local governments. Most of these revolts have ended in a victorious way for the people. Since then, Syrian opposition forces that are led by deserted soldiers and civilian volunteers have increased their power in Syria. These opposition forces want as their main goal to overthrow president Bashar al Assad, member of the ruling Baath political party. It is really sad that a nation must turn to violence in order to have a better government. But even after realising how tyrannical the syrian government is acting some alternatives don´t look better. Some rebel groups have responded to the offered ceasefire with more violence. The Syrian people are going through a horrible situation. After this conflict started many Syrian opposition groups have emerged, some give the nation hope but some don´t.

The Syrian conflict has reached a dramatical point. Syria's government has announced a temporary truce during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. This is a religious holiday commemorating the fact that Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac. I believe that this has no sense at all, because when someone negotiates a ceasefire it is usually to end the conflict, and it for a small temporary truce. Syrian foreign ministry said that they had not reached a decision. The Syrian government will reach a decision on the ceasefire. This temporary ceasefire would be an opportunity to both sides to regain strength. This ceasefire is also a good opportunity dialogue with the Syrian government in order to end this conflict. This ceasefire would be a good signal because it would show that some factions of the Syrian opposition as well as their government are willing to negotiate.

Some Syrian Rebels are not in favor of the temporary ceasefire.This shows us that they are not willing to negotiate a ceasefire. Some jihadist rebel groups such as al-Nusra, stated that they would not be tricked by the Syrian government. The Gen Mustafa al-Sheik also have rejected the truce with the Syrian government, they state that the Syrian government is incapable of keeping its promises. All of these terrorist groups have been involved in bombing other places. These terrorists groups want to overthrow President al Assad but the fact that they bomb civilians make them even worse. This demonstrates that these groups are composed by fanatical people who have really harmed the Middle East. But there are also good groups in Syria. The Free Syrian army has agreed to the ceasefire. This response to the temporary ceasefire is a good sign because it shows that not all countries will end like Iran. This group is a reasonable group and it´s not composed of fanatics like the others.

The Syrian conflict has caused a lot of violence. A good example would be the car bomb that exploded in Lebanon but was detonated by Syrian radicals. This explosion killed six people and injured twenty other people. These violent acts of terrorism and cowardness only demonstrate that the Syrian rebels don't want peace with the Syrian government. Warplanes were displayed by air over the Syrian capital Damascus, in order to show their military strength. Lakhdar Brahimi briefed the case to the UN security council who support this ceasefire. Syrian rebels, even if they are radicals are fighting for one reason, they want to overthrow Assad. But yet this is no excuse for performing terrorist acts such as the bombing in Lebanon. Lebanon could be severely affected by the conflict in Syria. It might even destabilize the Lebanese government.

The Syrian conflict has many negative sides to it but the worst side is that the civilian population have been targeted. Even worse they have boomed Lebanon. The Syrian government does not help the situation by displaying warplanes. I believe that the fact that they are showing warplanes is more a sign of weakness than strength. I believe this because they want to intimidate opposition groups rather than attack them. They will have to negotiate or the jihadists would take over. The Syrian government is not doing well when they displayed those warplanes because it is sending a message of war to their enemies in the different opposition groups. In the end whether

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