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August 31, 2012
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“To inspire a generation,” are the words of the London 2012 Olympics. The Olympics gave us a view of new and interesting sports from archery to diving to water polo to cycling BMX. Some of the sports seen had never been advertised like football, cricket or rugby. Now with the whole world seeing these new sports, some that may have never been heard of, who knows what the new generation will pick as their new favourite sport.

The Olympics brought a fresh, alive and energetic feel towards sport. With all the hype around London, the Olympics never felt so vibrant. All of the lively energy, the bubbly anticipation, and the nervous eyes cast on the games as their teams played for their country, it cannot be denied that the Olympics was magical. Surely, watching, screaming, cheering and crying with your team is enough to want you to get up and join them. Even if people watched from their TV screens or in the arenas it’s evident that the Olympics left a buzz in the air. Many events like the swimming and athletics were gruelling and stuck you to the TV or your seat in the arenas. Biting fingernails, clasped hands, shocked expressions and cheers all round where heard. Seeing an atmosphere like this, surely made me want to get up and go swim. Even if it’s not competitive, it made me want to get back into the pool. To relax, feel free and alive, feeling the water take you to a place with no worries. All there is, is the water and you, you’re able to wind down and swim. Same with a person who loves to run or cycle, whatever your sport is, don’t waste, embrace it.

The Olympics were an emotional time. Even with all the difference between people it brought us all together. We laughed when they laughed, screamed when they screamed, cried when they cried, shouted for them and cheered for them but most of all we celebrated with them. With the Paralympics coming up, all the eyes will once again hopefully be cast on the games. Once again we will be brought to together, no matter what the differences are between counties and people; we’ll all be there for the same thing- To cheer on our country, proud and clear for the whole wide world to see.

The Olympians, whatever country they placed for have definitely inspired many young people. Seeing the likes of Michael Phelps and Ryan Locthe swim, makes any young person want to do what they do. Seeing Mo Farah run or Usain bolt run makes the most even the quietest child cheer and run around copying in their celebrations. Women like Nicola Adams will be remembered, she is going to inspire a whole generation of young women into boxing, and she has set the bar as one of the first female boxers to ever win a gold medal. Women like Katherine Granger would have inspired many people to never give up, anything is possible, you’ve just got to work hard and one day you’ll see your dream, exploding in colours before your eyes.

The Olympics were a time for the whole world to get together, and with the Paralympics starting the same affect with hopefully happen. Watching these athletes and seeing how much they train and how much they have to give up, really makes you realise how hard their lives must be. When you see them playing for their country and seeing their celebrations it’s enough to make the hardest and toughest person cry. Saying all this though, is a legacy really going to be left? Is the country really going to pull out all the tricks to get the legacy people are waiting to see? I surely hope so. Recently, there was a show, almost like a fair that showed the exciting and extremely intriguing art of BMX. It was absolutely amazing to see. There was also Taekwondo on show, encouraging the many people there to come to their lessons. It does seem like the legacy will hold with already Ian Thorpe going down to teach children to swim earlier this month.

There is still a buzz in the air from the closing ceremony and though the Olympics are over, the legacy will continue and with the Paralympics just starting, the buzz is likely to stay alive. Just watching someone who could just give up at any moment because they are different, do something so spectacular on screen is amazing to see, and if that doesn’t inspire someone, then I don’t know what will.

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