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When Raw Foods Attack

August 3rd, 2011 Rawesome store owner, James Stewart was arrested along with Sharon Palmer and Eugenie Bloch for selling raw milk and other raw dairy products, in Venice California.

Rawesome operates like a private club, it is rather expensive and you have to be a member in order to purchase things in the store. You can have your own animal but it stays in the facility were you can visit to take care if it, or receive the products your animal made. The company has raw dairy products as well as organic meat, produce, and honey.

On the day he was arrested Stewart was opening the store when armed police officers raided Rawesome. They turned off the security cameras, told everyone to stand near the wall, and then dumped $10,000 worth of raw milk even though they only had a warrant for gathering samples for lab analysis. Stewart, Palmer, and Bloch were handcuffed under the following charges, operating a milk plant without a license, and selling milk in unsanitary conditions. The prosecutors, the FDA, the Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control, insist that raw milk can lead to the following diseases, salmonella, listeria, E. coli, staphylococcus, and tuberculosis. The reason that milk in general has potential dangers is because of the conditions the animals face. Most of the dairy producing animals, for example cows, are in crowded areas, pumped with chemicals to increase milk production, and fed corn which they can’t digest. If they can’t digest it bacteria develops in their stomachs which then goes into the milk contaminating the dairy products. In order to kill the bacteria, farmers pasteurize the milk and give the cows antibiotics. If the animal is under healthy conditions and eating the proper food then the milk will have beneficial properties. It has been shown that raw milk can improve the immune system, alleviate gastrointestinal disorders, and even assist autistic children or people with asperger syndrome. Rawesome is one of the few companies that grass feeds their cows.

As the case progressed it was looking more positive. Stewart, whose original bail was $123,000 dollars, was reduced to $30,000, and Bloch was released. This particular case showed just how far the police went in order to prevent the raw milk sales. In an LA times article, Loyola Law School professor, Laurie Levenson said, “It may sound like over kill, but from the agencies perspective they want to show they can do their version of a major case. That’s why they went to extreme measures of putting in surveillance cameras and doing under cover buys. It’s really so they can say they’re saving human lives” Even though no cases of illness or death have been reported from drinking the raw milk sold from Rawesome.

This case angered many, not only because the whole thing was about raw milk and dairy products, but because the police department went to such extremes. They acted as if they were trying to take down a violent street gang. Mathew Bromund, the attorney representing Palmer, said, “It’s a tremendous misuse of resources and a waste of time.” They spent so much energy, money, and time to take down raw milk when they’re so many dangerous criminals out there.

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today at 10:16 pm:
Great Article, It seems you and I share certain views. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but I would like to discourse with you if possible. 
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Sept. 17, 2012 at 10:46 am:
Wow I never knew about this amazign job good article
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Jul. 11, 2012 at 8:08 pm:
This article is amazing!
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