Driving Is Not Taking Seriously

October 24, 2009
By Nikat Patel BRONZE, Milpitas, California
Nikat Patel BRONZE, Milpitas, California
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“Have you ever wondered what it feels to drive?” Mostly every teenager has thought of that before. Driving isn’t taken seriously by most teens. Most teens think of driving to be entertaining and wild. The major point I am trying to make is accidents. When we are driving or when we will be driving, there would be times where we would not pay attention. Maybe most teens have seen what accidents might do to your body and other passengers of the car’s body. The government should pass laws that will enforce traffic and safety laws. Also the government should pass laws that cars should be excelled in safety regulations. Driving is not taken seriously by many drivers. You have to pay attention when you are driving a vehicle by yourself or other passengers.

When we drive we have to pay attention to the road because the driver, which is you, is responsible for the passengers including himself. Drivers easily get distracted while driving because they are talking on cell phones or looking at their GPS for directions. Other way drivers can get distracted while driving is what is outside of their car, maybe there is a billboard or a famous movie star. You still have to pay attention to the road no matter what. Accidents are pretty dangerous, they can cause peoples life. You should be focused while you are driving and have a stressed free mind, while you drive.

We can prevent car accidents by just paying attention to the road. Another way to pay attention while driving is look at where you want to go and the directions of how to get there. Do not just start driving and look at the directions while driving. Also another way to prevent car accidents is to not rush while you are driving. Whenever we purchase a car, be sure that it has a great safety test/crash test rating. When you are driving please enforce the driving laws and the speed limits, because they are there for you to use and not ignore. We should thank the government that there are at least signs on our streets and freeways that show us the rules or laws in that area. We should try to prevent accidents while we drive because that will save many people’s life.

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