March 21, 2009
i see u smiling w/ happiness and i ask "where can i get one?" u say "silly, its from the heart u have it. just take the mask off and let it in.

Forever and always, I am here, you are there, never together again, not until the sun sinks high, and the waves rise low, not until then; Forever and always

I see like the coward in the dark; I love fully and long; but we aren't together again; until our hearts break apart; but are joined

It's an odd thing, music; which is life, yet is death.

It's an odd thing, fragility; you seem to yourself so strong, but are weak and loved for it.

life is: crazy, fun, tragic, loving, lying, believing, saddening, frustrating, beautiful, ugly, fragile, strong, unknowing, wise, destructive, remembered. LIFE JUST: IS.

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