The Middle

June 5, 2013
By Romana PLATINUM, Bethel, Connecticut
Romana PLATINUM, Bethel, Connecticut
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I must say a word about middles. A middle is that which connects those ubiquitous points – A and B. In tessellation, a middle is removed, but in all other cases, a middle is said to be the journey. It’s what happens after ‘once upon a time’ but before ‘fin.’ It is the moment between you clicking on a link and when it finally loads. It is what happens between spreading jam on bread and brushing crumbs off your shirt. When you balance, literally and metaphorically, you must find a middle. If you take away the head and tail, you are left with a middle. But in essence, a middle consists of your everyday life. It is the meat and potatoes. The plotline. The ‘good part.’ Anything but the beginning or end. Books and the Eifel Tower and the growth process of a rose, and, well, everything, are almost exclusively made of middle. You are living middle, right this second. But you’ve forgotten it.
The problem with middles is that people do tend to forget about them. They get caught up in daily life – going to work, picking up the dry cleaning, tying their shoes – forgetting that daily life is the middle. They get caught up in the mundane, assuming that the middle only consists of the mundane. And in doing so, people forget that middles should be celebrated. Middles are magical! Middles were made for playing ninja, having pillow wars, and picking daisies. Take a moment to celebrate your middle by watching the sun flame across the sky and execute a perfect backflip into the Pacific, cheered on by rosy clouds. Learn something new – it’s illegal to sell gum in Singapore, you know. Read a book, and experience someone else’s middle. Paint that masterpiece you’ve been meaning to create. Put down your technology. Feel every emotion fully. Take time to experience the journey.
Live your middle or else you might find that it is…

the end.

The author's comments:
This piece is about the a cliche - live life to the fullest!

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