“The music that deepest reach and cure all ill is cordial speech

April 22, 2013
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It’s true that most of us go through various situations when we are tired, hungry, sad, broken-hearted or even happy. Leaving behind the situation of happiness we all behave in a very terrible way when we are sad or uncomfortable. Whether we are elder to someone or younger we should respect them in all way possible to achieve the same respect in return. After all we are all human being and face terrible situations all by our self but we shouldn’t show the result in others by our way of behaving in a bad way towards them. We should be polite and not abusive even to a small kid and this follows the same to youngsters and adults as well. Being polite doesn’t only show respect to others but it also brings peace between wars. The only difference we have with our elders is that we should greet them in a proper way and not mocking them but with friends and youngsters we shouldn’t use abusive words or answer them in an irrespective way and hurt them because they too have a heart and feelings and they might feel hurt when elders don’t take their words into consideration and it might lead to inner heart attacks and some even in comma stages because of thinking about all the troubles. When we know that we have respect on others it’s not necessary for us to expect the same respect in return as we know we are right and don’t want to expect something from an abusive person like the one who doesn’t even greet us back or smile at us or answer us in a rude way especially in schools and colleges. Being a student myself I went through many situations and events in which I learnt how people differ from one other as some of my friends are kind and some are rude and same with the teachers as they are very much concerned about their subject but less care when we greet them and some always greet us back or at least smile when we greet them. I felt guilty for some days when I found out some of them being rude to me and not smiling at me but later on I got used to it and came to a conclusion of greeting them even if they don’t smile or greet me back because people around will be noticing how much I care and how much carelessly am I treated by others. Forgetting the past and thinking about the present I hope everyone from here onwards plan on changing themselves instead of others around them and my code to everyone is always being practical, positive and polite towards others, we will receive blessing from god directly even if we don’t achieve anything in return.

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