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The words, they taunt and swirl and dance. The choices, they overwhelm me to the point where I find myself staring blankly at the blurred letters. And then I think- hell, who needs advanced bio and chem and physics? Who needs fancy calculus classes and philosophy courses? Who needs to learn all of this crap? Someone has to, that I know,and yes, this sickening green passport will probably determine my future, but why can't we just all be happy starfish? Why do marks have to matter SO much? Shouldn't we focus more on developing as a person? Shouldn't we focus on who WE are, rather than what percentage graces our report cards? But i guess these little numbers add up, they determine our future, what we have, who we possibly marry, how much money we will have, and our comfort. I think people should be rewarded for the goodness of their character. So what if you can't determine quadratic functions of radicals? Yes we need knowledge and education and innovation to keep us going, but I feel as if people are losing themselves in these little numbers. It’s all pressure, pressure, pressure- from the start. We are conditioned to do the best we can do, to achieve, to reach a standard. But we aren't conditioned to develop ourselves as a person, as a human being. We don't have classes for "becoming a better person 101". And yet, social propaganda urges us to have a personality, to be the best that we can be. Knowing yourself seems to come second in today's world. People look at who you are in terms of money, success, accomplishments, the size of your house, and how many bathrooms you have. Family comes second, love comes second, finding happiness comes second. Can you really find happiness in an empty lifestyle? As you spend your money and travel the world, you forget what innocent happiness was when you were a child. You've been so scared into thinking that if you fail math class, you'll end up on the streets. You've been pulled and lulled away from discovering yourself, from working on those roughened edges, from polishing yourself, from being human. There's just the stress and the pressure and the disappointed parents looming over you. You think your future is lost just because you didn't get accepted to university or to college. Maybe you should have worked harder, taken more classes, spent more hours studying, and taken extra volunteering shifts. Or maybe you should have focused on yourself as a person, rather than a percentage, or a GPA carrier in the system. There will be people smarter than you, better than you, earn more money than you, seem happier than you, but those people didn't dream of racing across moors, or counted fireflies, they didn't sleep under a blue moon or dangle their legs off rooftops. Those people don't have soul, they don't have the strength that you do. If you find happiness in yourself, in everyday occurrences, If you smile at strangers from time to time, or just laugh because you’re alive, your GPA won’t seem to matter as much. Maybe you'll even find a passion, maybe your future won’t look as muddled, and maybe your marks will rise out of the ashes. Maybe this is all idle speculation. But what isn't speculation is the fact that once you find yourself, you will find such a treasure, a peace, a sense of belonging, after all, isn't the world one big jigsaw puzzle and we the pieces? We all fit somewhere, some fit in engineering courses, some in a doctor's lab coat, and some fit on top of pedestals, leading the world into a new age. But the world needs us, us dreamers.
"All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers." -Orison Swett Marden-
So take a moment, just a breath, and remember yourself, smile at a memory, laugh at a silly moment, or just sit there and love yourself. You deserve it. We all deserve to belong, to love and to be loved. Observe the beauty of the world, or dream up your own universe, no one can stop you unless you let them. GPA's and science courses and the lure of success should not stop you from being the person you want to be, from achieving happiness and dreams. For the day you truly stop dreaming is the day when you are no longer human. We will build this world, not our percentages and advanced IB or AP classes, not our fancy red cars and five bath-roomed houses.
“I challenge you to be dreamers; I challenge you to be doers and let us make the greatest place in the world even better." -Brian Schweitzer-.
And If I may be so bold, I challenge you to stop and breath, look at this simple and delicate motion, look at its beauty. I challenge you to look for ordinary beauty in your daily life, the flutter of a bird perched outside your chemistry lab window, the splash of boots sloshing through puddles, the ripple of laughter, the color of the sky, the feeling of your muscles pulled taunt as you stretch. I challenge you to dream, to love, to laugh, to lose yourself in a good book, to find a piece of you in someone else. This might be easy for some, this might not be easy for others, but everything gets easier with time. We all belong, why else are we here? So rant and rave and cry when tears need to be shed, but never stop dreaming, never stop loving, never lose sight of who you are, never lose sight of who you want to become, because when this is all over, it will be impossible to have no regrets, but it will be possible to look back on them and know that you are better than you were back when you made those mistakes.

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