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By , west hills, CA
depression, it's a funny thing really because it can hit you so suddenly that you don't even see it coming. it's like, there's this feeling of emptiness inside you. you could be surrounded by people you that love you, yet you still question whether they really do care about you. you can be so happy one minute and gone the next. it's like, you're not fully there. it's as if you're all alone, yet still surrounded by people, and while you should be happy, you aren't. it's a feeling you truly can't describe and it traps you in this darkness and you're stuck screaming for help, but no one can hear you. it makes you question everything you've ever known and it hurts you in so many ways. it makes you feel abandoned even though you know you aren't. it's a mind trick, and it does such a great job of destroying you.

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