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I've always been afraid of death. I’m scared of ceasing existence. Do you remembering life before you were born? No? Because it was nothing. You were nothing. I believe that’s what’s going to happen after you die. We will all just cease to exist. Nothingness. And the saddest part is living your whole life knowing this. That is why life is truly the greatest punishment man has ever received. And there’s nothing we can do about it. No way to make our lives worth living. We live in a society that forbids it. Society makes all your decisions for you. How you act, how you dress, what you eat, how you talk, what you think. There is no choice for us. We are given lives to live. We’re all obsessed with how we look and what others think of us. We are also obsessed with the meaningless things society created for us. We worship pieces of paper. We crave to be the best and hate all others that are “better than us”. We are labeled on what we have and not who we are. We are all forced into societies farm and fed lies and beliefs. Society even fools us to believe that it’s the best way to live. Makes us believe that are sad, miserable lives are only based on what it wants us to believe. And we believe it. We believe that in our short life span all we must do is work and make money and buy what it sells. We fell for societies trap. We are all playing it’s game. We foolishly believe in it. But, death never discriminates. Meaningless objects will not save you from death. It doesn't matter who you are, how much money you have, how many things you own, or how beautiful or popular you are. We all die in the end. We will all cease to exist.

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