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Silence is a weird concept.

We take it for granted, unable to understand what’s so remarkable about the seeping quietness late at night or the emptiness in the morning. But sometimes we hate it; loathe it. It brings awkwardness, releases tension, and speaks unspoken words that maybe, just maybe weren’t ever meant to be spoken in the first place.

It makes us hear every little thing. Whether it is the creaking of the house as you try to go to sleep, drenched in sweat from mere sounds, or the soft breathing of the person next to you as one waits for other to speak. Silence is rare; valuable; hated; loved. It is a lot of things, but nothing can properly describe its existence.

We don’t notice it at first – usually, it is invisible to us. We go along doing our daily things until we pause – why is there no noise? And suddenly, once that revelation is made, everything clicks. Your breathing is hitched, your every move is noted, and you listen carefully.

We hear too much noise. People are selfish – they are always talking. Nobody understands the impact of silence until it happens in a melodramatic moment. You either love it or you hate it, depending on when it has arrived for you. Maybe it was a big argument, and suddenly you said something that made time freeze. Nobody spoke. You probably wished they had, so you couldn’t hear the sound of the wind blowing through the shutters or the city cars zooming down the street.

Silence is not always there to destroy – it is often the peaceful, luxurious craving we have in our busy lives. A moment of silence to just sit and think and not have to listen to everyone else speak. We wish for it, we pray for it, and we always want it – yet when it comes, we are unprepared. And suddenly, we want noise and chaos, not this horrible, utter less thing.
We always want what we don’t have.

Silence is never truly hated enough, nor is it ever truly appreciated. It just passes by on the whim, when it’s needed, wrecking or making people’s lives. No one remembers it really, and nobody misses it. They think silence will always come back, or they will pray it never returns.

Silence isn’t when you’re sitting alone in your bedroom, but you can hear the front door swinging open as your parents come home and the faintness of the television running from your siblings. Silence isn’t, and will certainly never be, when you can hear a pin drop on the ground. Lastly, silence isn’t just plain quietness.

Silence is what you make of it. You can be in the loudest place on earth, yet feel like its silent. Your mind can be silent, even when everyone around you is hollering. Someone who is always surrounded by people may think silence is when it’s just a calm conversation between one person to the other, while someone who is lonely and reserved might consider silence when there is precisely absolutely no noise.

Everyone has experienced it; everyone knows what it is; everyone thinks they know what it is; very little appreciate it; many enjoy it; many hate it; nobody can be it.

Silence, is truly, a weird concept.

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