Repect and Help for Soldiers

February 20, 2012
By bigcam BRONZE, Irving, Texas
bigcam BRONZE, Irving, Texas
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Have you ever noticed that when you say the pledge at school there is always some kid talking or sitting down during it? If they are from another country it’s understandable. But otherwise you should stand and at the least go through the motions. Worst of all the fallen soldiers are turning over in their graves when they look down on the America that they fought for willing or not. Respect for soldiers is a huge deal for a lot of people because lots of families have connections to the military.

During the 60s and 70s the Vietnam War was the biggest war at the time. When the soldiers came back in caskets, wounded, or fine they weren’t respected. People threw rocks, sticks and other stuff, they also called them names for no reason one of the worst names that they were called was “baby killers”. A new thing disability came with the Vietnam War; it was at the time Vietnam syndrome which became known a post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). PTSD is an anxiety disorder which causes people to have flashbacks into a time of the war or of other moments in their lives that were traumatic.

One thing soldiers have now is people waiting for them when they get home. There Projects to help them and help the soldiers with PTSD or other injuries. Pets for vets is an organization that helps wounded soldiers and this organization gives them a trained service dog to help them. 20% of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have PTSD. Pets for vets doesn’t just give soldiers a second chance at happiness it also gives the dogs a second chance at life because the dogs that they use are from are from shelters.

Another organization that helps wounded soldiers is the Wounded Warriors Project. It helps veterans coming home from war that have lost a leg, arm, or that are not all there when they return. This organization donates money to hospitals and helps the soldiers readjust to society and get used to not having a gun with them at all times. To help them readjust, they take the soldiers out on fishing trips, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. They also have people that send care packages to the soldiers overseas.

All of the organizations that help them have the same basic principles from getting them off the streets to keeping them involved to help them readjust to society. The biggest problem for them coming home has to get used to not having a gun with them at all times.

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