My Life and What I Have to Say

July 31, 2011
By betonalice4life BRONZE, Dalzell, South Carolina
betonalice4life BRONZE, Dalzell, South Carolina
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I am a 17 year old girl and people constantly judged me on my other articles. They would point out my grammar mistakes and just point out everything wrong! I'm not expecting everyone to agree with me if I post my opinion because, well everyone has an opinion it can't be wrong... so don't tell me that mine is! That's my biggest pet peeve besides people chewing like cows. I love to type like a text because I am a teenager so if you have a problem with it get off my page. Also I don't look for grammar Nazis and I'm not making this for attention so don't say that either. I am making this to make my opinion heard so please don't bash me on something stupid! I want honest with support comments not these stupid comments correcting me about everything.

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