Do we have it all under control?

April 21, 2011
By angehuertas27 SILVER, Lake Mary, Florida
angehuertas27 SILVER, Lake Mary, Florida
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So I have always been smart when it comes to school. I never got any D's of F's on an official progress report or a report card. But that doesn't necessarily mean I haven't gotten one on my class report card. See I'm from Puerto Rico and right now in my Spanish class i got a D. Bad right, since I'm hispanic and supposed to do amazing in spanish? Well yea it's bad but that doesn't mean I don't have it under control. May I remind you that in all my years in school I NEVER EVER got anything lower than a B. But see my problem is, is that my teacher Ms.Martin beat me to the punch by telling my parents before me. She sent my father a voicemail saying that I have a D in her class. But what bothers me is the fact the 1. She SENT a voicemail and didn't have the guts to actually call him with the chances of my dad picking up the phone. 2. How she says that "We can fix this" when apparently late homework isn't accepted and 3. We don't even have that many grades yet so obviously one little thing can impact you for the worst. Looking though back I should have done those homework assignments to begin with but to tell you the truth I barley had time to do it with volleyball practice and other things I do outside of school.

Now for my brother and sister; lets just say their grades ain't too hot. And I feel like I HAVE to get good grades or else I'll feel guilty for making my parents feel like failures. All the pressure is on me. My parents always and I mean always say: "Angelica I am so proud of you. Angelica I never have to worry about your grades. Angelica your going to do so well." So what happens if I mess up. I'll tell you all of HELL BREAKS LOOSE! So my question is DO we have it all under control or is that our excuse?

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