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Everything in life is all a matter of perspective.

The Millionaire. A penny rolled out of the millionaires pocket, he saw it drop. Heard the noise but walked on anyways.

The Caring Child. She heard the penny drop, she saw it, but contained herself. She needed that penny, but she was sure someone else would need it more.

The Needy Child. He saw the penny drop, he had no dignity to preserve, he quickly walked over, knelt down, and stuffed it into his pants that were little more than rags sewed together.
It wasn’t much, but it would help their situation.

To the millionaire, the penny was nothing more than a penny, a little brass coin that did absolutely nothing for him.

To the caring child, the penny could’ve helped her out saving up for something or other, but it was just a cent, and she could spare it.

To the needy child, the penny was an important piece. Every cent counted in his scrounging for his family, and he had no room to be picky because it wasn’t much money. Every cent counted.

To the millionaire, the penny was nothing.

To the needy child, the penny was everything.

Everything is based on perspective, and if your perspective changes…so does your everything.

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