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Some Secrets Are Better Left Unknown

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SO, my new boss was a jerk that forces people into contracts and then tells them a gigantic secret that they didn't get to decide whether or not they wanted to know. Sounds like a great guy, right?
If I told my mom that she would tell me to give him a chance and try to listen to his side of the story. I'd tell her yeah right.
With those thoughts in mind, I stood up from my pity and rubbed my forehead. It was time to leave. I was not going to stay here any longer.
And then I realized he'd left me without telling me how to get out of the room. Once again I say, what a great guy. Couldn't wait to work for him.
I thought back in my mind to remember the way my feet had moved as he'd brought me. I started to walk forward, retracing my steps in reverse. When I had done a right turn right before coming into the room, I did a left turn.
Suddenly my phone rang, breaking my concentration.
"Help!" Mary yelled into my ear.
"Oww," I declared. "What's you're problem?"
"I can't find the best outfit to wear!" She sounded seriously depressed. "I've checked both of our closets and can't find suitable clothes?"
"Wait, you went through my closet?"
"Uh, yeah! What's yours is mine, right?"
"Uh, no! Stay out of my closet."
"Jeez, what do you need, Mary; I'm busy."
"Ok, so, I'm going clubbing"- of course -"but I can't find anything good to wear. I've worn everything I have."
"That's what clothes are for. Just go out and buy a new dress."
"Come on! I can't buy a new dress every day!"
"Maybe you should party less."
Jeez, could she get more clueless. Sometimes, I was surprised that she was going for a doctor's degree. You never would have guessed, would you?
"Knock it off," she laughed like I was joking.
"Dumkopf," I muttered. Dumkopf was a German way for saying idiot. (Don't call your German friends a Dumkopf.)
"Oh, nothing." I started down the hall again. "Look, I'll be home soon so just hold out until then, ok? Stay out of my closet. Bye!"
I hung up quickly before she started talking again. With a sigh, I continued on the task of finding my way out. I eventually encountered an elevator and rode it up to the main floor. As soon as I stepped out, it whirred shut and blended in with the wall so perfectly you couldn't tell it was there.
"Wow," I mumbled.
I walked away from the strange spy facility, my mind running circles. All of that couldn't be true, could it? No way could such a mundane looking place be a spy facility.
I shook my head and entered my car. I was done with this place for today. I was not coming back here for the remainder of the day; no way on Earth! This place was way too messed up for my mind. I was a simple student majoring in Athletic Training.
My phone rang again. I fished in my pocket with my head against the steering wheel and pulled it out.
"Hello?" I asked drearily.
"Hey," Marcus replied. "What's up?"
I lifted up my head and put more life into what I was saying. Marcus and I had started going out a few weeks after I got the job. Apparently, he thought that doing that made him my boyfriend. At first it was irritating but then it wasn't.
"Oh, not much. Finishing up a day at work." Wait, if Marcus got me the job, doesn't that mean that he knew about the secret as well. Should I ask him?"
"...You wanted to get something to eat later," he was finishing up saying. I must have zoned out.
"Huh? Oh sure. Where?" I pulled out my keys and put them into the ignition. I put my phone on speaker and into the cup holder. "You're on speaker because I'm driving."
"That's fine," he informed me. "I was thinking we could go for Italian. Does that sound good to you?"
Hmm...Pasta? Could I ask him if he knew the truth over pasta? Was that suitable question asking food?
"Sure," I consented. "Where is it?"
"I'll pick you up," he told me vaguely. "Does seven sound good?"
"Sure. I'm free then so that's good." I pulled out of the parking lot and put on my blinker to turn right. After the fifth car passed, I squeezed in front of the sixth one.
"It's a fancier restaurant so dress up a little," he informed me.
"Um...ok." That made me a bit hesitant. "It is formal or semi-formal?"
"Oh, don't worry, it's semi-formal." He coughed and it sounded like he was hacking up a lung.
"You ok?" I demanded.
"I'm fine." He tried to pass it off but for some reason he sounded tense.
"Ok, I'll see you then. I have to go."
"Bye." I reached over and canceled the conversation.
Was he hiding something from me; is that why he sounded tense? I was his girlfriend, he better not have been hiding something from me. Was he that sick? Or was there really something he wasn't telling me.
"Don't work yourself in circles," I told myself as I took the exit. "I'll just find out the answer tonight when I see him. Yeah, that's what I'll do."
If he even showed up.
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