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Some Secrets Are Better Left Unknown

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That continued for two years. Jace had left one year ago. Today there was a man waiting at my desk when I got back from my “run”.
“Yes?” I asked. I grabbed the rest of the papers on my desk and put them in the cart. The phone rang and I answered it. “Mr. Marcus’s office, how may I help you?”
“Yes, this is Doctor Jonathon. May I please talk to Mr. Marcus?” The speaker had a gruff voice.
“Of course.” I knocked on his door and told him Doctor Jonathon was on line three. I hung up and turned to the man at my desk. “How may I help you?”
“Did you like the job?” he questioned. I just realized that he was the boss. He was wearing the exact same suit as the day two years ago. It was a red color with stripes, black striped jeans and a gold wrist watch.
“Yes, sir, I do. Once I got to know Mr. Marcus I realized he wasn’t that bad.” I put my feet together and my hands behind my back in a professional manner.
“That’s very good. You’re being promoted.”
“Thank you,” I stammered. “I’ve been working very hard.” He gestured for me to come closer and I did so. He put a blindfold over my eyes. I instantly tried to get it off.
“Calm down,” he advised me. “I’m not going to harm you. I’m just taking you somewhere.”
He brought me down a hallway to the media office. He brought me to the elevator and he pressed something and the elevator started moving. It seemed to go on longer than usual.
It stopped and he untied the blindfold. The door was opened the opposite way and I turned around. It opened onto an area that looked exactly like the other one.
“Where are we?” I asked him, looking around. The only difference with this one is that the room was silver. Like, everything was silver. “What is this?”
“This;” he gestured around; “is what you’ve been training for. Remember how sometimes things would accidently falling out of the cart? How you could catch them before they touched the ground? We caused that in order to find out if you were good enough for this.” He looked at me. “Welcome to the ST-3.”
Before I could ask any questions on what had just happened, he steered me to a room that had many people sparing with each other. I realized that one woman was beating a man and raised my eyebrows as I watched. She pinned him but he kicked her head. She flipped over him and landed in a crouch on the other side. He jumped up.
The man pulled me farther forward and brought me into his office. He sat down on one end and I sat down on the other end.
“ST-3?” I asked, looking at him.
“ST-3 means Security Troops-third section. You are now a spy. You may not tell anyone about this is. Do you remember the contract you signed?”
Ok, so I probably should have been more cautious but I’d been working under this man for two years and I don’t think anything bad would happen to me. At least, I hoped not. He was wearing a suit, for goodness sakes, how bad could he be?
“Um, sir, I have a few questions. I mean this with no offense intended and very seriously: Are you on drugs? Are you playing a “prank” on me?”
“Oh, Lizzy, don’t you know that men in suits never play pranks?” he questioned with a straight face.
“So I’m a…spy? Like, goes around getting information, fighting, yadda, yadda, yadda?” I waved my hands as I tagged that last part on.
“Yes. Are you regretting taking on this job?”
I scratched my head. “I don’t know what to do. Will this affect my running? I’m finally sub three. I’m really fast right now. I plan to get a career off of my running and painting. I just won an award for one of my paintings. I graduate college at the end of this year so I think those things will help.”
“This will not affect you in a negative way, I promise.”
“Don’t you know that the word of men in suits isn’t trustworthy?”
“Do you have a choice?” He smiled like he knew he’d already won.
I sighed. “I wish I hadn’t taken this job. Some secrets are better off left a secret.”
“I agree wholeheartedly, Lizzy.” He stood up while I had my face in my hands. “I hope you enjoy your new job here.” He left the room to allow me to wallow in my self pity alone.
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