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Author's note: The was my first omnisicent view piece. I wrote this based on all the corruption and sadness in the world.
Author's note: The was my first omnisicent view piece. I wrote this based on all the corruption and sadness in the world.  « Hide author's note
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Truth or Dare

“Truth or dare, Lizzy?” Jack asked, grinning. Lizzy was the “quiet” one in the group. Not that she was shy, exactly, but that boys made her nervous. Her friends Alicia, a city transplant, and Grace were far more flirtatious. And pretty, so Lizzy thought. She found herself slightly envious of Alicia’s dark hair and Grace’s green eyes. She was stuck with red hair and hazel eyes, a combination she thought of as “horribly ugly”. Boys loved it though, her hair and eyes. She stood out, in a good way, a gorgeous star in the night sky.
“Um, I don’t know. It’s getting late. We should get home for lunch,” Lizzy sighed.
“Aw, you’re no fun,” Jack frowned.
“I am,” Alicia winked. The group laughed.
“Fine. Truth,” Lizzy decided.
“Alright. Who’s hotter, me or Harrison?” Jack asked. He pointed to Greg Harrison, a muscular, tall boy for his age.
“Greg,” Lizzy said. Greg smiled, proud of beating the alpha, Jack.
“Whatever. Your turn,” Jack said. Lizzy scanned the group.
“Grace. Truth or dare?” Lizzy asked.
“Dare,” Grace said, a natural-born wild child.
“I dare you to go thirty steps deeper into the forest.”
“Liz! Really? I don’t-” Grace threw a quick glance to Jack. He seemed bored with her reaction. “I’ll do it.” Jack’s face lit up a bit. Grace hopped off her perch on a rock and stumbled forward thirty steps.
“Twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty-” Grace’s counting was stopped by a sudden scream. The entire group jumped up as Grace came running back to them. “We have to leave! It’s Wendi Smith’s dead body!”
“You’re lying!” Jack accused her.
“No! Go see for yourself! It’s Wendi Smith! Dead as dead can be!”
Jack crossed his arms. “You go look, Harrison,” he instructed.
“No way, man,” Greg shook his head.
“Fine. Willster, go on,” Jack said, glancing at Will Wester.
“No, Jack, you go,” Will protested. Jack put his hands up.
“Fine, you babies,” he grumbled and paced forward about twenty nine steps. There she was, “dead as dead” could be. Jack let out a scream, and the entire group sprinted out of the forest. They regrouped at the diner, discussing what they had seen.
“She was so dead,” Grace cried. “Pale, with light, light hair. And blue eyes. They were open.”
“Her lips were pale. She was so skinny and so gone,” Jack added.
“I’m so sorry,” Lizzy whispered, and hugged grace to console her.
“What goin’ on with you, hunnies?” Annabelle asked, stepping up to the booth to take the group’s order.
“We just saw Wendi-” Alicia clapped her hand over Grace’s mouth before she could finish her sentence.
“Is Wendi new in town?” Annabelle asked.
“Why’d you do that Alicia? She knows who Wendi Smith is!” Grace said, removing Alicia’s hand.
“Wendi Smith! The dead girl? You saw her ghost?” Annabelle inquired further.
“The dead body,” Lizzy whispered, still trying not to cry.
“What’d she look like?”
“They said she was skinny, and pale. I bet most dead people are anyways. But she had blue eyes, they were OPEN, and light hair.”
“Like the sun,” Jack explained.
“Intrustin’, I never knew what she looked like. Now I got a visual! Thanks, hunnies. What can I get you to drink, by the way?” Annabelle smiled. Children these days, especially the young teenagers, were obsessed with the Wendi Smith story. Little was it known in town though, that Annabelle herself had started the rumor.
“We’ll all have chocolate shakes,” Jack said.
“No, I’ll have a strawberry,” Will disagreed.
“I always order you a chocolate one.”
“Well, now you’re acting like a girl. And I don’t take orders from girls. Or let them order for me.”
“I’m not acting like a girl! I just saw a dead body, Willster! You better set that head square on those shoulders before I do it for ya.”
“So, five chocolate and one strawberry?” Annabelle asked.
“Make mine a vanilla,” Alicia sighed.
“Me too,” Grace said.
“I’ll take strawberry,” Greg ordered.
“And I’ll just have a water,” Lizzy decided.
“So, one chocolate, two strawberry, two vanilla, and one water?” Annabelle listed.
“Yup,” Will nodded. Annabelle grinned and walked away.
“Unbelievable,” Jack rolled his eyes as the rest of the group tried to find other subjects to talk about, other than Wendi Smith.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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