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Author's note: The was my first omnisicent view piece. I wrote this based on all the corruption and sadness in the world.
Author's note: The was my first omnisicent view piece. I wrote this based on all the corruption and sadness in the world.  « Hide author's note
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Jason Geroux and Kenny Long appeared at the Felton household Monday morning with news that made Camille more curious than it did satisfy her.
“We heard you’ve been looking for Jessica,” Kenny started.
“The really pretty girl. The one that looks like a doll,” Jason expanded.
“Yes, my Jessica. My niece,” Camille nodded.
“We saw her. Our football team was out to breakfast at the diner. Jason and I thought we should follow her after she was done to see if we could get a phone number or something,” Kenny admitted.
“So we did. And then this odd woman, like way out of touch with the world, started following us. So we took a detour into the library, and she didn’t follow us in. When we left, we didn’t see Jess anymore,” Jason said.
“Jessica,” Camille corrected. “Where was she headed? Do you know? What direction?”
“Erm, kinda northerly,” Jason decided.
“You idiot, it was south. She was headed in the direction of Donaghy Forest,” Kenny said.
“I thought it was in the north, sorry.”
“Everyone knows the forest is southerly.”
“Boys. Please. She was headed in the direction of the forest?” Camille asked.
“Yes,” both boys responded.
“Thanks,” Camille sighed. She dismissed the boys and closed her door. What in the forest had interested her? If it even was her. No. Jessica wouldn’t go to the forest. She knew it was dangerous, Beth had told her so. Later that morning, Camille filed the missing persons report, with no evidence as to where Jessica was.
Chief Howard promised to do his very best to find Jessica, and this promise was to be kept. No one had ever filed a missing persons report in the town, and this was scratch on the otherwise perfect glass record the chief had. Howard knew this tiny scratch was blood in the water for the younger officers. They were drawn in, and would want to attack soon. This event could be a deal-breaker for Howard’s status as chief of police.
Howard set out to question Annabelle at the diner, who had little to nothing to provide him with. The only thing that Howard was interested in was the fact that she was alone.
“No one’s ever alone in this town,” Howard mentioned during the interview.
“I know, hun, kinda weird if ya ask me,” Annabelle replied, shaking her head. “No one’s ever alone. Even if you’re new here, someone’ll accompany ya. A neighbor, someone. Course we’re all neighbors, really.”
That fact sparked Howard’s interest. He decided that Jessica was on a suicide mission, and had probably completed it, seeing as she hadn’t returned yet.
“She would NOT do that,” Camille said, tiptoeing around the word.
“Suicide is the only answer,” Howard insisted.
“She wouldn’t.” Camille’s voice on the edge of tears, Howard patted her back.
“Sorry, Camille. It’s all we’ve got. We just have to find the body,” Howard said. He set off again with his men, scouring every nook and cranny in the town. These nooks and crannies numbered few, seeing as the town was a mostly open place with many friendly neighbors. They searched everywhere, spare the forest, in which a group of boys and girls, mostly thirteen in age, were playing truth or dare in.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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