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Growing Under the Moonlight: Magipoka

Author's note: Each Chapter is its own short story. There is an underlying, continuous story, but it dies away....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Each Chapter is its own short story. There is an underlying, continuous story, but it dies away. The first half is about each individual character. They're episodes taken virtually straight from the TV series.  « Hide author's note
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The Spell Of Healing Is A Debut In The Park

The park was calm and quiet; the blue sky’s light pierced through the beautiful old trees that shaded it. A man sat in business attire, two mothers with their babies, a few old men from the retirement home, a younger woman on her cell phone, and a little golden wolf waited anxiously wagging her tail, staring at the empty outside stage.
Yuuma took a deep breath and stood up onto the stage: “I would like to thank all of you gathered here for coming to see my show today!” she said with arms outstretched.
The wolf howled and lifted a paw.
The sign next to the stage read ‘Netherworld Princess’ Super Magic Show’
“While you’re all seated here,” Yuuma continued, “please watch the wonderful show I am about to put on for you!”
Each bunny stood by her, one on her left side and one on her right. She bowed, then looked up, and finally noticed the relative emptiness of the benches.
“Well,” she tried to brush it off and continue with all her enthusiasm, “now that the introduction is over… Great spirits of the forest, lend me your power! Let flowers,” she pointed her wand to one bunny, “bloom!” and then the other, and flowers popped out the ends of their ears. “Make more flowers blossom all over!” she waved her wand across in an arcing motion.
Sure enough they appeared in the two mothers’ hair, it looked beautiful. And on the business man’s bald head, he just wiped it off. But the women were very pleased and clapped for her, and Liru howled again.
“Thank you, thank you!” she waved to what little crowd there was, excitedly.
Coming up the brick path a little ways away were Aiko and Pachira.
“There she is,” Aiko started, “I really didn’t think that Yuuma would do this kind of thing.”
Pachira, with the box set uncomfortably on her head, looking miserable in the bright day, just sighed.
“For my next feat, I’d like the man sitting over there to assist me!” she pointed to a younger man near the back reading a magazine, he just glanced up surprised, and then stuffed his face back in the magazine.
“This isn’t going well.” Pachira said to Aiko.
Yuuma froze; her arm still extended to the man “I want to go home.” She said to herself.
But she continued: “spirits of hair, grant me your power of life! Nukunuku unyukiyuki nukunuku unyukiyuki.” She twirled the wand and pointed it at the business man, “Make this man’s hair grow!”
Only a little thickened, and it startled the man. No one was amused, but she didn’t notice at first. She wiped her head, “thank you, thank you!”
Then she looked out into the displeased crowd. “What’s this?” she started to herself, “looks like a pretty tough crowd out there.” She raised her voice, “was that a little too obscure? Then I’ll do something a little easier to see! Jun, Pan, get the cards.” She said to the bunnies. They nodded and hopped over to them, bit them lightly and set them up along the steps in front of the stage, facing down. “I will now divine what is on the cards! This spell will allow me to see what’s on the other side of the cards, even thought I can’t see them. Here I go!”
Aiko, Pachira and Liru watched in anticipation.
“O great wind, seer of all things, whisper into my ears. Let’s see… It seems like I’m forgetting something, but…” she closed her eyes tight, “Sukesuke jirajira sukesuke jirajira, show me what I want to see!” she opened her eyes and raised her arms. “I can see everything, it’s clear: Now, I will reveal what they are from this direction.” she pointed to one on the end: “Star, square,” the bunny was flipping the cards over with his ears after she said them, so far they were all right. The crowd was intrigued, “circle,” it was wrong, “cross!” it was right. “And the last one… triangle!” Liru turned it over with her paw, it was a circle. Liru first smiled, and then made a double-take in panic.
“Thank you, thank you! How was it? I got three out of five!” but she’d lost the crowd’s interest. Liru was clapping furiously, but no one else was.
“Huh? No one’s clapping.” Yuuma said to herself. “Then, I’ll try something even better! If I could turn this white hanker chief blue, wouldn’t that be cool?” she pulled it out of a pouch she had.
She gave it to Jun, one of the bunnies, and with Pan, the other one, held it up together.
“O shades of blue which traverse through this world… Blue sky, blue water, blue mountains, become blue!” She twirled her wand energetically again, and the hanker chief changed a very pale blue, hardly noticeable.
“Look, the color changed!” said Aiko.
“It’s too pale…” replied Pachira.
“There. How’s that?” asked Yuuma, wiping her forehead again, “it was a success! The color changed, slightly.” She looked up and the crowd was even more bored.
She took a deep breath: “All right. This time I’ll do something even better! This is a really big service!” Jun and Pan each held up a spoon: “Now, take a look at these spoons. I will bend the spoon here with my magic!” she pointed to one. “You who cause all things to one day bend and break, poki, kunya, paki! I call upon thee to bend what I will!”
“It bent!” said Aiko, “it was a success!”
Yuuma picked them both up and compared them, “now, take a look. The spoon has been bent! That was really something, wasn’t it?”
Liru clapped her paws together more. The people mumbled in the back: “what is this?” “What an annoyance.”
“No whispering over there!” she said, trying to sound assertive. “What’s wrong? Why, why don’t you like it? It’s magic! This is a miraculous moment, it’s a miracle, it’s magical! It’s wonderful, isn’t it?” Jun tugged on her skirt and pointed with his other ear to the sign Pachira had made: ‘Netherworld Princess’ Super Magic Show’.
Yuuma read it to herself: “Netherworld Princess’ Super Magic Show… Magic? Well… it’s not written right. It should be ‘magical’, not ‘magic’! Its real magic, not sleight of hand!” She turned to face the audience: “I’m not a magician,” she said blushing, “I’m a magical princess. I’m a witch. The one who arranged this was Pachira… Pachira!” she yelled over at her when she noticed her standing with Aiko at the back of the audience.
“What’s wrong with a little mistake like that?” Pachira asked, trying to let it slide off. “You’re really narrow-minded for being a princess.”
“I see,” started Aiko, trying to patch things up, “it is wrong, now that you mention it.”
The audience had stopped watching entirely, and Yuuma walked off the stage with Jun and Pan. “I did my best.” She said to them, “I really gave it my all! I was so happy to have my first big debut in the park! Pachira!” she yelled again, twirling her wand around more viciously than ever. “Now you’ve made me really angry! Mukamuka appuchin! Mukamuka appuchin!”
It conjured a great storm cloud and zapped Pachira rapidly and ferociously. Pachira’s clothes were immediately fried black and she had soot all over her face from the box that had totally disintegrated.
Yuuma was almost in tears, but she heard clapping and looked up to see a standing ovation, and more people a ways away walking through the park, coming to see what was up. She was totally confused for a minute. “Could they… like the lightning?” she asked herself. “Mukamuka appuchin! Mukamuka appuchin!” again, it zapped a pole this time and the pole fried and went red with heat. More and more people came over to watch. She kept it up as the crowd grew.
They all watched with huge eyes, and started yelling at her to ‘hit that girl again.’ Suddenly Yuuma didn’t feel very good anymore, and stopped entirely, looking exhausted. The crowd died and the four went home.

Pachira worked on making a better sign, one that read for real magic, done by a real witch; she felt bad for messing it up. When it finished drying, she excitedly headed to Yuuma’s room and showed it to her, but Yuuma was stretched out on her front on her bed with her face stuffed in her pillow.
“Yuuma,” she started, “I made a better sign, I didn’t mess it up this time!”
“It’s okay. I don’t want to do it.”
“But… this took me a long time.”
“The audience’s motives were… questionable.”
“What do you mean.”
Yuuma sat up, nearly in tears: “I hurt you, and they thought that was cool.” She ran over and gave Pachira a big hug, finally bursting into tears, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it!”
“Oh, Yuuma its okay, I messed up, and it didn’t hurt that bad.”
“No but, I totally overreacted. I was just scared, because they didn’t like it, and I was so excited to perform for them. I’m sorry!”
“Yuuma, it’s okay, I forgive you, and I’m sorry too.”
“Why do people like it when they hurt each other?”
“I don’t know.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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JeMappelleDamon said...
Mar. 31, 2012 at 10:19 pm
I love this, Classic, fantastic read, another hit from the young master LaFave

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