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Growing Under the Moonlight: Magipoka

Author's note: Each Chapter is its own short story. There is an underlying, continuous story, but it dies away....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Each Chapter is its own short story. There is an underlying, continuous story, but it dies away. The first half is about each individual character. They're episodes taken virtually straight from the TV series.  « Hide author's note
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The Spell Of Relaxation Is The Full Moon

Spring came and all was quiet and well.
Dawn came and Pachira walked to her room, in her night gown.
“Good morning!” said Liru, who was sitting on her bed, wagging her tail back and forth.
“Well, uh, I was just going to bed.” Pachira replied, exhausted.
“Good night! Hey, guess what the day after tomorrow is?”
“Day after tomorrow?”
“Yeah,” she made a circular symbol with her hands, “don’t you remember?”
“Oh, is it the full moon?”
“Correct!” she ran out of the house and ran to the market, “full moon! Full moon! Shopping, shopping!”

The dawn of the next day arrived.
Liru woke up immediately, she’d curled up next to Yuuma, who was turned, cuddling another stuffed animal. “Good morning!” Liru said, sitting up.
“Good morning.” Yuuma returned, in a much more sleepy voice.”
“Guess what tomorrow is.”
“What? Uh…”
“Yeah?” Liru said, waiting eagerly for her to say it.
“Tomorrow… Tomorrow… The incombustible trash day.”
Liru’s enthusiasm died: “That’s right too, but… It’s also something else!”
Yuuma was clueless and too tired to try again. Liru ran out yelling: “She doesn’t get it! It’s the full moon! Full moon!”
She was heading to the market again.

The dawn of the next day.
She slept on the floor next to Aiko’s hard, metal bed this time, and they both woke up at the same moment, and Liru asked as Aiko’s system’s booted up: “Good morning! Guess what today is.”
Her eyes were still glowing white as everything loaded, and she had a dead expression on her face, then her eyes shown and they opened, and she smiled sweetly to Liru: “Oh, good morning, Liru. I know, the full moon, right?”
Liru stood up and raised her arms, “Yeah! You’re absolutely right! I can’t laze around here, shopping! Shopping!”
“But you’ve bought a lot already.”
“You see, I still need to get the main items!”
“Do you? Then watch out for cars when you go.”
“Yup!” she nodded, “Aiko, you’re such a good friend, I’ll tighten that screw for you.”
“Just let me! It looks kind of loose anyway.”
“Well Yuuma and Pachira helped me through the winter, they might have left it a little loose, its okay though, it was very nice of them.”
“Did they really? Where was I?”
“Out in the mud. Next winter, let’s take a trip though, okay? The humidity here in the winter was what messed up my circuits.”
“Sounds good.”

She headed to the markets once more, even more excited than the last times.
She stepped up to a fisherman, “Hello there!”
He turned, “Welcome! I’ll give you a good deal on any fish.”
“Deal? Really?!”
“Yeah! What do you want? We have fresh squid today. Squid!”
“Squid, huh? Watching the full moon while biting into a broiled squid… sounds good. Hey!” she said, returning her focus to him, “can you broil these?”
“The whole squid? Sure.”
“Then can you give me four of them to pick up later?”
“Sure! Thank you!” he shouted to her as she left to the next store.
“Next, the convenience store.” She said walking up to it.
“Welcome!” The woman at the counter said as she walked in.
Liru still thought to herself: “Let’s see, wet tissues… there it is. And Oolong Tea, Canolepis Soda… Oh yeah, I better get some of this too.” She filled her basket and walked to the cashier.
“Would you like some French fries or hot dogs with these? They are twenty percent off right now.”
Her tail started wagging: “Then I’ll take two French fries and four hot dogs.”
“Sure. Thank you for shopping here.” She said with a smile, ringing it all up.
Something at the counter caught her eye, “huh? These are half off?! No way!”
“Would you like some?”
“Should I buy some? I guess it won’t make any difference whether I buy them or not. I’ll take ten daifuku!”
“Thank you very much!” the woman said as Liru readily headed out.
“Now the entrée!” she said as she headed to the meats stand. “Hello there!” she yelled happily to the man at the counter.
“Let’s see… I’ll take ten minced meat croquettes, two pieces of pork fillet, and 2 kilograms of fried chicken.”
“That’s a lot, thank you. I’ll give you something extra then.” He said, heading to get it all for her.
“Really? Thank you! Then I want 1 kilogram of Matsuzaka beef as the extra.”
“Miss, I can’t give you that much.”
“Oh, you can’t? Then… I’ll take 50 grams of it.”
“Well, fine. All right, I’ll give you a piece of steak.”
Her eyes glittered with excitement.
“Don’t tell my wife about this.” He continued.
“Don’t tell?”
“If you could.”
“Definitely, thank you so much!”
She ran home to the three.

As soon as she got back, she started unpacking all the boxes of things she’d bought. The three watched in amazement, especially Yuuma: “What’s today?” she asked to Aiko and Pachira, who become immediately stunned and afraid that she’d ask such a thing in Liru’s presence, as she did indeed stand and turn and stare at Yuuma, who now blushed and smiled, “Huh?” she asked “What is it? Oh yeah! The viewing of the full moon!” she touched her fingers together over her head so her arms made a circular shape. Liru smiled and did the same.
Pachira and Aiko smiled, relieved, and Aiko asked: “What time would you like to start? What about dinner?”
“I have more than enough for dinner, so don’t worry.” Liru started, “tonight, the moon will start rising at around 4:45, and it’ll peak around 11:00, so… Why don’t we start around 7:00 and have dinner then?”
“So there’s still four more hours.” Pachira said, yawning.
“Eh? There’s only four hours?!” Liru asked amazed. “There’s no time to waste!” she got a giant bag and stuffed everything in it and put it on like a backpack, “I’ll go now and save a spot for us. So come to the hill later, okay?”
“O-Okay.” Said Yuuma.
“Later!” she zipped over to the door, struggled to fit the giant bag through, and finally pulled it all the way, dashing into the distance, “bye!”
“See you later…” said Yuuma, as the three stared at her, stunned.

Liru walked down a dark brick road with beautiful, lush, full trees lined and think on either side, and all the passersby stopped and stared like Yuuma and the other two had, stunned at the size of the bag she managed to carry with ease. She smiled all the way to that beautiful grassy hill, surrounded by grand old trees and mountains off in the distance.
She finally stood in the very center of the great, rounded hill. She was the only one there. “I’ve been thinking this would be a good spot.” She said to herself. “The moon rises from there,” She looked off in the east. “and it goes this way.” She said, looking right, “so this should be the best spot! Yup. Now I’ve got to get ready.”
She started unpacking everything and setting it up. The bag unfolded into a big picnic blanket. There were tables, pillows and a grill and a portable refrigerator.
“This should do.” She said when it was all set, and the sun was setting, scattered clouds dissipating and fading with it. “I’m so lucky there are no other people hogging the place! It’s too late if anyone come here looking for the best spot! They sure don’t know how to get ready.” She told herself, smiling and accomplished.
Her tummy growled and she put her arms over it, then glanced over at the sun, “You know, I never really ate lunch today.” She kept staring as the orange glow radiated and pierced through the low trees’ leaves. “That’s pretty. It’ll be another good day tomorrow.” She said calmly. Then she picked a piece of steak up from the grill, “hey, where did this come from? Well… this will be the best part of dinner tonight! But I have to wait until we get started. I’m sure it’ll melt in my mouth.”

Night came and the three walked up to the hill.
“It’s pretty!” said Pachira, stopping to look.
“It’s a full circle.” Said Yuuma, smiling.
“Let’s not make Liru wait anymore.” Aiko said, keeping them walking.
Liru had set a small fire, took her shoes off and sat in front of it as she stared up at the moon.
“Here we are.” Said Aiko as they walked up to her.
“You sure took long.” She said, smiling.
“I’m sorry.” She said smiling back.
“Anyway,” Liru stood, “come on in, let’s get started! Come on, we have dumplings, potato chips, chocolate, juice, croquettes, fried chicken, hot dogs and sandwiches!” she continued as the two bunnies hopped around and smelled it all: “We even have broiled squid and Matsuzaka beef too!”
“Wow, cool!” Yuuma said, sitting on a pillow and going through all the chocolate bars and candies, “you’ve got everything!”
Pachira grabbed a hot dog and some juice, “and you got all of this ready by yourself?”
“You’re incredible, Liru!” added Aiko.
“Aren’t I?” she stood and directed the three, “Nobody in the world has a better viewing of the full moon than this! Come on, eat up! Drink up! Watch the moon and have fun!” she raised her arm victoriously.
“All right!” they all said back to her, raising their arms along with her, looking up at her from their relaxed positions on the pillows, stretched out on the blanket and kept warm by the fire.

They’d stuffed themselves, and the moon was giant and at its peak. Liru had become tired and satisfied however, and naturally turned to her wolf form, which looked more like a kitten. She sprawled out on her back on the middle of the blanket and yawned, smiling, her eyes closed. The three stood and stared at her.
“She looks so happy.” Yuuma said.
“She’s been really hyper the last few days.” Pachira added.
“I’m sure she hasn’t been sleeping much because of the excitement.” Aiko said.
Yuuma grabbed another piece of steak and waved it over her: “Here’ we have steak!”
Liru, in her form, sprang up, grabbed it with her teeth and ripped it from Yuuma’s hands and chewed on it as she kept sleeping.
Yuuma jumped back, “man, that was scary.”
Pachira laughed.
“What are you guys doing?” Aiko said, scolding them, and walking over to Liru. “Liru, Liru, time to wake up. Let’s get started with the viewing of the full moon.”
Yuuma picked up her light, fuzzy and relaxed body and hugged her gently, “let’s let her sleep, Aiko.”
Aiko watched the puppy sleep, smiled and nodded. The three sat back down, Liru curled up in Aiko’s lap, the two rabbits even laid back and watched. The air was cool and the glow of the moon lit the night beautifully. It was huge and you could even make out details. The fire sparked quietly and they all felt content.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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JeMappelleDamon said...
Mar. 31, 2012 at 10:19 pm
I love this, Classic, fantastic read, another hit from the young master LaFave

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