Artifacts - Remainders of The Past

January 18, 2018
By VmMizuki, Boise, Idaho
VmMizuki, Boise, Idaho
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Humans in the year 2313 found some very old artifacts deep underground. Imbedded in the artifacts were these things called "mythical creatures" and the humans during the centuries of Ancient Greece and the Ice Ages' made "pacts" with these mythical beings. But the humans of 2313 were not aware of the dangers until 13 years later which lead to the humans leaders to create a huge expedition to find a new planet.

When the humans few thousand humans they left earth they took the artifacts with them and found Votais by the year 2400.
Now the artifacts are hidden in the new planet of the humans.
There are few families who are the descendants of the people who made the rules of our new planet.
Pacts are what the humans and mythical creatures make. After, making a pact the human is titled an artifact holder.
There are 5 continents three out of five are inhabited by most the people.
There are only 3 major countries and each are ruled by many people.

Vm M.

Artifacts - Remainders of The Past

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