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Part I : The Chase

What was happening? I thought. I woke up from a bad dream, so I walked to my mommy’s room. I saw a man in dull red and blue clothes. There were actually a lot of them. One wore a white doctor’s coat. The man pushed my mommy down; he was going to pay! I looked at my mommy. She lay unmoving like she was cold on the ground by her bed. She looked scared.
Rachel! Get out of here now! I heard a voice in my head, and then I realized it was my older sissy. Colleen. Mommy says to leave now so go! I saw Colleen in the far corner of the room, with her knive ready. The window was open to her left so the wind blew at her long reddish blond hair. She was staring at me, and she saw that I was staring in the doorway. One of the men started to come towards me. She did her quick thinking and ran to me. None of the men noticed her though. She grabbed me and covered my mouth. She dragged me into her room and gave me a backpack. It was really heavy, but I’m not the one to complain, so I kept my mouth shut.
I really wanted to be like Colleen when I got older. She was really strong, smart and pretty. Colleen looked at me and told me to run to the woods in our back yard. I did what she told me to do and ran. No one noticed us as we ran past my mommy’s room either. When we got out side, Colleen motioned to the woods. A wolf howled. What a cawink-a-dink. Colleen ran behind me. I saw her look back at a man in the window. He stood nervously dressed in black from head to toe. He looked like the boy who was with Colleen the day before. But it couldn’t have been. He was too nice to do this to us. To my family. He was my babysitter. His blond hair got in his face as he yelled to the other mean guys. His dark green eyes looked really angry too.

He blew our cover. What a jerk. He was just a plain-old jerk. I couldn’t think about that though. I had to get Rachel out of there as fast as I could. I grabbed her arm as we ran to the dense forest. It would give us some cover too. Rachel is only four years old, but she has been in a lot of chases like so. I had no idea this is what my dad meant just before he left. He said that Rachel, my brother and I, all had special abilities. Rachel had the ability to become invincible and vulnerable, which meant that she can become a stone rock, or like a ghost. She can also read anything or anyone’s thoughts. Kind of creepy when she does it though. Kyle, my older brother, can tell if someone is lying, use the air and fire against someone (almost like he can control it), he can also duplicate himself or other living or nonliving things. I have invisibility, force field, and super speed. We all have the ability to fly, see in the dark, and healing powers…. Not really sure what some of them mean though…
I was running alongside of Rachel, she was beginning to become tired. And that was not good. I nudged her to keep running. I glanced up to see Kyle flying ahead. His eyebrows were high on his forehead, and his eyes wide. Something was wrong, already. Their right behind us!! Kyle just recently found out how to get Rachel’s attention to get a message from him to me, using her. And it looks he had mastered it.
Kyle shot to the ground like a bullet. He caught one guard in the neck, he dropped like a rock. Kyle surged up for another round. I knew I needed to get up off of the ground, but Rachel hadn’t yet gotten her turn on flying 101, so I was going to have to carry her. I picked her up and leaped off of the ground. A bullet whizzed past my ear. I got up to the altitude Kyle was at, and he took Rachel from my grasp. She was light, but it sure made a difference.
I looked down, at the scientists and their puny guards. I saw James; he was staring into my eyes. I looked away before he could get into my head. I flew towards Kyle; he still had Rachel in his arms. She had fallen asleep. She looked harmless in her Hello Kitty pajamas, and her blond hair in a ponytail. I knew that we had to get to the ground far away from the people who attacked us.
“Let’s go down in the forest, they’ll never find us in there.” Kyle said, although he said it because Rachel might have felt like dead weight. I started to the woods when a cry stopped me. Kyle handed Rachel to me and flew fast back into the house. I had forgotten about Anna, my baby sister, and my mom. Great.
I ran into the room where my little sister Anna slept. It was already filled with guards. My mother was cradling Anna in her rocking chair she used for all of us. I needed to get them both out, so I began to knock out the guards. One of them saw my and attacked. I ran around the room and multiplied myself. The first me went to war with the guard who saw me. The other four started to take out the others. My mother saw me, the real one.
“Get out of here!” She said handing me my little sister. “Get out before the head guard realizes you’re here!” She opened the window and shoved me out. I flew up before I hit the ground and up to Colleen and the sleeping Rachel. This was going to be a long night.
When I got back to Colleen, she was falling. I quickly grabbed her arm.
“Okay, time to find a hiding spot.” She said weakly. I nodded in agreement. I hauled her over to the cliff by our house and set her down on a rock.
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