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Flight Tour

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Success after Adventure

The grassland felt comfortable. I lay down on it to rest for a while. But only few minutes later, I felt dizzy and terrible heart pain. Ragnol found I was in danger, however, I had no energy to tell him my painful feeling but fainted quickly.

When I woke up, the sun was already close to the horizon. Ragnol had been accompanying me since I was unconscious.

"You worried me a lot..." He sighed, but then he was delighted, "But you come to life anyhow!"

"What happened to me?" I asked him.

"You were poisoned by those attractive followers in the forest. You were confident that nothing bad could happen. But...it was really deadly to you if I did not inject some medicine to your blood." He said, "My backpack contained some anti-poison medicine. And I saved you with it. If I had taken action one minutes later, you would be dead now. Only after 30 seconds you felt dizzy, you heart stopped beating! But it only kept for 2 seconds as the medicine worked."

"I had died for a time, right?" I said.

"In some extent, you're right." He helped me up with his hands, "Hold on, buddy! I know you're really uncomfortable, but...we should go fast because the sky is turning dark!" So we went on marching across the prairie.

At the end of the grassland, a rugged rock stair appeared. It formed via the power of the nature.

"That's the reason why most visitors told the media that this place was awful." I thought.

"Who should make it with the methods of mountain climbing but not going down stairs of buildings." Ragnol said, as the cliffy situation was met with.

But when I reached out my arms to seize the stones, I found my left arm had been scratched deeply by the plants in the previous forest. Ragnol asked me, "Regret to tour here? You suffered a lot today!" And then, we continued climbing down the rocky stairs.

Some stones on the stairs were really sharp, and some others were soft, hard to be stepped on firmly. I gave all my strength to my feet and arms. Seeing below was scary as the gaps between the rocks were deep and dark. If one fell down, being alive was impossible. When I kept on moving for 40 minutes, I felt my feet pain and my arms had little power to support me. I asked Ragnol to have a rest at a stone platform. And when I sit on the stone, arms were numb and feet became even more painful.

"You have been injured too much today. When we arrive at the terminal, I am going to treat your wounds roughly. Or you may be infected." He seemed to worry me a lot.

"I think I am still able to hold on." I said, "If we turn left at the fork, how will we get the terminal point? Is there precipitous?"

"Of course not. A long hill side leads the visitors to the plain ground. That's why so many media consider the left way is value being visited but ignore the right way we visited."

I wondered why people ignored the really exciting and attractive places at last.

Resting for a short time, we started the next period of climbing. And after half an hour's struggle, the plain ground showed its face and I saw the airbus stopped there!

We jumped down from the last stone, and the driver shouted to us, "You succeed, boys! Welcome back to the airbus!" And he helped me limp to the bus with Ragnol.

Sitting on the soft and comfortable seat on the bus, Ragnol said, "Do you mind my going back home with you on the bus?"

I was amazed by his words, asked, "You live in the same city with me?"

"Yes. But not exactly. I am a visiting student from another country and not studying in a high school. And I hear that one of your classmates...actually many of your classmates are more brighter than you, right?" He said.

"How do you know that? It is the very first time I meet you!" I thought it was incredible.

"Do you know Gutmann on the network website? " He asked me.

"Yes, he's my best net-friend, what's the matter with that?"

"I am just Gutmann on the network website, your net-friend!"

I was so surprised! My best foreign net-friend was so close to me and I had been with him for a whole day!

"You're so...so absurd, haha! You have designed to guide me here?" I asked.

"Yes, smart kid! I did so with your net-friend actually few days ago, when it was No.N time you were ignored and met with bad luck!" The driver laughed.

"To be happy, buddy! The most neglected one may contain the most attractive spots in fact! Call back our select at the fork in the trunk and the scene brought by our select!" Ragnol inspired me, and then said, "Say no more. Let me treat your wounds." And then he took out some medical tools from a box under his seat, taking off my sneakers--of course, my feet skin had been worn out and the white socks had been red by the blood. Apart from that, the blood stains on my left arm were even more distinct.

"With so much injure, how can I explain to my mother?" I asked with a smile.

"Um...you can say you have fought with a troop of aliens from Mars and then you beat them, haha!"

The stars showed up. And the airbus was flying below the charming night sky, going back to my home city.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4

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Vagabond said...
Sept. 6, 2012 at 7:58 am
O M G wow!!! god i really loved it!! mind checking my book ''a new era'' i would be really glad to recive comments :)  
MichaelZhang replied...
Sept. 6, 2012 at 9:23 am
Thank you for your comment here, and I'd like to read your new book soon.

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