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Flight Tour

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A Wonderland

The airbus took off again, diving into the depth of the mountainous.

"One hour later, we'll get the bottom of a hill. If you'd like to enjoy the details of the scenery spot, you should walking in the mountains by yourself." The driver told me.

"I think I needn't to do so. Because many media have reported that the hills here were really boring." I responded, "Wandering in such a generally-considered tiresome can't make sense."

"Really? I don't think so. "A guide there will lead you to the most amazing spots in the mountains!"

A hour later, the airbus landed at the foot of the hill. "I am going to the terminal point of your walking journey and wait you." The driver said to me and then drove the bus away, disappearing at the sky behind the hills and mountains. As for my guide, he was just at same age as me and his name was Ragnol. He was a typical teenager who liked taking adventures. I told him that I could not be convinced that who beautiful were the spots here as the media had said a lot of bad words of this place.

"Whether it is attractive or not depends on your mind. Why take those common-considered words so careful?" He said, light shining in his blue eyes. The only thing I could do was just following after him.

"The journey might be scaring for you. Or exactly really exciting." He warned me on the way, "Maybe that is the reason why the attractions here are often criticized."

"I think I should try." I did not give it up but be attracted by the confusing question: why frightening, or exciting, was here?

And the road going along the hillside stopped at a place. The scene in front of us was thick woods and forest. No stairs or other roads existed.

"This woods was called Suscito as well as the forest behind it." He turned back and said, "No built way was provided, we should climb the hillside by our legs and even arms and hands. Plants here can't be seen in your city." Then, the hike through the forest started.

The forest was really dark. I was not able to find the right way via eyes and only to feel the track through Ragnol's voice.And few minutes later, a bunch of flowers caught my sight.

The color of the petals changed every second, from white to purple. What was more absurd, the whole flowers were luminous. I shouted to Ragnol, "You're right! I do see something rare in the city!" But Ragnol saw me in terror, running to me and hold my hand to leave from the flowers. I wondered why he did so. He said, "The flowers were giving off poisonous gas into the air. If you stand there, you are bound to be poisoned. I hope you did not get in too much that gas just now."

"I can't be poisoned too much. Let's keep on going!" I walked on with my guide. With the hike among the trees, many new plants were seen. Some of them were actually scaring. For example, I had thought a tree's trunk as a rocky wall of a cliff. But Ragnol explained the fact and when I raised my head to watch the whole tree, it seemed to be several kilometer tall. Was that so huge that it could frighten the visitors?

"There are 4,000 kinds of animals living on the branches of this enormous tree. And at the top of the tree, which is already 2 kilometers from the ground, only moss can be alive." Then Ragnol pointed at a hole on the trunk, which was about 2 meters high, one meters wide, said, "Entering it, and we'll see another world!"

He showed me in, flashlight in hand. Ants were walking on the wall of the inside trunk. But they ignored us as they were really busy to be civil servants or common workers in their kingdom. After walking around 300 meters long, a fork lying in front of us.

"Which way should we go? Left or right?" I asked Ragnol.

"If we turn left, we'll to a place called Popersonne. And the right way leads to Untertonberg." He was very familiar with the situation in the trunk.

"From the Internet, few people mention Untertonberg. Most visitors and media reporters like going to Popersonne and show the beautiful scene there. Should we follow their steps?" I asked.

"We ought to find our own scene. Let's go the right way!" Ragnol said.And we leave to Untertonberg. The way was in shape of "L". After turn around at the corner, a vast prairie came into my sight!

The grassland was just like a green carpet covering the hills. No flowers, no other colors in the green. It was a really pure green! It might be simple at the first glance, however, after appreciating with special standard of art, the beauty behind the simple green appeared. Only the one who had the Aesthetic vision or quiet thinking could know the real attraction of the grassland.

But I still wanted to know what was Popersonne, the more popular spot, looked like. Ragnol answered, "Do you know why people take more attention to Popersonne? Because it is a totally artificial scenery! Don't think too much about it. Walking through the west part of the prairie, and the way to the terminal can be reached."

"May I stop for a while? I feel tired." And then, Ragnol and I lay on the grassland.
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Vagabond said...
Sept. 6, 2012 at 7:58 am
O M G wow!!! god i really loved it!! mind checking my book ''a new era'' i would be really glad to recive comments :)  
MichaelZhang replied...
Sept. 6, 2012 at 9:23 am
Thank you for your comment here, and I'd like to read your new book soon.

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