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Children of the Sky

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The Winter Fields of Orion

As Augustus followed the road out of the woods he could see the edge of the Plains of Julius. There a long chain of mountains stretched out along the horizon that marked the boundary into the Fields of Orion. He was instructed to follow the road he was on and that he would be lead under the mountains on his current path; there he would pass into the Winter Fields and he would then be guided by large pillars. The trek to the mountains would last the rest of the day, and the trek across the Fields would take at least four days. As Augustus made his way down the path and moved ever further away from his new love he remembered how the Winter Fields received its name.

Orion was a strong willed young explorer of Drunish decent. As he and his party of settlers came upon the wintery fields he led the way as he expertly passed trough in all but four days. The entire time he faced the same direction; never turning for whatever reason. During the trip his companions thought of him as a fool for acting in such a way, but he was soon praised for his cunning after he led them into the Plains of Julius. The Fields took his name and he spent many years plotting paths through the fields so that people could cross safely from one end to the other. There were no roads on this frozen desert; but large pillars that were painted a bright yellow so they could guide travelers as they went.

Augustus realized that this might be a nice journey, if he didn’t run into a blizzard; which he probably would. To this he shrugged as he walked along briskly. By the time the sun was setting Augustus had made his way into the mountain. It was a large tunnel and he wasn’t too surprised that he was alone; the path he took was unknown to most. And so he went for many a good hour until he felt that he should rest. After eating his fill and putting out his small fire he laid down to sleep; this time with the thought of waking before he was captured, if he was to be captured again that was.

When Augustus woke he assumed it was dawn; for he always awoke at dawn. He gathered his things and set off down the path once more. After an hour of walking he felt the chill of winter coming from his front; and thus he took of his shield and unwrapped his fur cloak from his waist. He then swung the thick cloak around and onto him. After doing so he reached back and placed the hood of his crimson cloak into the hood of his fur one. He then took his shield back up and placed it upon his back. Now, prepared to meet the cold, our young adventurer moved forth towards the exit and into the Winter Fields of Orion.

As he exited the tunnel Augustus came upon piles of snow and a bright scene with a clear blue sky; this could very well be a nice journey indeed. As Augustus walked forwards he stepped up onto of the pile of snow. He was always able to walk above snow for he had light steps and was quiet the agile young lad. As he went forwards he could already see the first yellow pillar; it stood proudly jutting far up into the sky and its yellow color drew his gaze away from its white surroundings. There was a slight eastward breeze that shifted his hair and sent the ends of his cloak dancing about merrily.

The pillar was massive; after two full hours of walking Augustus was standing in front of the marvelous yellow stone. He was but an ant compared to the giant before him and bending backwards it seemed like the great pillar reached up into the heavens. It took about a minute to walk around to the side of the pillar and off in the distance he could see the second one standing proudly on the horizon; like a mighty guardian standing at attention. Augustus sighed as he realized he was in for a long day; and after hearing a rumble about his stomach he sat down by the pillar and decided to have lunch.

And so he went; spending hours at a time walking from one pillar to the next. He carried on far throughout the night, seeing as the yellow pillars glowed brightly within the darkness. Soon Augustus was far into his second day and was nearing another pillar when he heard an awful sound. In the distance he could hear the howl of wolves. The young man’s silver eyes shot around the horizon as he turned every which way trying to spot the beasts.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3

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