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A Summer In California


A Summer In California

As I sit here curled up on my bed crying my eyes out yet again, I think about my first, my last, and my only summer I have spent with him.

I don’t want to be here. I was thinking to myself as I stepped off the bus. My parents are split up, the divorce happened when I was about 5. I look around for my dad. I see people that are hugging other people and smiling, but no dad. I sigh and I walk over to the curb and sit down. I pull out my iPod and put my ear buds into my ears. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance blasts into my ears, I turn the volume down and people watch.

An hour late my dad finally pulls up.
“Hey” he says.
“Your late” I say as I toss my duffel bags into the back of his truck and climb up into the cab.
“Really? I thought your bus just came in?”
“No, I told you like a hundred times that my bus was getting here are noon, not one, noon,” I say with a sigh. My dad puts the truck into drive and pulls away from the curb not saying anything. The only good thing about coming to my dad’s house during the summer is he lives in California, right on the beach. The full drive to my dad’s house is silent, I don’t say anything, and he doesn’t say anything. That’s completely fine with me. When we get to his house I hop out of the truck, grab my dufflel bags, and walk into the house. I head straight to “my” room. I don’t think of it as my room though. It’s just the room I stay in while I am at my dads. The room looks the same as when I left it last summer. As I am unpacking my duffel bags into my drawers my dad comes in.
“I’m sorry about not being there to pick you up,” he says.
“Whatever,” I reply.
“Do you want anything to eat?”
“Nah, I’m good,” but I am really starving, I just don’t want him to fuss over me.
“We will go out for dinner, okay?”
“Sounds good,” I go back to unpacking.

The first couple days went about the same, sleep late, walk around the beach or the mall and eat awkward meals with my dad. Boring huh? What a great way to spend your summer vacation. On the fifth day I was at my dad’s I was sitting on the beach, thumbing through a magazine I got at the mall the day before. That’s when I saw him. He looked about my age, muscular, blond, basically the all American boy. He was surfing. Wow, was all I was thinking, and he is so cute. Summer love, that wouldn’t be too bad. I guess I was staring because the next thing I knew he was walking over to me. I looked down at my swimsuit picking at an imaginary string then looked back up after a couple seconds. He was still heading my way. I looked around the see if there was anyone sitting around me that he could know. Then I looked back at him and I could see a small smile playing on his lips. Up this close he was even cuter.
When he was about five feet away from me he said, “Hey.”
“How are you?”
“I am good,” I replied with a smile.
He smiled back. Instead of standing in front of me he put his board on the sand then sat down on my towel. I guess I had a shocked look on my face because he chuckled quietly, I blushed.
“So you may be wondering why I came over, well I saw you watching me.”
“Yeah, I guess I was….”
He smiled and gestured to his board, “You surf?”
“No, I can’t.”
“Would you want to learn?”
“Would you teach me?”
“If you want me to.”
“If you don’t mind.”
“I wouldn’t mind,” He said with a smile.
“I can’t today, but maybe another day?”
“Sure, tomorrow?”
“Yeah sure, have your cell phone? Oh, wait that was stupid, you probably don’t, you’ve been surfing…..Here give me your arm.”
I looked through my bag, found a pen then wrote my number on his arm.
“Cool, I’ll call you.”
“Okay, anything else?”
“Yeah, one more thing, what’s your name?”
I look down then look back at him, “My name is….Star.”
“Star, Star, Star, that’s pretty, my name is Devin.”
“Devin, Devin, Devin, that’s pretty,” I said with a smile.
“Are you mocking me?”
“No, of course not.”
“Good,” Devin said with a grin.

That was the first time I met Devin. That was a great day. For the next week we were on the beach everyday, surfing. We had a great time, I learned some things about him, and he learned some things about me. I wipe some tears away smiling thinking about the way Devin looked that day. I think that I should probably get up and shower or at least eat something, but I don’t. I fall into another memory instead.

I was really starting to fall for Devin, he was sweet, funny, kind, and charming. We were walking along the beach, but that day we were not surfing. Devin reached over and held my hand. His hand felt so right in my hand, like we were meant to hold hands forever. I playfully swung our arms. We stopped at a spot along the beach and sat down.
“Do you ever think about death?” Devin asked me.
“No, not really I guess, I don’t really want to, you know what I mean?”
“I understand, but you realize that we could get eaten by a killer shark that can breathe on land right this minute.”
I gave him an ‘are you for real face’, “I think you have been watching too much science fiction movies.”
“Or we could be walking and get hit by a car.”
“That is possible.”
“Or one of use could get cancer, or...”
“Stop! Stop talking about death, its depressing me.”
“I’m sorry.” He gave me a very genuine look, and slowly moved closer to me. He kissed me softly, I kissed him back. He pulled back and smiled at me, and I returned the smile. I reached over and took his hand in mine again. I moved a little bit closer to him. He stopped holding my hand, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
“Star?” Dustin said.
“What is going to happen when school starts? I know you’re going to go back to your mom’s, and that I will stay here....”
“Well, I want us to stay the same, we can email, call and text, and we can talk on online.”
“Definitely, we could take turns driving to each other’s houses too, although its kind of far.”
“Maybe I could see if I could finish high school here, which would make it a lot easier, if I could live with my dad.”

That was the time we talked about death, and the future. Talking about death was hard. The future, well no chance of that anymore. I descent into another memory.

I ran down the stairs then walked into the kitchen grabbing an apple.
“Are you going to be hanging around today?” my dad asked.
“No, I’m heading over to Devin’s, then we are going surfing.”
“I think you have been spending too much time with Devin.”
“Are you serous?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Why would you say that?”
“Well, I don’t see you anymore and if I do all I hear about is ‘Devin said this’ ‘Devin did that’ ‘Devin can do this on his surfboard’ you should be making more friends then just Devin, you need to be hanging out with some friends that are girls.”
“I have.”
“Well, um, lets see, I hung out with this girl Stephy once at the mall.”
“I see, so basically you haven’t made any friends that are girls yet, have we?” my dad said.
“I don’t care about meeting any friends that are girls! I am glad I met Devin. He makes me happy. I am going to keep seeing him, no matter what you say!”
“Do not use that tone of voice with me. If I tell you to stop seeing him, you are going to stop seeing him.”
“You can’t tell me who I can and can not see.”
“Yes I can, I am your father.”
I sigh, “Why don’t you like Devin?”
“I think you guys are talking this way too fast.”
“The farthest we have gone is just kissing.”
“Yeah, sure that’s as far as you have gone.”
“It’s true! Why don’t you believe me?”
“I was once a kid.”
I shake my head in discuss, “I’m still going to see him.”
“No your not.”
“Yes! I am!”
“I forbid you to.”
“You can’t tell me what to do! I’m almost a legal adult.”
“Until you are out of my house you are going to do what ever I tell you to.”
I ran upstairs and slammed my door. I paced my room a couple of times. Then I get the best idea. I grab one of my duffel bags, stuff as many of my things I can into it, bathing suit, clothes, personal needs, and my make-up. I open my window up, and toss my duffel onto the roof over the porch. I climbed out after it. I lie down and hang my head over the side and make sure my dad isn’t on the porch. I pick up my duffel and walk over to the side of the roof. I toss my duffel bag down. I scale the side of the house with the help of the trellis. I put my duffel on my shoulder then walk onto the road and head to Devin’s house.

The look on Devin’s face when he opened the door was priceless. I knew he would let me in and he did. It was a good thing his mom liked me.

“Lets go surfing, it may help you calm down some,” Devin said to me. We were sitting on his bed, his mom had just brought us up some sodas. She was completely fine with me staying with them for awhile.
“Do you want to?” I asked looking at him.
“It always relaxes me and I think it relaxes you too.”
“It does.....”
“Then do you want to?”
“Sure, why not. I’ll go change.” I grabbed my bathing suit from my duffel, and went into the bathroom in the hall. I changed into my bathing suit then went back into his room.
“Okay, I’m ready to go.”
“I am too,” Devin said with a smile. He had changed into his bathing suit when I went to change. He grabbed his surfboard from leaning against his bedroom wall. We head outside.
As we walk down the street hand and hand Devin says “Star, I know that we are going to stay together, but, I want something physical to remember you.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, maybe a tattoo, or something like that.”
“What kind of tattoo would you get?”
“A star, on my right inner wrist.”
“Have you thought about this a lot?”
“Actually I have.”
“I really like that idea, I think I want to get one too.”
“What would you get?”
“You know that rose you drew me?”
“Yeah, I remember that.”
“I think I would get it on my right inner wrist also.”
“That would be pretty.”

Instead of going to the beach we went to Pappa’s Tattoo Pallor. The only one in town. The tattoo was very painful, but totally worth it. I subconsciously rub the rose tattoo thinking about Devin. I still carry the original copy of the rose that he drew for me with me.


Once the tattoo artist, he said his name was Uncle Pete, must be Pappa’s brother, was finished and we had paid we were standing outside the palor. My arm was throbbing and red but it still looked very good. Devin’s star looked really good too. It said ‘Star, my love forever.’ Mine said ‘Devin, my true love.’ Devin was really energized and was hopping around with his board.
“Calm down, people are going to think your crazy,” I told him.
“But, I am crazy, for you.”
“That was so sweet and corny,” I said laughing. He walked over to me and kissed me softly. I kissed him back. He held me for a little bit.
He gave me a quick kiss then picked up his board and said, “Want to go surfing now?”
“Can this get wet?” I ask holding up my arm.
“Oh, yeah I sort of forgot about that, we probably shouldn’t.”
“We could go back to your house.”
“Okay cool, lets do that.”
He picked up his board then looked at me “Race ya!” he said with a wink and started to run across the road. He never saw the car.
“DEVIN! DEVIN NO! COME BACK! THERE IS A CAR!” I was yelling and pointing, but it was too late. It all happened very fast. First the car was connecting with Devin’s surfboard, which snapped in half. Then the car backed up and Devin fell to the ground.
“NO!” I screamed and ran to him. I pushed away the board pieces and held Devin’s head in my lap.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I kept saying over and over again. The driver of the car called 911. A couple seconds later an ambulance pulled up. They loaded Devin into the back of it. I picked up some pieces of his board and shoved them into my bag then I ran to the hospital. It was really easy to find out were he was. There was people running around saying about a kid hit by a car, I just followed behind them. There was so much commotion going on that I was able to sneak along in with them. I stood off to the side in a daze, I saw so many doctors running around. All of them doing different things, some gave him IVs others were taking blood, and much more.


Thinking back now I think that it was stupid to stand and watch everything that was happening to him. I should have called his mom but I didn’t. Somehow she did find out, maybe one of the doctors knew his family.


Someone finally saw me standing there and they told me to go out into the waiting room. So I did. When I got out there my dad and Devin’s mom was sitting. My dad got up and came to me, but I ran right to Devin’s mom. His mom told me that day that I could call her mom if I wanted to, in a way I felt closer to her than my own mom. She held me and I cried, I cried hard. She rubbed my back the whole time cooing to me, telling me it was an accident, and that he would be okay.
After about two hours a doctor finally came out. He looked at me, then Devin’s mom, then my dad, “I hate to say this but, Devin, has gone into a comma.” Devin’s mom and I both burst into tears. The doctor waited silently as we cried. This time my dad held me trying to give me support, while I was holding onto Devin’s mom. Once we finally calmed down a bit the doctor continued.
“There is a great possibility with him being so young that he will come out of it soon.” I put my head down and ran my hands threw my hair.
Devin’s mom spoke next “How long do you think he will be in the comma?”
“Well, we really can’t predict something like this.” He looked to me.
“Was he holding something? Something wooden? He also had splinters deeply in his side.”
I nodded, “His surfboard, he was holding his surfboard.”
“That surf board, we believe, in a way made the impact less intense and helped. I think if that hadn’t been there, he would have died on the scene.”


I begin to cry again. I get up off my bed and go over to my bags that I left in a heap on the floor sense I’ve gotten back home. I pick up my messenger bag, I look through it and I finally find what I’m looking for, parts of his surfboard that I picked up. I hold a piece to my heart and shuffle back over to my bed and collapse onto it. Devin was in the hospital for four days.


I had just gotten back from visiting Devin. I was sitting on my bed at my dad’s. My dad called up to me
“Star, telephone.”
“Okay” I called back down to him. I got off my bed and walked downstairs. I walk into the kitchen and took the phone off the table
“Hi Star,” it was Devin’s mom, I heard her sniff.
“What is wrong?”
“Star, Devin, past away after you left the hospital.”
I dropped the phone. “NO! NO!” I screamed, my dad came to me and wrapped his arms around me, I pushed him off. I ran out the house. I ran down the street with tears running down my face to the beach. Once I was finally there I ran to the cave that Devin showed me. I collapse onto the ground.


I stayed in the small cave for about four days. No one found me because Devin and I were the only ones that knew about the cave. When I finally felt ready to come out, I went home.


I walked into my dad’s house “Hello? Anyone home?” I called out. I heard someone running, the next thing I know I'm in my dad’s arms. I hold onto him crying. He rubbed my back. After we sat for a while and I told him everything. Then I went upstairs took a shower then rested for a while. Then next day my dad woke me up.
“Honey, today is Devin’s funeral.” I cried for a couple of hours after he told me that. I somehow managed to get myself ready for the funeral.


I don’t remember any of the funeral. I can’t really remember anything up until now. I am beginning to feel more like myself now. I am thinking about getting the original picture that Devin drew for me framed, and to use the pieces of the surfboard to do it. It will take me some time to finish because it will be hard to do, emotionally. Devin was my true love, he wasn’t just my summer love, and he was my true love. I will never forget Devin, and it isn’t because I have his name on my wrist, it’s because I loved him. I will always love him.

Devin, I love you.

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SnapeSnakeThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 7, 2013 at 8:07 pm
I'm crying my eyes out right now tan!!!! If something happened like that to my true love, I don't think I would be able to live through it!!! Truly a beautiful story keep writing more! You have talent!!!
kaylatheninjaturtle replied...
Nov. 14, 2013 at 2:21 pm
Thank you so much! 
Ella1 said...
Jan. 13, 2012 at 11:14 am
This sounds like a good book! Would you mind reading my poem A Pink Watch, Portal, and Perpetual Sea? I would love to hear what you think! Thank you
LuvR GuRl said...
Oct. 11, 2011 at 4:37 pm
This book is a serious and true romance, I wish it was a reality. 
kaylatheninjaturtle replied...
Oct. 12, 2011 at 8:54 am
Thanks for reading!
TomS said...
Oct. 9, 2011 at 12:54 pm
Interesting story of first love that ends in tragedy providing no time for "Star" to move on.  We written but does need some "spell checking"
kaylatheninjaturtle replied...
Oct. 9, 2011 at 6:06 pm
Thank you for reading, I did realized a couple mistakes after I posted it, I should have re-read it again. Its too bad that you are not able to go back after it is posted to fix it. 

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