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remembering you

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"Walk with me."

A week of feeling that the boy who spends most of his time at the bench beside the school is staring at me every time I pass by him. He is so weird. And he looks like a drug addict. Actually he and his friends... they all look like drug addicts! I can smell the smoke on their skin. It’s disgusting! I didn’t have any idea why he’s always staring but i had a theory. Maybe he wants to recruit me and force me to join his weird group, because the way he stares... it looks like he wants something. And i don’t know why he would want something from me. I mean, I don’t look like a drug dealer or something. I am Heather Mills, just simply a normal girl who had the shortest hair on the planet! Okay so not the planet... the shortest hair in junior high. I have a longer hair now and i got older... i mean real old. My face is ugly but my husband (Jack) keeps telling me that I’m pretty, beautiful, and sexy. I mean come on! I’m 27 and for the next 3 years I’m going to be 30! It’s very depressing. I’m going to be really... really... really old! My daughter (Daphne) she’s so smart and pretty. She got her looks from her father. Yes, Jack is a pretty man that’s because he got his looks from her sophisticated looking mother. His mother is so beautiful in a slutty but not obviously slutty way. She’s different from all the other rich mothers you see in the most expensive restaurants. I admire her. She’s a nice mother-in-law. I’m lucky I married Jack. He loves me and he will never hurt me. I really believe him when he says every things going to be alright every time we have problems because he always makes everything alright. It’s really impressive actually. He is a real gentleman unlike the other guy i know. The person who jumps in front of a moving car, the guy whose name is Marc. He is the most selfish guy i ever met! He left me without any warnings! He makes me fall for him then left me. He ruined my teenage life. Wait... no, that’s wrong. What i meant is... he ruined my whole life. But it’s okay. I’m over that now. I have a family and I am happy. I am happy!
Jack and I got married after a year of dating. He proposed in the most romantic restaurant i have ever seen! It’s amazing! He said a very long speech which i asked him after why he said a very long speech and he just said that he wants me to know how much he loves me and... He wanted to make sure that i will say yes... and i did! When we were dating i always say to him that i don’t want any responsibility or any commitments but eventually... i did commit to him because he is different from the other guys and i know i would be the dumbest girl if i let him go. He was there for me when i told him like a million times to stay away from me. He clearly didn’t respect what i want but I’m glad he didn’t because what he did got us here... happily married.
When Marc died i thought that i was going to die too. I thought my life meant nothing anymore because the one that i live for is gone. I was just 14 yrs old and losing someone you love is so hard to deal with. Nobody can help me not even my friends or my family. I felt like i was dealing with the world all alone. I hate Marc for leaving me so early. I hate him for ruining my high school life. I hate him for jumping in front of the ugly green car. I hate him for saving my life! He saved me. May 6 the day of our 6th monthsary, i thought it was the happiest day of my life. It turns out that it is the worst day of my life. That night he took me out to have dinner and watch a movie. He treated me like I’m his wife. I go with the flow so i treated him like my husband. We were laughing and just having fun. And when it was nearly my curfew he said to me at the side of the street...
“Walk with me.”
I walked with him. I didn’t know that it’s going to be our last walk together, the last time I’ll feel his hand touching mine, the last time that I’ll get to stare at his eyes and listen to his voice saying that he loves me. We were almost home, almost safe but then that stupid little green car got out of control and almost hit me. But it didn’t because Marc decided to push me out of the way and take the hit. He always makes the wrong decisions in the world... like the dark green Ramones shirt he wore on our first date, the very expensive backpack he bought from his favourite vintage store or the way he spoke to our English teacher that got him a 3 day suspension. Yeah... he makes a lot of mistakes and he knows that. I loved him so much. Maybe it’s my fault that he died. Maybe it’s my fault that I depended on him too much. Maybe if we hadn’t met he could still be alive today living a normal life or in his case a weird life! I hate being like this... I’m thinking too much. I’m thinking about the past. My shrink said that it’s not good for me to think about my past but i think it’s just nothing. My shrink is a weird little person with no hair. It’s hard for me to concentrate when I’m talking to him. He’s a funny looking guy, i can’t help it! I remember what he said in our first session...
“I’m here to make you feel better. Trust me.”
That’s all he said. And then that’s it! It’s the start of a new life. No Marc. I’m more stable now... emotionally and physically. I’m working 6 hours a day for the past 5 years. I have no off because my boss is my husband. He’s always beside me which is a good thing. My daughter makes my day much brighter. I love my life right now. I’m contented and happy. What more could i ask for, right?
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AnnieHay said...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 11:24 pm:
i like that the point of view is one of an adult, you dont get to see much of that on this site. good job, keep writing
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