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The Age Of Love (Revised)

Author's note: To start off, this story I posted a while back ago..I wanted to try to fix my mistakes since I'm...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: To start off, this story I posted a while back ago..I wanted to try to fix my mistakes since I'm a perfectionist..(It's not finished yet)I know this is an off subject but I wanted to write about this.

I hope you like it, please comment XD  « Hide author's note
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Billy's POV

June, 23,2004

I was walking down the steps of Hatfield Academy, exhausted as I was I yawned, it was about 9:00 at night and all I want to do is go home and sleep. It's been two years since I graduated from high school I graduated early because I was promoted a grade, I was 17 when I graduated. So, I'm 19 and I'm studying to be a defense attorney, the studying is ridiculous and the work I have to do after class is stress full but I'm doing it. I made it to my black jeep and I unlocked the door, I put my brief case in the back seat and started up the engine.

I live in a small apartment, in town and Hatfield is an hour away from the small town I grew up in. Almost everyone I went to school with moved away from Madison, Ohio. There colleges were far away from here, or they apparently just wanted to get away from this small town. I drove slowly away from my college, the road wasn't as busy as it usually is in the afternoon and I decided to quicken my driving so I can get home sooner. It started to rain, and I smiled. I love the rain, it makes me relax and it calms me. It also helps me sleep at night, I suffer from insomnia .

I finally reached my small town, and I stopped at the red light, people outside were going into the bars, for happy hour or maybe there was a concert there tonight, every Thursday they usually have a small band perform there. I work there threw the week, that's how I get my money to pay my rent and everything.

The owner is a good friend of my father, so I work there and get half of what the owner makes plus my regular paycheck . I was making my way out of town, and turned right on Auburn, and drove straight. I turned left again, and I seen my apartment complex from a distant. I reached the tower, and pulled into the parking lot. A lot of the apartment windows were dark, it made the place look haunting from the outside.

I grabbed my brief case from the backseat and I locked my car , I made my way into the building. The secretary was at the desk, typing on her computer. She looked up at me and smiled.

“ Billy, I thought your classes end at seven?” She asked casually. I looked over at her, and made my way up to her desk.

“They do but I stayed late to study, and to do work.” I mentioned. She rolled her eyes.
“You work to hard, Billy. Your a good kid, and your still young your a genius remember? You skipped a whole grade. You will be a lawyer!” She exclaimed. The secretary, her names Sara Edmond we dated for a year. We broke up, because she cheated on me, but I wasn't really in like with her as I thought anyway, so it wasn't that bad for me to get over her. I rolled my eyes, and stated.

“ I'm not a genius, I'm smart but I'm surely not smart enough.” Her reaction was disbelieving, and her eyes changed colors like usual and I smiled at her.

“Whatever you say, Billy.” She smiled back.

“Hey, I'll see you in the morning Sara. I'm tired as hell.” I said.

“Well, you should be, you work to hard.” She mentioned again. I smiled, we said our farewells, and I made my way to my apartment. It was on the ground floor, and it was room number 19. I unlocked my door quickly, and made my way inside.
My apartment was a total mess, I hardly have time to clean this place up. I made my way to the kitchen and took out a bottle of wine, and popped the cap and took a swig, I put it back in the cabinet. I made my way to my bedroom, and I slipped off all my clothing, and went to bed.

I awoke from my deep sleep, my telephone was ringing on my nightstand. I cursed, who is calling me at three in the morning? I answered the phone with a rude hello.

“Billy? Sorry for calling late but it's Adam! I just called to tell you that were moving back and we will be in Madison in an hour. I meant to call you last week but we've been so busy!” He stated excitedly. I grunted, he could of called me later.

“Well, that's great Adam. Can I go back to sleep now?” I said. He laughed and replied,

“ I called to ask you to come visit me this morning. I wanted you to come meet Violet for the first time, you never got to meet her yet. She's growing up so fast, she's almost six now.” He said.

Adam got his girl friend pregnant at a very early age, and I never did get to meet there daughter because of so much difficulty with there family's. Kim's parents absolutely hated Adam, obviously he was such an ass when Kim told him she was pregnant. I'm happy that they're finely happy with each other. Hopefully, I won't count on it.

“Well okay, I will I don't have class tomorrow.” I replied still groggy from sleep.

“Do you think you could babysit Violet a couple times during the week? Kim and I can't even go out on dates anymore.” I rolled my eyes, now he wants to push off the little girl on me. I replied yes, and we said our goodbyes and I went back to sleep.

I awoke at 5am, not meaning to of course, I can't usually sleep a full equivalent of 8 hours. I really should though, I need my rest. Sara's right I will admit it, I am a hard worker. I have to be though, if I want to make it good for myself I have to work hard. Both of my parents never went to college, I want to be the first in my family. Even though I'm a hard worker I do think I deserve a day off from college.

I'm grateful that they give us a break. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling. God damn I hate not being able to sleep, I decided to close my eyes and after an hour I believe , I feel asleep.

I jumped at the sound of the phone, I answered the phone and once again it was Adam.

“Adam, for god sakes?” I grunted. He was silent for a minute, than he sighed.

“ I thought you were coming over? It's almost 10?” He stated.

“Oh s***, I'm sorry I'll be over I promise.” I said. We said our goodbyes, I can't believe I actually fell asleep. That was the first time I slept in two weeks. I lifted my thick plaid blanket and slowly made my way up. I cracked my back and walked over to my dresser. I cursed myself in the mirror, My dark brown hair was long and it was sticking up every which way. Even though I slept, I still have dark circles under my eyes. I pulled on a robe and made my way to the kitchen, I turned on the light in my kitchen and I started to make coffee.

I scratched my head, and yawned as I reached the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and flossed. I'm really into good self hygiene, I lathered up shaving cream and spread if over my chin, jawline, and the lower part of my cheeks. I shaved slowly, and leaned down and threw water up towards my face with my hands.
I dried my face, and started the shower I made it a nuke warm temperature and untied my robe, and stepped inside the shower.

I was drying off after my shower, I still needed to blow dry my hair, but I decided to skip it today, I was supposed to be over there by now.
I wrapped my robe around me again, as I walked to my bedroom. I opened my dresser drawer. I slipped on my boxers, and I walked into my closet and found a pair of ripped up old jeans, and I slipped on a black t-shirt. I brushed my hair out, it was still a mess but I don't have anytime to fix it. I slipped on a pair of sneakers and made my way out to the kitchen.

I poured some coffee I slugged the whole cup down, I burned my tongue but I didn't mind it. I walked outside into the long dark hallway, locked my door and made my way out of the building. I looked over at the secretary's desk, Sara wasn't on shift today. The morning light was extremely blinding, I put my hand over my eyes to shield the sun as I walked towards my jeep.

I made my way threw the town, I'm happy that they moved back to where they were in the beginning. He's my best friend, he has been my best friend ever sense 6th grade. I made my way out into the country side of Madison, they live on a farm. I hope they will stay here for awhile. I drove up the rocky road of Mill side Lane, I turned on Maple and I made it up the path to the there two story white house.

I saw Adam sitting on the porch, he smiled and waved as I pulled up. I parked on the side of the house, and I made my way up the stairs. He ran over to me and gave me a hug, I smiled I missed my friend, it was pouring out, and I just really wanted to get inside. Thank god they had a large porch with large roofing above us.

“You look different Billy, why is that?” He asked. I shrugged.

“ Do I?” I asked. I don't think I do?” I replied.

He looked at me long and hard, and smiled.

“Hmm, I guess it's just because I haven't seen you in so long.” He stated. As he said that, Kim his wife walked out. She was a tall skinny woman, her hips were the only curvy thing on her body. She was once a cheerleader at Madison High, she had auburn hair, dark green eyes and she always looked very pale. I always thought she deserved better than Adam, I don't really know how he ended up with a girl like her. Kim and I were good friends, I could never picture me wanting to date her, she wasn't my type. She wrapped her arm around Adams, and smiled at me.
“Billy, you look great. Come on inside.” She said. I nodded as we all made our way into there house. We walked into the living room, and I sat down on there couch.

“ I'll go wake up Violet.” She said softly with a smile. Adam smiled at me, and said.

“She hasn't lost her beauty has she?” I nodded and smiled.

“Will you guys be staying her for a long while, or are you moving back?” I asked.

“I'll be staying here for good, but were not quite sure. With Kim's job, she needs to travel certain places for different photos.” He said. Kim's job involves photography, that's why she travels so much.

“Oh, I see I really hope you guys stay. I missed you both tremendously!” I exclaimed.

“Well, we missed you to.” He said. I heard feet coming down the steps, I saw Kim appear, I didn't see Violet . I couldn't see her because she was hiding behind Kim's leg. I laughed.

“Oh, Violet it's a friend of daddy's don't be shy, he won't hurt you.” She said. Finally the little girl stepped out from behind her mother. I leaned forward, and I had to catch my breathe, she was such a beautiful girl. I felt my face grow hot and I leaned back in my chair. She had pale, almost porcelain skin dark black hair and blue eyes. She had the same hair color, and eyes of her father but her face didn't look like either of them. She had a round face, a button nose, and cute little dimples.

I had a warm feeling go threw my body, and goosebumps went down my back. I couldn't understand why these feeling came from, but I realized they must of came from Violet. She stared at me for the longest time, than she finally smiled at me. I blushed, and smiled back. She made her way over to me.

“Hello.” She said softly.

“Hello, Violet.” I replied. Adam walked over and picked her up, and sat her down on his lap, next to me.

“This is my friend Billy Dawson. He will be babysitting you tomorrow night.” He said. She looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back, she seemed so sweet and kind. We all started talking about our lives, how we still seem as young and ambitious as we were when we were in high school. I tried to keep my attention on the conversation, but I couldn't keep my eyes off Violet. She had one arm around her fathers neck and the other arm holding his waist.

Her head laid softly on his shoulder. She kept her gaze towards me, staring at me with a straight stare. I couldn't understand why? It's probably just a child thing. Kim saw how Violet stared and she giggled.

“I think Violet has a crush.” She said. I smiled, and shook my head in disapproval.
“ Kim she just met me, she's probably just trying to get use to me.” I said glancing over at Violet. She closed her eyes, than opened them once again and smiled at me. I blushed and looked over at Kim.

“No, she likes you Billy.” She replied. I rolled my eyes. I heard thunder, and I realized that the rain picked up outside, Kim turned on the television set, and turned on the weather. Lately, it has been flooding around here, the weather man on the TV said there is a flood warning for Madison, oh well I thought it doesn't flood around my place.

“Oh no.” Kim stated. I looked over towards her and gave her a look.

“You do remember how bad it gets out here? How it flooded so bad no one could go home after my 15th birthday?” Adam replied. That's when I remembered that day, there was a large river on the bank next to there road that looked more like a path . Know one could leave and it made me worry about my parents because I didn't know if they were alright

“I won't be leaving than tonight, that's what your saying?” I asked. They both nodded.

“Oh, well that's okay I have nowhere to be tonight.” I stated. It wouldn't bother me anyway.

“Well, you can sleep here on the couch. Or you can sleep in our room while we sleep out here?” Adam asked.

“No, you don't have to sleep out here, I'm fine sleeping on the couch. I can hardly sleep anyway.” I said kindly.

“Well, if your sure. I think it's almost time for diner, let me check.” Kim said, and walked over to the kitchen. I saw her lift up a lid on a large kettle. She stirred what was inside.

“I'll go help Kim with setting the table.” He said and walked towards the kitchen, before he did that, he sat Violet down next to me. She looked up towards me, and smiled.

“ Hello.” She said once again. I blushed, and grinned.

“ Didn't we already say that to each other?” I joked. She just giggled and nodded. Wow, she's pretty smart for a five year old, I wonder when she will be six? I must ask.

“Hey, Billy it's time to eat.” Adam announced. I was starving by that time, I was thankful it was time to eat. I also remember that Kim is an amazing cook, sometimes I wish that I had someone to come home to, to love and be able to take care of, but I never got around to finding someone who actually loves me, who loves me for me. I made my way towards there kitchen table, following behind me was Violet.

“You should sit next to me Billy, and Violet can sit next to mommy.” He said to me, and smiling at Violet. I made my way on the other side of the table, to sit down. While, Violet sits in the chair right across from me. She glared at me, with her big blue eyes, what is she thinking about? I thought. Kim brought out the meal, and went around the table, filling our plates with pasta, and it smelled amazing. Adam, he already started pigging out, I slowly started to pick at it. I eat slowly, all of a sudden I don't really feel like eating. I looked up, to Violet saying no to her mother about the pasta, Kim rolled her eyes as she made her way back to the kitchen, she reappeared with a juice box and animal crackers.

“Kim, you spoil her.” Adam pointed out, with a stern face.

“Well, Adam what else am I suppose to do? She doesn't like anything I make.” Kim replied hastily.

“I don't want my first daughter to be spoiled Kimberly.” He whined.

“ Our only daughter, Adam. I'm not having any more kids.” She announced. I turned my fork in my pasta, to let the spaghetti twist slowly around my fork, before I started eating. I see that they never stopped arguing, they really need to grow up, they need to set an example for Violet.

I looked up at Violet, and I see she's very quiet eating her animal crackers, her hand was shaking. Was that because of her parents? Making her stressed? I wouldn't think so, but I carefully watched her for a few seconds, she slurped her juice and than without any warning she looks up quickly to stare at me, but this time she blushed. Which made me blush, I smiled at her though.

The rest of the time it was silent, Adam and Kim were mad at each other, I looked at Adam than at Kim, Kim stabbed her fork onto her plate, which made Violet jump, Kim felt bad and pressed her hand to her forehead.

“I'm sorry sweetie, are you done?” She asked.

“Yes, mama may I watch the rain?” Violet asked kindly.

“Sure, but only by the window. You don't want to get sick.” Adam answered quickly.
Violet smiled, and jumped off her chair and sprinted towards the large living room window. She also loves the rain to? Kim gave a scowl towards Adam for answering for her.

I sipped my water, swallowed than said.

“Apparently you guys haven't changed at all.” I stated, they looked over at me with hurt expressions on there face. My face grew red, as I realized that my statement came out more harsh than I intended, actually I didn't mean it to offend them at all.

“What the hell is that suppose to mean?” They both raised there voice at the same time. They glanced at each other, and realized that I was right and calmed down.

“You guys use to love each other so much, and you both would of done anything for each other, look what happened to you guys? Stop being so god damn stubborn about everything.” I said. Adams jaw twitched, I realized I angered him. Kim just sat there quietly, obviously hurt.

I felt bad.
“Hey, I'm sorry.” I replied slowly and softly. Kim nodded, as Adam got up from the table quickly, and hard, hard enough to spill his drink. Violet instantly turned around in shock, eyes wide. I closed my eyes and sighed.

“ I'm sorry, I shouldn't of said anything.” I apologized once again. Kim looked up at me, her green eyes starting to fill up. I instantly felt ashamed of myself.

“No, Billy. Your right, we haven't been as close lately. We keep fighting over having another baby, and I just want one. I had difficulty having birth to Violet, I had to have a C- Section and I really don't want to go threw it again.” She said.

“I understand, I just want you guys to be happy, For Violet.” I said looking towards the window. Violet was gone.

“Kim, where's Violet?” I asked. Her eyes narrowed, and looked behind her.

“Jesus, probably outside. Billy could you please clean up while I go find her?” She asked, getting up from the table.

I nodded, and started collecting the dishes from the table, they really need counseling I thought as I made my way to the kitchen. I sat down some of the dishes in there large sink, I walked back to the table, as I picked up the last two dishes from the table, the door slammed as I saw Kim and little Violet in her arms crying. I quickly walked into the kitchen, sat the dishes down and returned to the dinning room.

“What happened?” I asked, as Kim let Violet down from her arms.

“She fell off the steps and skinned her knee.” Kim stated. She picked her up again, told her to stop crying as she went down the hallway to the restroom.

I bet Violet hates it when her parents fight I thought as I picked up the water
glasses, and Violet's plate of animal crackers and her empty juice box. I threw her juice box away and started to fill they're dish washer, with the dirty dishes, and
glass's. I filled the liquid compartment ,with the lemon scented dish detergent and closed and twisted the cap. I closed the door to it, and started it. I love how I do all this casually, as I did when I was younger when I stayed here.

I decided to see how bad it was raining outside, I walked into there small living room, I moved there curtains with my hand and glanced outside. It was raining harder outside, thunder was starting to rumble in the sky as the lighting struck form the sky also. I looked at the road that I arrived here from, and I saw it was starting to flood, form the wide river on the bank. I let go of the curtain, letting it fall back to its original place. Kim, brought Violet back out ,her hair was wet as it stuck to her face, her face red and tears still falling from her face.

“She just won't stop crying, I'm tired and I have to get up early tomorrow. Good night. ” She said, sitting Violet down on the couch.

“Kim! What about Violet?” I could tell she was very distraught.

She sighed.

“Oh, god” She rolled her eyes and sighed once again. I watched her in silence as she picked her up quickly, while poor Violet still cried softly. Violet glanced at me, stopped crying with still that same stare she gave me earlier. I stared back at her, smiling trying to make her feel better. I watched her, as she disappeared from distance. I bit my lip, and felt bad. Why should Violet suffer from her parents ignorance?

Adam walked in, with a pair of pajama pants, a pillow, and a throw blanket. He was faking a smile, as he sat down beside me. Placing the stuff next to him on the couch.

“I'm sorry, for the way I acted. Things are back to the way they were before, and it's really hurting me, man.” He said, brushing his hair out of his face.

“Well, try not being so stubborn with her? I know how bad you are, telling people your opinion so much, making them pissed to be around you.” I confessed.

“Hey, I can say the same for you.” He added.

“Well, this needed to be said, do your best to be nicer. For your daughters sake.” I said. He looked at me, nodded and replied,

“Your right, I don't want Violet to grow up hating us.” he said.

“Well, she wouldn't hate you, she just will be emotionally messed up.” I replied.

He narrowed his eyes, at me.

“Sorry, not much help.” I stated, laughing. He cracked a smile, looked at me and than we both started laughing.

“Damn, I missed spending time with you. Remember all the s*** we got into in high school? I miss those days.” He replied, softly.

“Same, and you got me into all of it! You dumb ass.” I replied laughing. Sometimes I miss those days, and some days I just wish I could forget them. I didn't get a long with hardly anyone in high school, since I was the “Genius” and everyone thought I was a dork. I couldn't help it that I was smart, and didn't like to act stupid, and drink and smoke and have sex just to have sex. I had sex with my first love, and she left me because she wanted someone else. I gave everything for that girl, now I think she is in rehab for being addicted to drugs. How wonderful right?

“Well, I'm off to bed. Need anything just wake me up, night.” He said, as he made his way down the hall.

“Night!” I called back. I felt suddenly depressed, being around Kim and Adam makes me feel even worse than usual, I wish I had someone even though Kim and Adam fight, at least they have each other, I don't have someone in my life. I really wish I did though. I felt the rain hit the roof, the thunder soothing me. I walked over to there large window, and pulled back the curtains. The rain splattering against the window with a sudden “thud” sound. Tears started to fill my eyes but I blinked them back. I'm not going to cry, I don't need anyone. I turned around to see little Violet sitting on the couch. Her eyes glued to mine, tears running down her face. I quickly made my way over to her, and sat down beside her.

“Violet, what are you doing out of your bed? What's wrong?” I asked her slowly, to make sure she understood, her still little and all.

“Mama, daddy fighting again.” She whispered, looking down. Tears falling from her chin. I wiped away, a few with the knuckle of my finger.

“It's alright Violet, would you like me to put you back in bed?” I asked, softly and kindly.

“I want to sleep with you.” She spoke sternly. My eyebrows raised.

“Now Violet, I'm like a stranger to you. I'm not your father.” I spoke softly. She stared at me, with those blue eyes of her's. She didn't move at all , and she moved over to wear I was, and laid beside me. I narrowed my eyes, at the back of her head, this wouldn't be normal for me to do.

“Alright, Violet back to bed.” I said. She stood up abruptly and shook her head no, I nodded my head yes and reached down to pick her up. She started to pummel her tiny fists into my shoulders and back. I paid no attention to it. I didn't know exactly where her room was, but I figured it would be the one with the door open I thought, as I walked up there white carpeted stairs. As, I arrived at the top of the stairs, I noticed there was a door open, and a little twin bed inside so I figure that would be Violets. I walked in, and slowly placed her in her bed. Tears still fell from her eyes, I swallowed hard. This poor girl I thought. I smiled, trying to comfort her. I brushed her black hair out of her face, the hair sticking to her face. I pulled up her light blue blanket, and I tucked her in.

“Goodnight.” I said, as I left Violets room.
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MissEmilyDickinsonThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 26, 2014 at 10:47 am
This was extremely different, but it was such a good story! The idea, the concept was just diffferent. I read the whole book, in one sitting; the ending was sad to me, but your story was still beautiful and amazing. You have such a talent and greatness and talent in you; and you're an amazing and wonderful and talented writer. It's just true. :) Thank you so much, my friend! For sharing this. :)
DLY1912 said...
Feb. 6, 2014 at 10:32 pm
OMG! I'm hanging onto the edge of my seat! This is awesome! I want them to end up together! I'm only on chapter 4! I can't wait to find out what happens! Good job girl!
HiddenAngelInTheDark said...
May 4, 2012 at 3:16 pm
I love your book so cute yet sad yet still cute. Quick Question: Did you write more chapters or just one? because when I click next it goes back to the cover page
MissDarkCross replied...
May 4, 2012 at 6:21 pm
Thank you! I made a lot of chapters.. going back nd forth between Billy & Violet.  I don't know.. I guess you just reached the end of my book o.o
HiddenAngelInTheDark replied...
Jun. 9, 2012 at 9:13 am
Welcome and I see there so good and I can relate to Billy
XingOffTheDays replied...
Feb. 13, 2013 at 9:47 pm
Omg! I never seen your reply!   I am so sorry! <3 (I don't get on much.) That's good then? I'm happy my story can be relatable. <3:3
cuckoo_for_cocoa_puffs said...
Apr. 29, 2012 at 6:25 pm

Oops! totally did not check the sentence before posting it! Sorry for the bad grammar and such!


MissDarkCross replied...
Apr. 30, 2012 at 2:32 pm

Hhaha It's okay xD

.. Yeah.. Lol Thanks!<3

cuckoo_for_cocoa_puffs said...
Apr. 29, 2012 at 6:24 pm
Okay, at first, I was like "Pedophile?", but then I further and realized that's no the case. Nice job!
Lindsey31 said...
Apr. 9, 2012 at 4:41 pm

This is soooo sad!!! Wow! It's a tragic love story. You are a great writer! I literally got goosebumps in the end.

But NEVER, ever second-guess yourself or think that you aren't a good writer. You are fantastic. Just because you make a couple gramatic mistakes doesn't make you bad. I envy your writing! If you have time, I'd love for you to read some of my work. Keep writing (:

MissDarkCross replied...
Apr. 10, 2012 at 5:18 pm

It is, I watched a movie kinda based like this...and I've read books..so I got really interested in it. I'm so happy you got goosebumps! ;D I can't believe I left that impact!

>__< Oh.. thanks.. I'm trying to improve. & I will.. :3

Jan. 26, 2012 at 10:47 am
your wellcome your amazing
MissDarkCross replied...
Jan. 26, 2012 at 2:34 pm
Really? Hahah Thanks
MissDarkCross said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 4:30 pm
Sorry that I repeated the last chapter in chapter 13.. DX Didn't mean to. Just noticed tht now.
SecretGothicGirl said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 1:03 am
OMG this story was awesome!!!!! I couldn't stop reading it, the ending was sad, i really did tear up a little.The way there love for each other was so romantic,and in the end it was still there even though he was gone.Keep writing because you VERY good!!!!
MissDarkCross replied...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 3:14 pm
Thank you so much!
MissDarkCross replied...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 3:15 pm
I'm happy it made you tear up.. it made me tear up as well.. because I finished it..and I'm proud of the story. :3 I tried my best.. >.
SecretGothicGirl replied...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 4:01 pm
when you first uploaded your story did you have 2,500 words because im starting on my first novel on here and im around 1,500
MissDarkCross replied...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 4:29 pm
Uhm.. I have no clue? Lmao I'm sorry. :3 I don't think it matters how many words you have.. in your story. >.
DirectingGabs said...
Dec. 30, 2011 at 10:30 pm
Oh wow! The end was suprising. But it waws good. Great job!

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