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Rules of the Barbies

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Thomas Jefferson High

Beep. Beep. Beep. The glare of the light stung my eyes as my alarm clock brought me to reality. “Come on Stacy. You’ll be late for the first day of school!!” my stepmom chirped as she pulled the covers off my bed. Ugh, school. One of my main reason to stay in bed. When I moved from Chicago and moved to New York City with my stepmom it was like basically taking my clothes, striping me naked, and forcing me to buy a new wardrobe. Everything I was familiar with was taken away just through one airplane ride. I didn’t hate my stepmom for it, but I never loved her for it. But she did try to help me celebrate by renting the movie Mean Girls and tried to make the stepmother-and-daughter time as best as possible. I really tried hard to not enjoy it and beg to go home, but I was pulled into the world of The Plastics, and soon I was laughing along with my stepmom.

I grabbed my bag and a half cream cheese and half peanut butter bagel and ran to the bus stop, which was just around the corner and down the street. Or at least my stepmom told me so. I tried the route anyway, praying to God that my stepmom was right on these things for once. When I got down the street, I was lost. Stepmom said in front of a red house. Where’ s the red house? I thought frantically as I looked up and down the street. Ahhhh!! First day of school and I’m already having problems, and I’m not even at school yet!!! I thought as I ran to a random house near the corner of the street. Hopefully, there was a person in there who knew about my bus stop. I ran up the porch and rung the doorbell. As I looked around the street, I realized how noisy Uptown was. There were barely any houses, and almost none with a porch and a backyard. I heard the door opening and a boy’s voice saying “Look, if you’re the retailing guy who was pissed at me for ruining his coat, I’m really sorry and I’ll pay for the--” He looked up, and realized who he was talking to. Whoa, he’s hot. His face was a regular skin tone, and it made him have this really cute sheen on his skin, especially when he was standing in front of you. He had these puppy eyes, ones that were huge and adorable, and really hard not to love. His hair was dark brown, shaggy, and went down to his ears, the type of hair that was next to impossible not to want to run your hand through. He had an athletic build too, not six pack gross, but muscly hot. He kind of looked like a mini Taylor Lautner except he doesn’t have as big abs or as many crazy girl lovers/stalkers. He slowly looked at me and his jaw dropped. Does he like me or something?? I wondered, but I instinctively curled my hair over my ear. He suddenly said “Whoa, the retail guy is suddenly hiring teenage girls to do his dirty work. Wow, that’s cold. How much money are you getting with this job?” It was my turn for my jaw to drop. Hot and stupid. Terrible combination, but in this case, I like it anyway. “Uhh, no. I don’t work for whoever-he-is, I’m just trying to find my bus stop.” I stuttered.

“Well, that makes a difference doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So, what’s your name? I never saw you in the city.”

“Ohh, I’m Stacy. Stacy Hewlett. I moved from Chicago.”

“Really? Cool. I’m Drew. Drew Marchessa.” There was an awkward pause. I shifted my weight onto my right leg, into my signature I’m-a-hot-girl pose, while Drew stood on his porch, looking thoughtful. Then he cleared his throat and said “I think I can help you. What school are you going to?”

“Umm” I quickly whipped out my acceptance letter and said “Thomas Jefferson High.”

“Really? Me too! I’ll give you a ride.”

“That’s okay, just tell me where the bus stop is.”

“The bus would’ve left by now, and you’d get a detention on your first day. Seriously, its okay.”

“ Fine. But if a teacher hunts me down and asks me why I didn’t take the bus, it’s your fault”

“I don’t think that’ll ever happen, but fine”

I stepped into his driveway as Drew started up his red Mini Cooper. It was just enough to squeeze my legs in and close the door. Gosh, this place was a mess. If stepmom saw this, she’d go insane. “Sorry about the mess, I rarely clean up after myself” Drew said as he stepped into the drivers seat. “It’s fine. But if my stepmom saw this she’d go bananas” I replied lightly while Drew started up his Cooper. On the way to school, we talked about where I went to school before and what classes I was taking. I went to the same homeroom as him, and we both had band together. He played the trumpet and I played the oboe. When we finally arrived to TJ high, which was what everyone called it, according to him, he parked next to this black porsche and we walked into the building. With him next to me, everything seemed so comfortable. It was hard to think about myself as being the new kid. “Drew!! Drew hon!! Where were you this morning?” I turned around to become face to face with a girl covered by three other girls. “Hey Karen!” Drew said as he smiled broadly and covered the girl in a big hug. Oh. My. Gosh. He has a girlfriend. And I rode to school with him. “Who is this sweet girl Drew?” Karen cooed as she played with his braided necklace. “Oh, she’s a new girl who came from Chicago. I gave her a ride to school because she missed the bus” Drew replied warmly as he gently tugged on her hair. Karen giggled and said “Oh that’s so sweet of you!! Now can I talk to this wonderful girl of yours in private?” “Sure babe. See you later” Drew said as he gave the girl a--ugh-- peck on the cheek. “Bye Drew!! BYE!!” Karen yelled as she waved harder then I ever thought that the blonde girl could when Drew walked down the hallway. Then she turned to me with the most angriest glare in the history of glares. “You rode to school with my BF?” she asked, with an icy cold edge on her voice.

“I uhh....”

“Well? Did you or not?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Ugh. Drew is such a sweet heart that I don’t even know what it takes to make him into a more meaner person. I mean seriously? Take you to school when he ditched me at Starbucks where we were supposed to meet? Come on!!” Karen howled as she and her passé started laughing hysterically along with her. I turned cherry pink. Of course you shouldn’t have accepted the offer, and you didn’t even ask if he had a place to go when you stepped into the car!! I thought as I tried to control my urge to punch Karen’s perfect little face. When she leaned over, her perfect features became more visible. She has brown eyes that were big and “innocent” like, and her blonde hair was more yellow then the sun. Her arms were toned and muscular, yet it wasn’t enough to make her look buff. And she was acne-free. “If you dare step into my Drew’s little Cooper again, your head with be put on my mantle as a trophy. Actually, no. A dead person’s head inside your house is unsanitary and doesn’t go with the decor, so you’ll be in the garbage with all of the other stuff that should be in there.”

Well. Great way to introduce me to the new school, no?

“Well, excusez moi, Si’l vous plait. I have a places to go and people to meet who are not a waste of my time. Now, Nicky hon, what did he say?” Karen asked as she bumped into me. “Whoops, sorry hon. My BFFLE here takes so much room in the hall. She didn’t mean to make me bump into you now did she?” Nicky shook her head vigorously and said “Course not. I’m sorry my hips take too much room.” Too much room?? Nicky has the tiniest hips I have ever seen! Karen takes much more room in the hallway then Nicky ever could! “See hon? It was an honest mistake.” Karen said as she sashayed down the hall arm in arm with her “BFFLE.” More like mind-controlled-slave. “Hmm, so she introduced you into TJ high, huh?” I whirled around to see a girl who had the coolest hair I’ve ever seen. It was multicolored, first dark violet, then cerulean blue, and then neon pink bob cut with the ends cut diagonally. Her bangs were dark blue, and her skin was pale but not too pale. And-check this out- she had nose pierces (3), ear pierces (I stopped counting at 15 for both ears), belly button pierces (2. Her shirt practically flaunted it), eyebrow pierces ( 2 on each eyebrow), and a lip pierce. She was the most pierced person I’ve seen in my life, other then the lady in Ripley’s Believe it or Not records book, but she doesn’t count. She wore a hot pink tank top underneath a black leather jacket that came just above the small of her back, and black jeggings with black combat boots. I stared and stared at her, with my mouth gaping as wide as Karen’s hips. “It’s not very nice to stare at someone you know.” She said again, wagging her finger in my face. “Uhhhhh” was the only sound I managed to come out of my mouth.

“Speechless I see. Also gaping at my pierces.”


“And a terrible range of vocabulary, not to mention fashionability.”

“At least I wear normal things, unlike you.”

“So she speaks!”

“Yes I do speak.”

“About time you did too.”

“So madame punk, what’s your name?”

“ I prefer Reagan. And my full name is none of your beeswax.”

“So your name is Reagan Valice, hmmm?” I asked, reading the label on her shirt.

“So I was caught. No biggie. What’s your name?”

“Stacy Hewlett. Nice to meet you.”

“Honestly, everything was nice until you bumped into me. But then your experience with Karen Stewart made my day all sunshine and rainbows again.”

“Now, who’s this Karen Stewart?” I asked, ignoring the last comment.

“Karen Stewart? Well, whats a better way to put then this? She’s the most slutty yet popular girl that you will ever meet in your life.”

“Ha ha ha. Very funny. Give me a better description.”

“Fine. She’s the leader of the Barbies. The Barbies are an elite group of girls that are the ‘socially elite’. More like social boy-worshippers.”

“Go on.”

“ What’s there to know? The Barbies go to every single party, get the ‘best’ clothes. Not in my opinion, it was other people’s. They get the hot guys, are the richest girls, the prettiest, and technically, the most ‘coolest’ girls that ever lived. EVERYONE wants to be in that group.”


“Okay, every girl.”

“Every girl?”

“Okay okay!! MOST girls. Happy, ms. Grammar queen?”

“Perfectly good, yes.”

“Honestly, I don’t know why everyone is--like--so, obsessed with them. I mean, all of the drama revolves around them. All they do is party. I swear, when they grow up, they’ll be beggars on the street! But come on, not everyone wants that social life. At least, I don’.” Reagan said as she smoothed her hair. “ I got a boyfriend, a life, and a goal. I really can’t care the least about them. It’s not like being a Barbie is like a profession.” Reagan gently prodded my arm with her manicured finger. “You shouldn’t care either. It’s your first day. Don’t be stressed about the Barbies, or being a Barbie.” She took her bag and slinged it over one shoulder. “Anyway, I better get to homeroom. Where’s yours? I’ll take you there.” I opened up my schedule. First Period: Science with Mr. Rugby. “I have science with Mr. Rugby.” “Really? Ooohh. Tough. First period with him would NOT make my day be all sunshine and rainbows. I’ll take you as far as the homeroom door. Your on your own, afterword.” She closed the conversation just like that. Wow, is Mr. Rugby THAT mean? Or is he THAT boring? I quickened my pace so I could keep up with what Reagan says, her “slow and cool” walk. My red converse barely covered the same ground as her black, punk combat boots. “We’re here!” Reagan said all too cheerfully. “I hope you don’t die!” She said as she gave a quick wave and a blow-kiss and walked--no--ran away. I took a deep breath, and walked into the classroom. In the room, there was nice, neat, and orderly desks in neat rows. Boys sat quietly in their desks, and girls quietly chatted in the corner. Whoa, this is like, a perfect classroom. “ORDER! CHILDREN SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD!” I whirled around to see a very old man sitting on a polished leather seat. He was at least ninety, with hair as white as snow, and eyes as wild as a tiger’s. He looked small and fragile, but that voice made it all clear that he could take care of himself. The girls immediately quieted down, and they talked in a barely audible voice. The boys sat still in their desks. I carefully made my way over to the teacher’s desk. “My name is Stacy Hewlett. I’m new here to this school.” I said. Mr. Rugby barely heard me, he looked dazed and not focused. “My name is Stacy Hewlett, and I’m new.” I said a little louder and gently tapped my knuckles on the desk. Instantly, his eyes turned wild again, and his face turned purple with rage. Uh oh. “YOU THERE, GIRL!” He said, pointing to a petite brunette girl that was talking softly to her friends in the corner. Her eyes widened and she meekly said “Yes, sir?”


“Yes, sir.” she said faintly. She went up to the teacher’s desk and was about to grab the pink slip when I said “What did she do wrong?” Mr. Rugby and the girl looked at me with round eyes and a mouth gaping like a fishes. The girl quickly leaned over my shoulder and whispered “You have to say sir, or you’ll get a detention.” I felt panicky. Say sir and deal with him, or don’t say sir and deal with him and get a detention? Calmly I said “He doesn’t deserve to be called a sir because only gentlemen are called sirs, and he surely is not a gentlemen. Plus, you have to respect someone to be called a sir, and I clearly do not have any respect for Mr. Rugby.” I folded my hands in front of my chest and braced myself for Mr. Rugby’s full on rage. But Mr. Rugby just sat on his seat, staring and staring and gaping and gaping. Then he finally managed to say “Ms. Hewlett--”




“Seen such eloquence and beauty in choice of words!” It was my turn to gape. Mr. Rugby. The untamable, wild Mr. Rugby, was praising me. Mr. Rugby’s slowly stood up from his chair and began to creak around the room. “I have been teaching in this school for 26 years.” he said while walking around the room. “But I have always thought that these high school students had no future in front of them. All they ever talked about was boys, games, sports, and gossip. I never recognized a student with such good intelligence, and eloquence. Someone, with a future that is bright and above the average life. This girl” he said pointing to me “Has a clear goal ahead of her, I can see. And she will fulfill it, I can see that also.” By this time, he sat down and the lesson commenced. But I was barely even listening. My mind kept on drifting back and forth, from Drew‘s hotness and from Karen’s snobbiness. At the end of the period, Drew came over to my desk and said “Whoa, Stacy. That was awesome. Nobody ever stood up to Mr. Rugby like that!” I gave him a slightly flirtatious smile and said “Well Drew, guess I’m one of a kind.” Drew smiled and looked at me with those delicious green eyes. It made my insides melt and turn into organ slush. “DREW HON!!!! THERE YOU ARE!! COME ON, OR WE’LL BE LATE!!” Karen screamed across the room. Drew looked at me regretfully and said “See you at lunch?” “Sure.” I replied and gave him another slightly flirty smile. As Drew moved across the room, Karen grabbed my arms so tightly it made me cry out. Drew looked over, and Karen immediately loosened her grip, and smiled at him. He smiled back and then looked away to talk to his buddies. Karen’s smile turned ice cold and said “If you ever talk to my boyfriend again, say goodbye.” She released my arm and walked to the door, to be greeted by sweet Drew, and deceiving him once more with her “sweet and innocent” look. I clenched my fists so hard that my knuckles turned white. Oh yeah, you want to play that way?

Game on, sister.
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Starstruck_001 said...
Oct. 13, 2014 at 1:57 pm
ill try i havent had much time these days....
MissEmilyDickinson This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 9, 2014 at 6:13 pm
This is amazing. I love it. You're a talented writer. :) If it's fine to ask, is there more coming? This is just so good. :) If there, I'll read it. Thank you so much, for sharing this. :)
kaylacake01 said...
Jan. 31, 2014 at 2:48 pm
write more!!!!write more!!!
Starstruck_001 said...
Jun. 2, 2013 at 7:45 pm
Please rate guys  Do it for the person who wrote this book Please??
Starstruck_001 said...
Jun. 1, 2013 at 6:22 pm
Remy15 said...
May 24, 2013 at 10:18 am
keep writing love it and you are really good. cant wait to read more
Starstruck_001 replied...
May 24, 2013 at 4:20 pm
Thanks!! Hopefully, it'll be done in time
WannaBeWriter3 said...
May 20, 2013 at 7:38 am
this was very good... i liked it
Starstruck_001 replied...
May 20, 2013 at 12:10 pm
merci beacoup #WannaBeWriter3 (thank you very much)
FallenAngel170198 said...
May 18, 2013 at 6:46 am
Keep writing! this is great :3 Mean girls in the making!
Starstruck_001 replied...
May 18, 2013 at 9:48 pm
Thanks! I'm working on the second chapter right now!! :D
VioletRoyal replied...
Jan. 20, 2014 at 2:07 pm
Please write more!  This is way too good to stop now!!!!!  I love it!!!
Starstruck_001 replied...
Jan. 21, 2014 at 6:09 pm
thanks...it means alot 

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