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Forever Young

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Author's note: My school has a group that strives to inform and prevent the risks and symptoms of suicide. I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My school has a group that strives to inform and prevent the risks and symptoms of suicide. I also am interested in how things affect people in different ways. Those two reasons are basically why I wrote even the first word of Forever Young's creation.  « Hide author's note
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Kyle Mell

“Hey, what were you doing last night?” I asked Micheal, the school freak, half way seriously. The gang around me continued to laugh with me at the hidden joke. I tried again, determined to get satisfaction. “Dork, I am talking to you.” He flinched but stayed silent. He looked as if he was not sure whether to continue walking or not. “Whatever, Micheal; or should I say Mickel?” All of us roared with laughter at the new joke. “Anna screamed that that night.” The guys around me
All swearing is used for character development only. If it offends anyone, I can take it out; but, in my opinion, it is needed to tell the story fully.
slowly stopped punching each other, expecting me to continue. So I did. “'Stop, Mickel, stop!' As if you would allow that. You would never allow that much freedom.”
Micheal snapped, “Shut up, Kyle.” Hatred brewed beneath his eyes. I was in it too deeply to stop.
“Oo, is Mickel getting mad?” I asked the crew. Micheal pushed past us, “Hey, Micheal, remember that my dad will catch you next time. Oh, wait, next time you will do yourself. Nothing to catch there.” I yelled down the hallway as Micheal picked up his pace. Brad and Eric were crouched over, trying to catch their breath.
Eric straightened up first, “Dude, did you see his face? I thought he was going to cry this time!” He laughed again, “How do you come up with that stuff, Kyle?”
“It takes skill, man,” I replied. I leaned against the wall with my hand propping me up to see how many girls I could attract. A few looked over, but no one came up to flirt.
“Wow, I wish I could do that.” Brad's face was wide in awe, even though he had seen me do it so many times.
“Hey, Brad, no worries, just pay attention.” I smiled, winked at him, then left my spot on the wall. They followed without my say so – just as they always did. We passed by the senior lockers, no one interesting was there. Just as I was about to turn the corner, Susan Eli walked into me. “Watch where you are going, nerd.” I slammed her books to the ground.
“I – I'm sorry,” she stuttered. The gang and I were already past her, though.
I continued looking for more possible victims. “Hey, Brad, you better go.” I pointed to a pretty girl sitting by her locker, crying.
“Oh, jeez,” Brad said. “Thanks, man.” As he went to comfort his girlfriend, Eric and I went though more crowds of people. I heard rushed footsteps behind us. Brad was coming back. I began to ask what happened but was interrupted, “She told me to leave her alone.”
“Idiot,” Eric slapped him on the back of the head. “That is when you don't leave them alone.” I shook my head at Brad to show I agreed.
“Well, I wasn't going to, but then Janna said I needed to leave,” he explained. Both Eric and I up-nodded then went on walking without another word.
“Hey, guys, check it out,” I said. Our previous victim stood feet away. When they saw him, Eric and Brad began laughing again. “Mickel!”
“What do you want?” Micheal looked straight at me. No one was around to save him if needed.
I took this opportunity to really get underneath him, “Nothing, I was just wondering how she was.”
“I don't know what you're talking about.” Micheal turned away but did not have the chance to leave the area.
Immediately, I stepped towards him. Eric and Brad followed, closing off all of Micheal's exits. I breathed down his neck, “Oh, of course you do.” Micheal faced me, about to defend himself. I used my height advantage to intimidate him even more. I was almost standing on top of him. “Was it good? Did you,” I purposefully breathed out on his face, “like it?” I licked my lips as if to seem seductive.
“Get a life, Kyle,” he stated. Micheal whipped around and tried to escape, but I knew Eric would never allow that to happen. Right on cue, Eric stepped to the side, blocking the path that was open seconds ago.
“Oh, I think I have a good one.” I outstretched my arm so he could go underneath it. “I only ask to see if she is up for,” I looked at my nails, “more.”
The hard stare Micheal gave me was enough to kill a person. “Leave her alone.”
His words shocked me. My mouth was gaped for a minute, trying to gather what to say. “Why would you ever defend her? You ruined her life.” Micheal's eyes hardened even more, if that was possible.
Brad recognized the fact I could not say anything more, “Come on, Kyle, lets leave this freak now. He probably is thinking about doing you.”
I started walking away but did not leave his stare. There was something screaming to get out of it. Unable to figure it out, I gave up, “So true.” The circle we had created around Micheal quickly broke apart.
Eric punched my arm. “What the f*** was that about?” he asked.
“I don't know,” I shook my head, “he normally doesn't react that way.”
“No, I mean the Anna thing.”
“Oh. I was just playing with him,” I wiped away his question without thought. There had to be a reason for what Micheal said, though.
Brad jumped in to break my thought process, “Whatever, man, she's messed up now. Anyone who wants that is crazy.”
I laughed, “Hey, it makes her the easiest target in New York.”
“Yes, but,” Brad stopped to point out a girl who was gazing straight at us, “that is what I'm talking about. We could get anyone.”
“Chill, dude, I said I was just kidding.” The hallways were beginning to empty; the nerds had already filed out with their stacks of books. I checked the overhanging clock. It said 8:23. “Hey, the bell is about to ring, I'll catch up with you guys in class.”
“Yeah, sure,” they both replied as I broke off to use the bathroom. The door creaked open to show a dimly lit room. Grime lined the walls, and the yellow lighting did not help the look of everything. I walked to the furthest urinal from the door. Just as I was about to relieve myself, my eye caught movement from the other corner. By the sinks, Micheal Serft was running a knife blade flat against his hand.
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SN3RD said...
Jan. 1, 2012 at 3:07 pm:
You bring the term "realistic fiction" to life. The characters are so lively in each perspective that it's told. If i had three thumbs, I would give you three thumbs up :)
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