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Fifty Square Feet Within

September 18, 2019
By Ezyip, Milton, Massachusetts
Ezyip, Milton, Massachusetts
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Mama is a fabric that has been worn and torn and stretched into near nothingness. She works two jobs – a waitress at Yiu Wah Café by day and a cleaning lady at the Hong Kong Museum of History by night – and we never have time to spend together. To the rest of my Sheung Wan world, we are mother and daughter, bound so tightly by our surroundings that our relationship has become somewhat of a sacred vigil to our caged home community. Ma is always busy. When I return from school, she is at work; when she is home from work, I am at school. There is no magic. There is rarely conversation. There is simply silence and providing. Providing and silence.

Erika Y.

Fifty Square Feet Within

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