The Girl Who Went Missing for Just Twelve Days

August 9, 2017
By jules_esee BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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jules_esee BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Author's note:

I've been waiting to tell these characters' stories for so long. They've been subjected to multiple plots and scenarios but nothing seemed to do them justice. I feel that this piece finally gives them their life. I'm really excited about it. I'll be posting chapters seperatly but the entire book is complete, this is just for the purpose of suspense and well editing. Please leave feedback. I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism. I hope you guys enjoy it!

The author's comments:

“but whatever came, she had resolved never again to belong to another than herself.”
-Kate Chopin, The Awakening

To really understand that night, to understand the circumstances, I have to start with Jamie. For me it all really starts and ends with Jamie.
That night, I called Jamie over and over again. He never answered. His voice would have been the only satisfactory substitute for Maddie's condescending voice which rang in my head.
“He’s never been a one girl kind of guy.” She said, “I mean you didn’t think that you were something special, right?”
I didn’t know what to say. I just stared at her blankly. I wanted to shout out at her that her words had no effect on me or even just roll my eyes. I would’ve done anything to wipe that arrogant look off her pretty face. I knew her face so well, but I had never seen such a cruel and vindictive expression on it before.
After I struggled to come up with a response and failed, she patted my arm in a mock affectionate way and turning on her heel she shouted out to me “Come by A.J.’s party tonight, you’ll see.”
I wasn’t going to go. I trusted Jamie and I didn’t want to further assert Maddie’s dominance over me, but I couldn’t get her voice out of my head. I roamed restlessly around my room reflecting on every instance where Jamie had appeared evasive or guilty. Everything about the evening, every story and missed call, they all felt like proof.
I convinced myself that I was only going to the party because I wanted to see him, not because I believed Maddie.
If I could change one thing about this night, it would be this moment. It was the beginning of every terrible circumstance that I would endure for the next two weeks.
It took everything in me to present myself as calm and rational when I asked my brother for a ride to the party. I knew he had plans for the evening but he was normally pretty generous when it came to driving me. I knew he felt guilty that he, the younger brother, had been gifted a brand new car by his father and I was left to depend on my parents.
After a slight amount of begging he relented with the agreement that I had to find my own ride home. At that point, I honestly believed that I would be fine and just get a ride home from my boyfriend.
When we pulled up to A.J.’s house, which is only a fifteen minute drive, I called Jamie again. I was determined to find him. I didn’t even consider that he might not even be at the party yet. Long before I found Jamie, I spotted Maddie. She was in the pool laughing in an effortlessly flirtatious manner with a boy I didn’t recognize. They both looked like something out of a magazine. She caught me staring and with a knowing smirk pointed her finger up. My face felt hot and flushed. I turned around and tried to pretend that our exchange had never occurred. I made my way up the staircase slowly, dreading every step. Along the way up I bumped into A.J. or rather he bumped into me.
“Sybil Clare?” He mutters in a questioning way.
I smiled and nodded. I then tried to push past him and avoid what could turn into one of A.J.’s notoriously long discussions. However, A.J. shifted against the wall and I was blocked from moving past him.
“What did I do to deserve the honor of you showing up here?” he laughs. A.J. and I had known each other since elementary school but I hadn’t gone to one of her parties since the sixth grade. He has the reputation of being harmless, but Jamie has always warned me that A.J. might have ulterior motives in his constant pursuit of a friendship. A.J. and Jamie hadn’t gotten along since elementary school and he wouldn’t love the idea of the two of us talking so cozily and neither did I. A.J. reeked of alcohol and smoke; I was eager to get past him.
“I’m just here to pick up Jamie. He called me a little while ago, apparently he had too much to drink.” I lied.
A.J. rolled his eyes, but the lie works and he moves out of my way. “How very responsible of Mr. Carter.” He mocked.
I didn’t respond to him and instead bolted up the stairs as casually as I could. I reach for my phone one last time. I dial Jamie’s number, which I knew by heart, and silently plead that he’ll answer before I reach the bedroom that is downstairs. The only room occupied beside the bathroom. The phone continues to ring as I push open the door.
There was music playing loudly, I think it was rap; Jamie loves rap music. The room was dark and it took a second for my eyes to comprehend what I was seeing. I saw her first. Chloe Elveen was on the boy kissing him passionately and feverishly. Her shirt was wrinkled and one sleeve was pulled down. Then I saw him with his hands tangled in the blonde curls of the girl I sat next to in physics. The seconds I watched them felt like hours.
She was the first to notice me. Our eyes locked. Neither of us said a word. A moment passed and Jamie finally saw me.
I didn’t have anything to say. I turned away and did my best not to run down the hallway and out the door. Jamie was only a second behind me. He shouted my name, begging to talk. A rage overtook me, one that had never in my life been directed at Jamie.
I spun around towards him. Looking into his puppy eyes I found my courage to speak. “No, I’m done listening to your lies and excuses." I shout. “I cannot believe you turned out to be exactly who everyone warned me you were. I wasted three years on you. I’m done.” Hot tears streak down my cheeks. I walked away from him fury motivating every step. He reached for my arm and I flinched away
“Stay away from me.” I commanded.
He didn’t say a word and didn’t follow me out the door. I didn’t look back. I pictured him standing there at the top of the staircase contemplating his next move. I knew he would text me later and show up at my house the next day with an apology I probably wouldn’t be able to resist.
I didn’t realize that I didn’t have a ride home until I was already on the sidewalk on my way home. I called Benton but he didn’t answer, probably already on his way out with friends. My only other two options were Jamie, who I would never call and my dad who was working and would be furious if he knew Ben and I were out so late on a school night.
It’s my decision not to call anyone that is the stupidest. I wasn’t the first girl to disappear in our town and I knew that it wasn’t safe, but I was stubborn.
Jamie texted me just a block into my walk.
i am really, really sorry, sybil. can you ever forgive me ??
I stared at my phone wondering whether to ignore it. At this exact moment a minivan would brake beside me and two men, much larger than me would grab me. It was like I was processing everything one step behind. I tried to run but my hesitation costed me. A meaty hand reached for my mouth and another around my waist. My body twisted, I kicked and screamed but my voice was muffled and my kicks felt aimless. The man that wasn’t holding me shoved something to my face. The cloth smelt like biology dissections and before blackness totally encompassed me I thought of Chloe Elveen.

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