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Alicia and Andrew

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Author's note: I don't have any brother or sister so...I wanted to feel the love of a brother and sister by writing this story.
Author's note: I don't have any brother or sister so...I wanted to feel the love of a brother and sister by writing this story.  « Hide author's note
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3. Daniel German

Alicia quietly walked out of the class after the bell rang. She wasn’t expecting anything from this new boy, Daniel. She knew that he didn’t like her. She was ugly. But sadly she was really wrong.
“Hey, I’m Daniel and you’re Alicia right?” A voice said from behind her.
She shockingly turned around and saw Daniel. She was just so frightened that he might laugh at her in any second. She just looked into his eyes and nodded nervously.
“Why are you scared? I’m not going to hurt you”, Daniel said coming closer.
“But you will laugh”, Alicia said walking backwards.
“No, I won’t. What makes you think I will?” Daniel asked chuckling.
“Everyone does?” she replied confused herself.
Daniel laughed and Alicia looked at him confused. Was he laughing at her or he just thought of a joke?
“Don’t worry, I am not like others. I won’t laugh at you. What’s there to laugh at you?” Daniel asked walking with her to the locker.
“You don’t care...that I have scars all around my face?” Alicia asked taking out her Calculus notebook.
“No, why people can’t have accidents? Scars don’t mean that you are an outcast”, Daniel said.
Alicia smiled and as they both had Calculus they walked to the class. Everyone was mortified that the new good looking boy was talking to the ugly girl. Daniel actually found her this mysterious, quite girl. He didn’t understand why everyone hated her.
Calculus class started and all the gazes were at Daniel and Alicia. What was so wrong? Daniel couldn’t help but think about Alicia’s sweet voice. She was sitting right next to him but still he was thinking about her. The class ended soon and again they both walked out of the class.
“Are you usually this quite?” Daniel asked.
“Yeah. How many people did you see me talking to? They don’t talk to me”, Alicia said sadly.
“Well, I do talk to you”, Daniel said.
Alicia nodded but still she couldn’t figure out why he was being so nice to her.
“Alright, let me get this clear...are you talking to me so that you can insult me in front of everyone? No one talks to me. If you talk to me then these people won’t talk to you and you’ll be left out just like me so you better don’t talk to me anymore”, Alicia said and was walking away when he hold her hand and turned her around.
“I am not talking to you so that I can insult you. I just don’t get the idea that people don’t talk to you. Only for these scars? Yes, it does seem weird that I am talking to you and I don’t really care if these people don’t talk to me. So, I will talk to you as much as I want to”, Daniel said and his blue eyes sparkled.
“Glad to know”, Alicia mumbled and walked to the cafeteria.
“You don’t have any classes now?” he asked and she nodded into no.
They both sat in the cafeteria talking about many things. She had never talked to someone so much except for her brother. Daniel didn’t mind talking to her. What’s wrong to talk to a girl who’s so interesting? Yes, Alicia was interesting. Actually her hobbies were.
“You like picking flowers from gardens where it’s restricted to take flowers? And you like copying other people’s voice?” Daniel asked shocked.
“I know it’s weird but I like doing them. My hobbies are unique after all”, Alicia giggled.
“Just like you”, Daniel said and she stared at him.
That was not a blurt out because he meant it. Never anyone said anything like this to her. She just smiled at him...
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 15 Next »

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