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Alicia and Andrew

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Author's note: I don't have any brother or sister so...I wanted to feel the love of a brother and sister by writing this story.
Author's note: I don't have any brother or sister so...I wanted to feel the love of a brother and sister by writing this story.  « Hide author's note
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2. Just so years later

Alicia quickly took her bag pack. She was getting late for school. It wasn’t that she didn’t like school; it was that the stares were pretty annoying. Alicia was now 16 years young and was studying 11th grade. It was just the start of the session and she had still a whole year to go. She sighed looking at her parents’ old picture and walked out.
“Are you sure you want to go all alone?” Andrew asked worried.
“Yes, trust me nothing is going to happen”, Alicia assured him.
Life had been pretty bad for Andrew and Alicia since their parents died. Andrew had to continue studies and did a job which wasn’t much satisfactory. They lived in a small home as they couldn’t pay the loan of their bigger house. Andrew was 22 years old now, graduated from a famous university in their home town, San Francisco named University of San Francisco. Obviously he got a scholarship in the university and had studied on architecture. As for Alicia, she was still in school and it was becoming quite hard for Andrew to pay the monthly fee as it was an expensive school. He had used all his parent’s saving on Alicia and his education. But now he had to do a legitimate job to pay everything.
Alicia used to get bullied almost every day but she didn’t mind because she had accepted the fact that she wasn’t beautiful. Andrew was always worried about her. He didn’t want her to feel that she wasn’t beautiful.
“You know I could easily drop you at school and...” Andrew was cut off.
“For what? All the girls in my school are crushing on you and as they are crushing on you, they would behave nicely with me and won’t pick on me that’s why?” Alicia asked with her arms crossed.
“Not really but I was just insisting”, Andrew replied.
“You have an interview so just go there”, Alicia said and walked out.
Andrew sighed and what Alicia said was true. He was good looking than an average boy should be. Girls in Alicia’s school waited for him to come and pick Alicia up. So, whenever Andrew came to school, the girls and boys wouldn’t pick on Alicia. Alicia didn’t like it at all. Alicia had just arrived at the busy school. Branded cars, bikes, girls and boys all crowding up the parking lot. She was never interested in this so she went to her first class, Biology.
The class was empty. It had to be after all she was as always earlier than the class. The teacher of the class, Ms. Sweden walked in.
“Always early”, Ms. Sweden said.
She smiled a little and she sat next to her. She was a teacher but quite friendly.
“I told you that if anyone picks on you then you got to tell me”, Ms. Sweden said.
“Ma’am, no one picked on me today yet”, Alicia said sighing and she kissed her cheek.
She was like a mother to Alicia. She walked to her table and soon all the students started coming. No one sat next to her, never did and never will. She was just this ugly girl who got best grades in her subjects. But that never matters and never will to anyone.
“Everyone, today we have a new student”, Ms. Sweden said to everyone.
She drew little fairies on her copy until I decided to look up and saw one of the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. It was a guy and already knew the reaction of most of the girls: drooling.
“Class, this is Daniel German and he is a transferred student so behave well. Mr. German you can go and sit next to Ms. Alicia Herrick”, Ms. Sweden said.
Alicia was feeling quite shy when her name was uttered. All the class booed and she felt a warm tear follow down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away and felt the presence of Daniel beside her. He wasn’t disgusted by her. He rather found her pretty unique...
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 15 Next »

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