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Alicia and Andrew

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Author's note: I don't have any brother or sister so...I wanted to feel the love of a brother and sister by writing this story.
Author's note: I don't have any brother or sister so...I wanted to feel the love of a brother and sister by writing this story.  « Hide author's note
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1. The accident

Alicia was just looking at her elder brother, Andrew as he packed his bag to go out of the house. Alicia wasn’t happy at all by his decision. How could he just leave without informing mom and dad?
“You don’t want to leave the house, Andrew. This is wrong.” Alicia cried out.
“It is not wrong. They don’t understand me and they never will.” Andrew replied furrowing his eyebrows.
Alicia sighed heavily and sat on his bed. She wasn’t allowed to say a word about this. She didn’t understand that how did music become much more important to Andrew rather than his family?
“Aren’t we important to you? “ Alicia asked sadly.
“Of course, you are. It’s just...they want me to be a lawyer but I don’t want to be a lawyer. I want to be a singer.” Andrew said.
He walked out of his room and Alicia followed him. She wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Maybe she was too young to know this all or maybe she was too busy siding for her parents.
“I love you, Alicia. Take care of yourself”, Andrew kissed her cheek.
He walked out in the pouring rain and all she did was staring. Her parents out on a dinner and she knew nothing. She ran to her room and watched out of the window. She was just 11 years old and what can she do to stop her brother? Then an idea popped in her head. She ran outside.
“Andrew please, don’t go”, she shouted as he sat in the taxi.
The moment Andrew looked back to see his sister, he saw only a truck to pass by. His heart stopped as he just stared at the road as blood streams flooded across the water. He threw his bag and took Alicia in his arms driving to the nearest hospital. Andrew was blaming himself for everything. Her parents were informed soon and as they were coming, sad news came that they met an accident. Andre was distressed. His parents and his sister were in the hospital and he had nothing to do...
Time passed, hours went by, no news from the doctors yet. Andrew was eagerly waiting for something to come. A doctor came with a heavy face on. Andrew stood up hoping to hear some good news.
“I’m sorry but we couldn’t save your parents”, the doctor informed.
Andrew felt as if like sky fell on him. He broke down crying and for a minute he felt like killing himself. He had to be strong for his sister. The thought of Alicia gave him goose-bumps.
“What about Alicia?” Andrew asked.
“Well, she is fine, out of danger but...” the track of the doctor’s voice stopped.
“But?” Andrew repeated.
“But the facial structure of Alicia is damaged and now she might have problems with her face”, the doctor said sighing.
Today was a bad day, maybe a bad dream. Andrew couldn’t believe his ears. Could this be happening? He just wanted to see his sister. The doctors assisted him to her cabin and as soon as he saw her, he was gone. His heart had broken. What is happening? Why is this happening? Why? Alicia looked at him with teary eyes. She had seen herself and she wasn’t happy. She was broken from inside.
“I am ugly now”, Alicia cried.
“No, you are not. You are beautiful and you always will be”, Andrew said.
Alicia cried and hugged him tightly. Who knew that one day could change two lives at one time? Things will never be the same after this. People will change and so will everything else and this was just the start of the hardship. Andrew and Alicia both knew this and they weren’t ready for this at all. From tonight they had to be strong.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 15 Next »

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