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Ainsley's Asylum

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Poor, Beautiful Mara

Mara’s words clung to her skin in disgust. Venom seeped through her blood, and reality took over. Ainsley was here because she murdered someone. She was here because no one wanted her. Ainsley was there because she pleaded insanity.
“Maraaa!” Ainsley yelled out loud.
As if anyone could here Ainsley’s pleas for help. These chipping walls and steel doors were created for pain and misery. She was told she was psychotic, and then was glared and judged by everyone since then. Life would never be the same.
Ainsley needed water. . . Even if it was filled with parasites, filled with rust and took one to the edge of death. In fact, death would be choice favorite in this situation. With what strength left in her, she half crawled, half pulled herself to the bathroom door.
Music played quietly behind the shut entrance, and heavenly singing told her about the life that missed her, and refused to block her. Ainsley scraped the lock holding the door shut against the fake wood until sleep took over.
“Ainsley, wake up, or suffer three more hours alone.”
“I’m. . . I’m up. . .” said Ansley tiredly.
“Bathroom and shower break.”
“Do you really need to watch me?” Asked Ainsley. “It’s so unnecessary.”
“You know, as well as I, it is necessary. After you tried to drown yourself, we had to take higher levels of security.”
“Don’t tell me this, I could get you fired.” Ainsley pointed out.
“As if they’d ever believe you.” Mara continued, “You’re just a stupid rat stuck in a cell.”
“Then what are you? The warden?”
Ainsley didn’t enjoy using her 15 minute shower and bathroom break on Mara. The girl who probably committed a felony, and was sent here for community service. If that was even at all possible.
That night, with the little sleep that overcame her, she dreamed of blood, and of gore. She remembered a familiar figure, who was tall and lanky, ordering Ainsley to death. No light shone upon the face, but it was quite obvious it was a women who wanted rid of her.
When Ainsley awoke, no one was in her room but it was still dark outside the cracks of her barred window. Her ribs ached, and her scalp was stinging from being dragged. . . But she was dragged in a dream. . . Unless Mara was here, she could’ve done so to irritate Ainsley. Soon after a long thought process, Ainsley agreed to figure Mara’s torments.
She pulled her self up into a kneeling stance, and watched her long burnt hair hang in locks.
Her yellow-stained nightgown was also stained with blood and swear, and also from the stale food served by Mara. When she thought about it, Mara resembled a swan. Such a long neck, tall and elegant. Her red hair was always in braids. Porcelain skin as white as snow. When was winter? Had it passed, was it here? Oh dear. . .
When Ainsley woke, she hadn’t a memory of waking up. She was in a trance; she was in the twilight zone. Was she lying on the floor, next to her bed? Since when had she had a bed? Mara walked in.
“Oh, dear. . . Bad dream again? Why don’t you stay in your bed?” She rolled her eyes at Ainsley and glared.
“I-I didn’t realize I had a bed. . .” Ainsley didn’t look up at Mara’s pitying eyes.
“Ainsley.” Her tone softer, “do you need me here more? To talk.”
“And talk about what?! My exciting life in here?” Ainsley yelped.
“I’m only trying to help.” A sharper tone rang and gave Ainsley a mental cut.
“You don’t have any idea. . . What it’s like. . . Alone, all the time.” Ainsley lowered her eyes.
Mara had already left, in spite of herself. It was impossible for Ainsley to go astray since she forgot to hide herself after a mistake. Now she pushed away someone who tried to be a friend, someone she could tell of her wonderland under water. Those hopes disappeared before she could even see them.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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