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True intent (Rough Draft)

Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition problems in a few pages.  « Hide author's note
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Maybe Just maybe

I was running. What from? I have no idea. All
I knew was it depended on my life. There was
No way to see where I was going. There was
a thick mist surrounding me. Making it
impossible for me to see. I had no clue where I
Was. Wherever I am now my powers didn't
Work. The deprivation of my powers left me with
an empty feeling inside. Lost, and alone. Blinded
By the mist, I have no clue how I would be able to go
on. One part of me was screaming for me to stop,
the other was telling me “keep going”, I tripped and
Fell on a hard surface, it was cold, and smooth. I
tried getting up but something seemed to be
holding me down. I kicked, attempting to release myself
from the bone-crushing grip. Slowly I turned my head,
My neck screaming with effort. What I saw was worse
than death, I let out a blood curling scream...

I awoke to the gushing sound of the wind slamming on my windowpane. I was covered in sweat. My heart was now racing at a speed faster than light. As the excitement of the dream faded, I began to realize that I could not remember the contents of the dream. It was just a dream. I hated to be awoken by my imagination. Especially now when all I wanted to do was go into a coma. Would that same heart-wrenching nightmare awake me then? Would I awake once more not knowing the purpose of the dream? Or would I lay forever unbothered by the terror that awaits me at night and day. A deep sleep would be much more peaceful than the constant drama of the past few days. The question is would I be willing to make the sacrifice? I never thought my life could irritate my conscience. I felt as though I was trapped, and only I had the key that would get me out. ? But I had to find myself before I could find the key.
I turned to look at my alarm clock. It had not gone off so I obviously had not over slept. I would love to have done so. The house was quiet. Not a thing was out of the ordinary in my bedroom. I cherished the silence and lay comforted by my velvety covers. I got up, tiptoeing to across the room. I reached the cherry wooden doorframe. The loops on Its design making it seem cheery. The horrendous moan it let out as I opened it reminded me of the sound of a wounded dear falling to Its death.
I stood there at the doorway in confusion. Why was I standing there? I turned around and looked back into the room. I could swear I had made up my bed this morning. My body was tense my heart beating a million beats a second. What time was it? My confusion was further worsened when I glanced at the clock. It should have been five o’clock. It read 9:30Pm. I spun around and ran out the door. Through the hallway I went. I called for my mother.
“Mom!” “Mom!”
The lights were still on in living room and the kitchen. That could not have been possible. My mother was not one to leave the lights on when she left a room let alone the house. I was now more anxious than I was when I had realized the difference between the current time and the time it was supposed to be. Something was wrong. By now, I was certain of that. If it really was five in the afternoon, the eerie silence should not be there. Where were the honking horns? The screeching sound of wheels as one spun around a curve at full speed. The rude statements the teenagers would shout at each other as they passed by. The sound of rush hour was nowhere to be found. Had I gone deaf? Was I dreaming? Would I awake to my mother’s voice calling to me telling me to throw out the garbage?
I felt a sticky sensation underneath my feet. I stood still and rubbed my foot against it try t o figure out what it was. Was it Slime? The remains of a Liquid lollipop? No, this was not a liquid. It reminded me of this sticky kind of paper that looked like skin but wasn’t. Then and there my heart skipped a beat. I jumped in fright and skidded to the nearest light. I flipped the switch. Though I did not look at the substance immediately. I was too frightened of the gruesome discovery that might await me. Slowly I turned my head to see what was there. I felt extremely squeamish. My eyes landed on a large piece of skin. To my relief it was not human skin. To my horror, it was something far worse. My hands shook as I fell to the ground. Someone was screaming. It was almost as though that person was next to me. Though there was no one to be seen. I slowly realized it was I. My lungs were suffocating me. I could barely breathe. My terror was far worse than one I had ever witnessed.
I awoke gasping for air. I was covered in sweat and felt as though I had been trapped in the desert for a thousand days. My heart was racing. I could not figure out why. I had had a nightmare. In my nightmare, I had awoken in my bedroom only to find that I had lost my memory. I had been walking through the house. I had seen something. What was it? I could not remember. Whatever it was, it was frightening enough to wake me from my sleep.
I shivered. It was cold. The arched lips and carved eyes of the mahogany frame of my bed seemed almost threatening in the darkness over lapped by the screech of the wind coming from my open window. My instinct was to get up and shut the window. Though my body screamed for me to remain in the warmth of my covers. I slide out of bed the gushing wind hitting me felt like spears clashing against my skin and bouncing off. I shut the window firmly and slipped back into the comfort of my velvety sheets.
Suddenly I felt a pang of fear and looked at my alarm clock. It read 5:00. If I had been planning to go shopping with Jessie I would have called and canceled. I couldn’t. The Jessie thing was just a cover. Jessie did not exist. There was no way in I would have a friend named Jessie. The name alone made me sick. The personality behind it made me want to…well, let’s not get into the details’. What I really wanted was to get my mom out of the house. This is how my plan went. My mom and I would go shopping. Jessie wouldn’t show up. Then my mom sees something she likes. And she sees more things she likes. I tell her I have to go to meet some people for a study group and leave. Instead I then I would go home, relax, and spend the next few hours in my room with the music turned to 180. That way I wouldn’t even hear the phone ring. And there would be no one telling me to tune it down. So much for my plans. My mom had refused to go with me. But that was alright. She was at the Connors house and would be for at least four more hours. I was completely alone. Or so I thought… There was a loud clash and I could hear the breaking of dishes. I froze; scared to move in case he or she would sense my presence. My heart was racing. I stayed still for the next two minutes. No sound followed the one before. Slowly I got up and crept towards the door. I had a firm grip on the knob with one hand and my fist clenched in the other. It’s nothing I thought to myself; nothing at all. I twisted the knob and slowly opened the door. I braced myself for the high-pitched moan of the hinges.
There was none. I frowned realizing I had not even opened the door yet. I was trembling remembering the similar scene in my dream. I swung the door open with one quick pull and stepped back. I strained my ears, my senses sharpener now than ever. All I could hear was the beating heart of my Siberian husky. A sudden thought occurred to me. Could it have been rocky that knocked down the dishes. No. He was much smarter than that. I searched his thoughts for any sign of fear. The presence of terror was overwhelming. I entered his eyes and saw that the door was wide open.
There was the silhouette of a tall male running down the concrete walkway and across the street jumping into the open door of a moving car. I watched as the caravan sped away and out of my view. I felt a twitch in my eyes and jumped back into my senses. I returned to my body and immediately ran down the stairs and to the front door. Rocky stood in the freshly painted red frame of my doorway. He was howling infinitely. I left him there and knowing he would be ok, I ran to the kitchen to check out the mess. Not only where the dishes destroyed but also the whole kitchen along with it. The drawers were splintered and thrown all over the floor; the cabinet doors of their hinges; the windows smashed glass spread out all over the floor.
Who ever had been in here their mission was personal. Either their purpose was sabotage or they were looking for something. Sabotage. I decided. That possibility shattered when I entered the living room and every other room in the house. This person clearly wanted something. Whatever it was, I didn’t know. What did I have that this stranger wants? I sighed and went back to the front door to bring rocky in. as he ran back into the house to check out the damage my eyes swept the bustling streets. Nothing. I shut the door, excessively locking it. What was I going to do?
It was eight thirty in the evening now. My mom would back at any minute. I had managed to clear up the majority of the mess but there was nothing I could do for the broken windows; splintered cabinets; and lack of furniture in most of the rooms. I sat on top of the kitchen counter. Rocky, seated the same just inches away from me. I heard my mom’s car drive into the garage. A few minutes later, she walked into the kitchen. The shock clearly portrayed in her expression.
I contemplated the reaction soon to come. “What happened here?” she would say. Or “Who did this.” That is, she would say this if she were human. For her, the answer was written all over the walls. I jumped down off the counter. Rocky, following suit could sense my gratitude towards the crime. We climbed the stairs together both of us moving slowly awaiting my mom’s verbal reaction. It didn’t come. We were just entering my bedroom when she began to take actions and bustle around the house. I smiled at rocky for he had let out a happy yelp when he sensed my mother’s movement.
“That’s right big boy, mommy’s taking care of things.”He responded by wagging his long furry Siberian tail. Then leaped on to my bed; further mussing the already mussed sheets. I shut the door behind me and joined him. I sighed as he laid his head against my chest. I could sense his relief.
“I know boy, I know.”It was then and there that we both fell into a peaceful rest; our heart in perfect sync with one another.

Slowly, I awoke.
A telephone was ringing in the darkness. I sat up in bed confused. I realized that it was not a telephone that I was hearing, but my alarm clock. Strange, it sounded different. It sounded more like a shrieking hyena then the wailing siren it usually let out. I frowned. Batteries must be running dry. I thought. I jumped out of bed. Rocky let out a groan and climbed back under the sheets.

“Sorry rocks’.’” I muttered. He made a moaning sound as if to say no problem Marsiella.
I gazed at him fondly. Sometimes I felt he was the only one that understood me. Rocky is my greatest friend. There was no way he could ever become my worst enemy. He had always been there for me. When I needed to get something off my shoulder, he would be my number one confident. The great thing about him was that he could sense emotions, understand words, and take orders. Though the one thing he couldn’t do was communicate verbally. That one inability is what made him the flawless confidant. You could tell him anything and he wouldn’t go rat you out. “Your secrets are safe with the no one and safer with the one with no voice” Sais the Gamop.
The Gamop, well that’s a story for another time. Rockies’ name was not always rocky. He was brought here illegally from Greenland. I had found him wandering aimlessly at a terminal in Alaska. Without his papers, the flight attendant would not allow me to bring him on the plane with me. So I did the unthinkable. I missed my flight. I know. You may be thinking how someone could miss a flight to Greenland just to give a puppy a companion. I spent the next few days at a hotel forging his papers myself. I knew it was illegal but this was a young innocent puppy, looking for a home. It was my intention to provide him with one.
To this day, I had not once regretted my decision to bring him home with me. In fact, I feel thankful for my unhindered perseverance in that terminal every time I look into those red apples I call eyes. I smiled to myself as I combed my brush thorough my tangled wet hair. Today is going to be good day I decided.
The warm sensation of the morning breeze was calming. I felt as though I could fly as I drove to school. I was not at all bothered by the idea of having to be surrounded by my kind as much as usual. The presence of Josh in my physics class would only mix in with the other twenty three presences surrounding me. Today, he won’t hinder my good spirit’s. I would make sure of that. I thought to myself as I parked in the school parking lot. The second I got out of my car Josh was there. He has this need to be there standing right in front of me. It was awkward but not today. I pushed him out of my way and began to walk towards the school. He continued to follow me. I decided to be nice and feed his hunger for conversation.
“Hi” I said with an air of excitement
He grinned, “I see you’ve finally come out of your shell”
I frowned “I wasn’t aware I was inside it in the first place.’”
“So what is it?” he asked
I raised my eyebrow. “What’s what?”
He stopped walking. I stopped alongside him.
He grinned “See, normally you don’t wait for anyone. Today your waiting.”
I scowled. I was definitely not going to be in a good mood by the end of the day. Guess I was wrong.
“It’s a natural instinct. I’m sure anyone would stop.” I said now losing my patience.
He stopped again. I continued to walk. “Ok, now I’ve turned you off.” He said beginning to follow me again.
I rolled my eyes “I don’t like you, you know.”
He smiled “And I thought we were coming to an understanding.”
I frowned. “And I wasn’t aware we had one.”
“Apparently you’re not aware of a lot of things.” “You see, I don’t need you to like me. I don’t need to like you…”
I cut him off. “Not a lot of people do.”
He scowled. “This is one of those points where I don’t like you at all.” “Anyways, where was I?”
I answered his personal question. “Oh, just the part where you don’t like me.”
This was not amusing to him. “Of course, how can I forget?”
“Cause you’re an idiot.” I answered his personal question yet again.
He grinned. “Every time I’m with you it feels like home.”
I beamed at him. “I bet I could get along with them just fine.”
He beamed back. “I’m the closest you’ve got to “them.”” I rolled my eyes.

He shook his head. By now we had reached the door and were surrounded by a swarm of other kids doing all kinds of things. Texting, chatting, screaming, yelling, play fighting, you name it. Somehow he managed to stay at my side. Bummer.
“So the part where I don’t like you, huh?” He stated.
“Yup” I said with an uninterested tone.
“I don’t have to like you. I just need to…”
Before he could finish Mr. Kitz came up to us. Mr. Kitz is my favorite of all teachers. Like me he viewed the world as a place not for interacting but for independence. A place where it doesn’t matter what the person in front of you is saying just the meaning of their words. It doesn’t matter whether the person you talk to is your friend only that they aren’t listing. Trust no one as your friend, only your enemy. Yup, he was the perfect teacher in a not so perfect school.
Mr. Kitz is not only a teacher he looks like a teacher to. He unlike other teachers wears thick large rimmed glass. His crocodile tie was in perfect sync with his green shirt. His suit pants matched his tie. Brown leather shoes, not so much. He was the perfect replica of a science nerd. To others he is known as nothing more than the “nobody.” Yup, the perfect teacher…
I smiled at him. “Good morning Kitz.”
He frowned. “To this day you still remain the only student in this school that refers to me as Kitz.” He smiled “Good morning to you to Marsiella.”He turned to Josh. “As for you young man you are failing my class.” “Of course, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise; I always knew you were trouble from the day you walked in.”
I grinned. “So did I, and I was the first to actually speak to him.”
His frown deepened further. “Were you? Well I’m not surprised you always were one to go beyond your business.”
I frowned trying to figure out whether that was a good thing.
He turned to Josh again. “I’ll see you in detention today.” He glared at him with flaring eyes now. “Don’t you dare think about skipping!”
Josh smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t”
Mr. Kitz scowled at him. Then turned and left.
Josh wiped the smile off his face. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He muttered.
I rolled my eyes at him. “You’re an ass,” I said.
“Oh what now you’ve got a crush on Mr. K?”
I smirked. “I will when he kicks your ass.”
He shook his head. “And he says I’m trouble.”
He turned and walked away.
I smiled. Thinking to myself; Mr. Kitz you made my day. Of course, I would be wrong for the second time today.
I had just entered my physics class. Mr. Kitz was standing at the board. He was writing some mathematical formula and drawing his usual pictorial on there. Apparently, it was review day. I got there just in time. The bell rang five seconds after I got there. Unfortunately, the seats were all filled, except for the one next to Josh.
Reluctantly I dragged myself to the table and sat myself down next to him. I scooted my chair to the end of the table. I could hear Jason snickering behind me. “Someone’s got issues.” He muttered.
From the back, Rachel shouted out: “Hey nobody, you afraid of his cooties.” I frowned ignoring the rash comment.
Of course, Josh saw this as an opportunity to anger me further. “Don’t worry sweetheart,” he said, “I don’t need you, I already got someone.”
Clearly, the class found this amusing. Mr. Kitz ignored them and continued to write on the board. I glared at the black board trying my best to bite my tongue. All I could think of was how much I really wanted to get out. The time went by slowly. During the rocket experiment, Rachel and her gang ganged up on me.
“So nobody, who you got for valentines,” she asked a smirk on her face.
“Nobody!” Sasha exclaimed. The girls broke out laughing.
Sasha grinned. “I bet she’s never been kissed in her life.”
“Of course not, she’s too ugly. I mean, who would want to kiss that?” Jessica exclaimed. At that moment, Josh walked up. “Nobody”
They burst into a fit of laughter. I stood there flaring, not knowing what to do.
Josh frowned. “Oh sorry, I was talking to you.”
They stopped short. “Then who?” They all asked at the same time.
“You” he replied. “And I’m talking to everyone that asked the question.”Obviously, they could think of nothing to say. They all walked away blushing in an embarrassed silence.
I looked at him. “You didn’t have to do that you know.”
He smiled. “I know.”
I did not start a conversation. Instead, I turned and walked towards Mr. Kitz and turned in my lab write up. I asked for permission to leave early. I guess he felt sympathetic for me. He said yes. I scooped up my things not even bothering to put them away properly and left the classroom. I made a beeline for my car and locked myself in it waiting for the bell to ring. There was a knock on my windowpane. It was Josh. I ignored him. He was persistent. Finally, I unlocked the door. He got in next to me and locked it again.
“What do you want?” I asked.
He smiled at me. I didn’t return his smile. “Just making sure your ok.”
“I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t.” I shot back
He frowned. “Well you’re not aware of a lot of things.” “You know until now I never realized how alone you were.”
I spun around facing him with rage. “I’m not alone. Now why don’t you get the hell out of my car?”
He smiled sadly at me. “If you need anything I’m your man.”
I continued to glare at him.
He frowned. “You can’t deny it. You need a friend.” Before I could say anything, he was gone.
I looked out the window after him. Maybe, I thought. Just maybe.
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