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True intent (Rough Draft)

Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition problems in a few pages.  « Hide author's note
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Goodbye festival

I awoke the morning of the autumnal Equinox. September 23rd, 2012 is the day. I groaned mom had planned a huge garden celebration, “el festival del sol que parte.”

The departing sun festival
Known as the night the sun god Apollo had departed from the earth for the last time. Never to be seen again. Slowly any trace of Apollo had been eliminated; the sun god had become nothing but a mythological figure of no importance in the world of mortals. Very few mortals still
this chapter is significant because this is the only holiday she had ever celebrated. This holiday symbolizes Josh gradually taking from her what little she had and also breaking apart the relationship between her and her mother. (This chapter has a few transition problems.)
believe in the gods. Athenesia’s history had been completely scattered you might know her as Athena the goddess of wisdom and war. You see athenesia was never the goddess of wisdom and war for she was too much of a troublemaker. She started fights between the gods. Brought terror to the short-lives, brought a terrifying faith upon woman, took way a part of the bull’s spirit and injected it into the souls of man. Therefore, we no longer had a pure heart, our ancestors souls were tortured driven to do wrong, lured to their deaths. Only the true and wise have survived. Though still to this day we hear, Mother Nature grieving at loss of wisdom the loss of eternity the loss of true hearts Itself. Now few wise and pure remain. The rest of the world filled with the horrors of the rebelling bull. People no longer prayed, no longer had faith for athenesia had brought doom to our world.

Then came a day for aphroditesamoria the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and desire.
That night a poem still known was written El aliento del viento occidental la aburre Sobre el mar que suena, Arriba de la espuma delicada, Chipre onda-llamado su isla. Y las Horas dorado-ceñidos Dadas la bienvenida ella gozosamente. Vestido de ellos rainment d'ella en de inmortal, Y se la trajo a los Dioses. La maravilla los agarró todo como ellos vieron Cytherea Violeta-Coronó.

The English version goes like this:

The breath of the west wind bore her
Over the sounding sea,
Up from the delicate foam,
To wave-ringed Cyprus, her isle.
And the Hours golden-wreathed
Welcomed her joyously.
They clad her in raiment immortal,
And brought her to the gods.
Wonder seized them all as they saw
Violet-crowned Cytherea.

And the famous line said to be the first words uttered by her towards mortals.
“Soy la diosa Del Amor”
They definitely got her part right any ways back to my wonderful fantastical life! At least that’s how Josh puts it. Josh’s family and my mom have gotten along very well. That rather annoys me. You see his sister lily is a nuisance, according to him anyway. The first time I saw her, my first impression was that she was some kind of bubble headed blond, I mean high heels! Why not some comfortable pair of high tops I mean seriously they might be called high-tops but some call them cumbers why call them cumbers? That’s even more absurd if there gonna Call them cumbers you might as well go around telling people you’re wearing cucumbers on your feet!
When I told Josh what I thought of cumbers he laughed no matter how many times I tried to explain that it was not funny, at the end I walked out frustrated for the only words I managed to get out of him were “nonsense Marsiella, cumbers is a noun” “yah but noun means name right? So yah cumbers is a name for cucumbers so those shoes are thief’s they stole the name and they should be locked up in some jail across the Atlantic Ocean which is also a name.” I stated pleased with myself, for some reason he found this hysterical. This caused my patience to fail me miserably causing me to storm out in a cloud of frustration.
Later on that day, I walked in to his house carrying his sweater that he had mistakenly left on my couch yesterday after he had swallowed a gallon of lion blood in one gulp. Lion blood! You might be thinking. “Lion blood!” Ok, well before you turn all purple and get all nauseous and grossed out and throw up on your mother’s kitchen table, before you do all those gruesome things that are caused by the mere mention of someone drinking lion blood, I’ll stop. All right, I’ll just get to the point. Well let me explain to you that this act of cruelness (whatever you humans call it) is nothing but vampire nature playing It’s part I mean a vampire can’t help it and without a doubt is unable to resist the temptation thrown upon them…
Hey, I mean it’s no different then you drug addicts. Vampires need blood the same way you need drugs. Except for the fact that it also relates to humans that aren’t addicted to drugs. You humans need food the same way vampires need blood. Now I hope we all have reached an understanding of how vampire nature relates to human nature. Thank you very much for boarding this flight and supporting vampire airlines. Now please be seated and make sure you are belted neatly in your coffins for if you are not we will send an assistant vampire to feed on you. I assure you that you will suffer the most aggravating nauseas pain you ever will have to suffer. Our assistant vampire will be rewarded with the sweetest blood he has ever tasted in a millennia! Thank you very much and enjoy your flight…please try not to be eaten by our newest most ferocious monsters that have been placed in the bathrooms by our assistants. Goodbye and good luck to all of you vulnerable humans.
Ok! I’m just kidding! I’m not really some announcer on some vampire plane I’m actually in my room trying to explain what my previous day consisted of! Ok… let me think. Where was I? The part where he was gulping lion blood in my kitchen. I walked into his house and found him yelling at his sister for throwing away his somewhat important kind of bike. This, according to him was kind of his bike but not his bike because he kind of had a bike. Strange…
Right, so I walked in and she saw me. For some reason she was very keen to please me by throwing a vase at his face. Now they were yelling very inappropriate things. This for some reason made no sense. Their words didn’t make sense. Which I know doesn’t make sense but that’s what happens when you’re a vampire with a sister. Also, that sister is only kind of a sister, because she’s well sadly adopted because she unfortunately had nowhere to go. and your dad who is kind of dad is well not so bright but bright cause he’s only kind of bright because well, he’s blond.
Well yah let’s get on with the tale and try not to make it a tall tale cause you’d probably never be able to reach it cause well you’re short. After that very amusing episode of tough love, I came to like her for these two reasons:
She beat the hell out of Josh ruthlessly (and managed to entertain me by kicking butt). Her way of cussing, and making no sense at the same time. Therefore, after this little scene there is no way I could deny that we would make good friends if she weren’t so annoying. I still think she should dump those horrid heels and adapt to a pair of cucumbers or as they call them cumbers or most preferably High-tops.
“Mom!” “Mom!”
Argh! Still no answer, I mean this is not like her! So not, like her! I found no other choice but to break open the door and storm into the living room. Where the volume on the TV was blasted to 100, quite oddly, the radio too. I looked around the room my eyes landing on my mom who was lying on the couch fast asleep. I broke into a fit of laughter for the sight of her hade aroused my funny bone. She awoke suddenly in shock and looked around in confusion. She stared at me, our eyes met she saw me laughing. She stared at me for a few more seconds and then joined in. clearly, she was amused by her own unexpected sense of humor.
“Hey mom! Can you like take me and Jessie shopping today?”
She was still reeling from the previous episode so it took her longer than usual to respond to my request. I started feeling a little impatient even though I enjoyed seeing my mother so happy. I mean, it’s not like she’s my adversary, right?
“Mom, no matter how much I love your positive attitude, I am not feeling so positive at this time, so if you may, please put an end to your girly giggling and answer my question!”
“Sorry sweetheart”
“Of course, but what time would you like me to take you guys there?”
I sighed in exasperation “like around 5:30.”
“Oh no! Sorry sweetheart, I’m going over to the Conners later today, they offered to let us use their backyard for the departing sun festival!”I stared my jaw dropping, I could not believe what I had just heard coming out of my mother’s mouth. I stared at her, close to tears.
“Wha... a. nooo!” I moaned, how could she do such a thing, how?
“Don’t be silly now honey they’re not that bad.”
“Excuse me; you think I’m so devastated because I think they’re terrible people! Of course there horrible people, but that is not the point!”
My mom sighed in exasperation “Then what is the point?”
“The point is that you would rather spend time with a group of people that you’ve only known for like a couple months then spend time with your daughter! I will not allow you to change the location of the festival mom! I’m tired of Conner this Conner that. The hell with the Conner’s!”
My mom stood up angrily. “Do not speak to me like that young lady now go to your room.”
I stared at her. I was so shocked and hurt and filled with betrayal that I could barely speak so I just turned and stomped back into my room. There I spent hour after hour contemplating what just happened. I thought about how my mother had always put me first. Then the conners came along and I was no longer first in line. What was so special about the conners in the first place? So what if they were nice. So am I. Well I can be, if I try. Otherwise, I must admit I have a hard time excepting others.
At last, I decided that though my mother had messed up. So had I. yes, she had done things to make me feel unwanted but I was being close-minded and refusing to even consider her thoughts and feelings about things. I was a selfish brat. There was a knock on the door.
“Marsiella, can I come in.” I frowned; I really didn’t want to talk to her. I felt like I owed her an apology, but she owed me one too.
“Come in”
She tiptoed in as though loud noise would enrage me. I was not that mean I thought. What is her problem? “I just wanted you to know that I’m leaving”
“OK” I frowned. “Is that all”
“Do your homework”
I flared up. Then I took a deep breath to calm my nerves.
“I’m sorry about the way I acted, but I don’t think you understand me anymore.”
I showed her the door.
She scowled “Thank you for the heartfelt apology though I don’t appreciate the
crude statement as much.”
I suddenly said something I had never thought or dreamed I would ever say. “I think it’s time we stop celebrating meaningless holidays” She stomped out slamming the door. I rolled around in bed and faced the wall. Closing my eyes, I fell asleep.
“Goodbye festival” was the last thing on my mind.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 15 Next »

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