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True intent (Rough Draft)

Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition problems in a few pages.  « Hide author's note
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Leaving Millroad

I would finally get my wish.
After school, I had gone straight home part of me excited about leaving boring old Millroad. The other guilty, because I knew I was hurting my mother by leaving so deliberately without a goodbye. Anyways school was not as bad as I thought it would be… it was a million times worse!
Josh had insisted on talking to me no matter how many times I told him to Get off my case! Nobody had ever ignored me for as long as I could remember. I even called him an annoying jack only to have him laugh so hard the whole class had turned looking at us with raised eyebrows. I had finally ended up slapping him hard across the face. Though later I felt so bad, I ran up to him at the end of the day and apologized for what I had done. (It was something I never had to do before.) It was embarrassing and humiliating to do the one thing that made a vampire look weak.
But the guilt had been so strong and overpowering that the words just came rushing out of my mouth. He had stared at me in surprise and looked as though he wanted to say something but whatever it was, I would never know because I had made a beeline to my car and drove off without looking back. As soon as I arrived home, I grabbed my suitcase from the closet and started throwing in the stuff I would need. A few changes of clothes, and my laptop to track my every move.
It was dark; I had exited Millroad about 3 hours ago. It was now 9:30 P.M. The moon was lighting up the night sky. That was the least of my worries. I had never thought of where I would stay. I guess with all the drama, it had passed my mind. I looked around keeping my eyes out for a hotel close by. Finally, I spotted one. In the entrance, it said The Bailing Hotel. It was a strange name but I parked in the lot anyways. There were only seven other cars parked there. “Desolate, good” I muttered to myself. Sighing I made my way towards the double doors, sticking to a Human pace in case anyone was watching. Suddenly, a hand clamped over my mouth, I tried to wrestle myself out of the iron grip,
“Shh!” Growled a voice I immediately recognized. I stayed quite as he dragged me in to an abandoned ally, when he finally let go.
I spun around and turned on him “What are you doing here” I growled.
He smiled sheepishly, “You never gave me a chance to answer you back there, so I followed you home. But before I could knock on your door, you were running out to your car with a suitcase, so out of curiosity I decided to follow you, and well here you are.”I stared at him for a minute, but quickly recovered from my Daze. I turned around and started to walk away,
“Well don't waste your breath because I don't want to hear it.”
He grabbed me by the arm, scowling, “You're very stubborn aren't you?”
“Not that it’s any of your business but yes I am.”
“Now let go of me, please.” I growled.
“No” he said, firmly.
I scowled, “And you say I'm stubborn.” I muttered, under my breath.
I stomped down on his foot; he let out yell, letting my arm go. Free of his grasp I ran for it. Reaching the hotel double doors I flung them open and stepped in, I didn't dare look back. The doors swung shut behind me. I looked around the lobby; it was dark and empty, except for—for a small lamp at the desk, it let out a dim glow. There was a little shiny bell next to it, slowly I walked up to it and rang it. At first, no one came, but when I rang the bell again I heard footsteps coming from a staircase, I froze listening to the heavy footsteps coming towards me. Though it was dark, I could see the outline of his figure. As he got closer, I noticed his eyes were a deep dark green, unlike any other. Extraordinary and unusual. He stopped at the bottom of the staircase; he stared at me for a minute confusion in his eyes. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a smile burst into his face, the kind of smile that made you forget about the dark features that were previously in his face.
I gave him my soft sad smile. Already I didn’t trust him; he looked as though he had just come out from a murky depressing world. In three long easy strides, he crossed the small space between us.
“Ah, a visitor,” “how nice,” “we haven’t had on in three weeks.”
“Lucky you” I muttered. He raised his eyebrow.
“I mean you don’t have to run back and forth, or worry about whether the people who stay overnight like their rooms or whether they’re satisfied or not.”
He nodded but the smile had already left his eyes. “Follow me miss?”
“Yes, umm,” Marsiella,” “follow me please,” he turned ushering me towards the stairs, at once I followed him easily catching up.
“Wait sir!” I exclaimed suddenly.
“How much?”
“How much for what?”
“The bill? You know for staying here!”
“Oh yes I almost forgot!” “There is no bill.”
He turned continuing to ascend the stairs, “Follow me please,”
I scowled, shaking my head eying him cautiously, when suddenly the door flew open.
I spun around; it was Josh, “why do you keep following me?” I yelled.
He scowled, “I came to warn you. If you haven't noticed, he's not human; he's a Midnighter trying to lure you into a trap.”
I blinked, turning back to the green-eyed person, I frowned, “Is this true?” I asked.
He shook his head franticly, “No of course not” “I don't know what this young man is speaking of!” He exclaimed.
I frowned, now beginning to retreat. I no longer felt being here was such a good idea. “You know what?” “I change my mind; I'll just go home after all.”
I turned reaching for the door, and that’s when it happened. There was a loud boom. Suddenly, the door exploded in flames. Josh reached out, grabbing me by the waist, and throwing us out of the way.
I jumped up in shock, and spun around glaring at the green-eyed midnighter As he made his way towards us. I had never seen a midnighter before. I grabbed the 94pm silencer fire gun out of my pocket, and fired at him. As the bullet sped towards him, it hit him in the shoulder. He fell to ground withering in pain.
Josh grabbed my wrist yelling, “We have to get out the buildings on fire!”
“Then hurry!” I yelled back, “Kick the wall down!”
He charged at the wall, slamming himself against it, there was a loud crack as the wall fell out and crumbled to pieces.
“Let’s go!” he grabbed my hand and we ran to the parking lot. He opened the passenger door to my car literally shoving me in. He slammed it shut, and got into the driver’s seat. He turned on the engine, drove out of the parking lot, getting back on the road. We were quiet for 10 min, stuck in an awkward silence. Suddenly I remembered my suitcase was still there. After a minute or two of thinking about turning back, I decided they were dispensable.
“Um, Josh,” I squirmed uneasily in my seat,
“Yes?” he replied
“Thanks for saving my life,”
He beamed, “Aah, it was nothing; I mean that’s the way it supposed to go right,”
“You know, princess gets mad at the prince, she runs of, gets herself in trouble, he comes, saves her, Takes her home, and happily ever after, right?” he grinned absentmindedly.
“I’m not your princess,” I growled
“Whatever,” he smirked rolling his eyes. I shook my head, falling back in my seat exasperated, this is definitely going to be a long year, I sighed…
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 15 Next »

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