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True intent (Rough Draft)

Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition problems in a few pages.  « Hide author's note
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The Conners

I fell asleep,
I was running. What from? I have no idea. All
I knew was my life depended on it.
A thick mist surrounded me. It was
impossible for me to see. I had no clue where I
Was. Wherever I was my powers didn't
Work. Being deprived of my powers left me
empty inside, Lost, and alone. Blinded
By the mist, I had no clue how I would go on.
One part of me screamed for me to stop.
The other part told me “keep going!” I tripped and
Fell on a hard surface. It was cold. And smooth. I
tried getting up but something seemed to be
holding me down. I kicked, attempting to release myself
from the bone-crushing grip. Slowly I turned my head
My neck screamed with effort. What I saw was worse
Than death Itself, I let out a blood-curling scream...

I awoke gasping for air. This was the seventh time
I had had this dream. Still, it always seemed so
real, so painful. I turned in bed looking at my lava
Alarm clock. It read 5:00 AM. I groaned. I still had
two more hours before I had to get ready for my so
called First day at Millroad High. I jumped out of bed.
There was no way I was about to lie in bed for the
Next two hours. I dragged myself to the shower.
Only three Hours of sleep again. How I manage to
remain in the Continuous World is a mystery.

In the shower, the warm water did It’s job. As soon as I was
back in my room, I was
fully awake. I kneeled down and groped underneath the bed,
pulling out my tennis shoes. Quickly, I slipped them on.
I walked to my window; pushed it open. Cautiously I
climbed out, using the ladder I had hung up there
to get down. I landed softy with no more than a light tap.
Without making a sound, I walked off towards’ the path that
led right into the forest. I walked slowly, trying to avoid the tree
branches’ that got in my way. I got to the tree I was looking for.
Quickly I climbed to what I called the second floor. I sat down on my favorite

Branch. Sighing, I looked up at the dark sky. Dreamily,
I wondered what it would be like to get out of Millroad Valley.
When I first moved here with my mother, It’s beauty was
Intoxicating, breathtakingly beautiful, and inspiring.
Now I no longer catch my breath when I looked down at it.
No delicious Tingle, Just a sort of boredom, a longing to leave, to see
the world from another point of view. That sense of longing

was stronger than ever now as I sat staring out at the
Inky darkness of the night sky, the only thing in Millroad Valley
That I found intoxicating. It was like listening to the sweet
sound of Debussy. It gave me a calm feeling. Forgetting every
problem in the world, it emptied me of everything
that bothered me and replaced it with relief. The snapping
of a branch brought me back to my senses. I froze, turning
my senses up to full power. That is an ability I had, being a
Protector of evil. You call us vampires. When you hear the

Word vampire you might be thinking, Impossibly beautiful
, Creatures, blood drinkers, monsters, and freaks. Well, you have
the impossibly beautiful part right. Though there are quite a
Few nobody’s in this town. We're also impossibly fast
and strong. We only feed on animal blood. We call ourselves
the impeccable beings. Unlike most vampires, my kind are more
Humane than others. And we are civilized. Suddenly I heard

I sat there, still as a statue, barely breathing, I watched as
a boy about the age of 18 make his way through the
Forest. He wasn’t one of those curious human beings. I was certain
Of that one thing.

I could not know what he was thinking. Unless I knew his name, there
was no way of seeing any information about him in my head. That
is another ability of mine. It helps me figure out whether or not
some people were dangerous to my kind. Silently I descended the tree.
I jumped the last ten feet, and landed lightly on the ground. From
the distance, I could see a slightly muscular figure coming toward me.
I frowned he was quite different from the vampires here. I walked
up to him, as he got nearer.
“Hello!” He said smiling; I didn't return his smile,
“Are you new here?” I asked
“Yup, I just moved in three days ago”, he Grinned.
“Where are you staying?” I asked with amusement from his enthusiastic mood.
“My father bought the empty LockHeart mansion” He grinned.
“Oh”, I muttered, unsurprised. “Then you must be Dr.Connors son Josh,” I said unsurprised. “I heard about you, you now?”
He raised his eyebrow, “so I guessing I’m the temporary subject of this town”
He was starting to get on my nerve; I had never enjoyed the company of others. Perhaps I never will. “I wouldn’t say temporary,” I muttered enjoying the irritated Look that mustered up.
“Apparently, you’re popular already”
“Is that true, it’s funny how just the other day I was known as the annoying jack” he said, amused now.
“Is that all?” I stared at him,
“What?” He smiled, “I was kind of wondering what you thought”
“Well how can I think of someone I don’t know?”
“True, so now that you know me…”
I cut him off, “As you might have noticed, I’m not a very talkative person so if you’ll excuse me I really have to get back to doing nothing”
“Well you seem to be talking to me” he grinned, “does that make me special?”
“No, it just makes you one of the few strangers I have talked to in the few years that I’ve lived.” I said threateningly.
He raised his eyebrow, “Am I annoying you?”
I nodded “Ya think!”
“Then I'll just leave if that’s what you want.” He looked a little disappointed.
“And don't come here this early again!” I called after Him.
He turned raising his eyebrows, “Why not?”
“Do I you have to ask?” I said even further irritated than I was 10 minutes ago.
“Whatever,” he grinned, “I'll be sure to keep away from here then; Of course, I don't want to be the one to be hated on by the queen of green!” He Grinned. “See you around!”He turned to leave again,
“I am not the queen of green!” I called after him. And when I was sure he was gone.
I climbed up the tree once again. I was confused not because of how I managed to talk to some weird person after I had promised to stay away from my kind. But because of the fact that I was unable to read his mind, it was strange. I had always been capable of reading the minds of the ones around me. I had a feeling that he had noticed that. Suddenly I had this crazy urge run after him and ask him.
I couldn't stand it when people got in my way like that. It was humiliating. I knew I had to leave this town. I had to get as far as possible from the people here. I could live among the humans. I had always been told that I was more human then vampire. It would break mom’s heart. But I had no other choice; I had to leave without saying goodbye. I couldn't face my mom. It would be too hard. It would be easier just to walk away quietly. She might be sad but she knows I can take care of myself. I descended slowly down the tree. Landing on the ground, I made my way home. As fast as I could I climbed ladder up to my bedroom window. I slipped in as quietly as I could. Slipping off my shoes, I climbed into bed and sighed, no More Millroad for me. I knew one thing for sure. Tomorrow I was leaving. I would not be coming back. For who knows how long? I closed my eyes then and fell into a dreamless sleep for the first time in my life. I unlike other vampires could sleep. That is because I was born part vampire.
My dad had died 5 years ago. He was killed while attempting to save me from the division Government. They were certain that I was a threat to all vampires. They would go over the limits to keep human separated from vampire. They had made a deal that either him or I had to die. He had taken my place in the fire and had been burned to a crisp. It was like a horror movie; I could remember it clearly like it was just yesterday. Sometimes I still hear my mom crying. The alarm clock rang at 7:00. I turned in bed groping for it finally my Hand found it and I pressed the button, the wailing siren of the alarm stopped.
I sighed. Well, I thought, I’ll just have to torture myself for one more day and tomorrow I'll be out of Millroad valley for, well who knows how long? I got Out of bed and slowly got dressed; I walked into my bathroom taking my time brushing my teeth and my hair.
I grabbed my backpack on the way out the door. Stepping out into the green
Scenery I took a large intake of air. The moist Valley air felt good on my face. I sighed heavily, just another ordinary day in Millroad Valley. I walked up to my car. It was parked in the driveway. I unlocked it and got in; starting the engine, I drove off towards the school. During my drive to school, I looked out the window contemplating the green scenery. This would be the last time I would see the luscious green fields, the wild forests, the stormy black roses, and the magnificent locust mountains. Never the less, there was one good thing about leaving here...
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 15 Next »

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