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True intent (Rough Draft)

Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My Novel is not yet completed and is only a rough draft so you could expect typos and transition problems in a few pages.  « Hide author's note
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It was silent. The room was dark. The only motion was the motion made by shivering and shaking men. The room as filled with sweat and a deep sense of dread was going thru everyone that was there. Even he was shaking. He, josh that was going to overthrow the master. It was so unfortunate that the one person he wanted to get rid of was the one person he feared most. The cold of the room was far beyond the temperatures he preferred. This cold was too cold. This room was too dark, too silent. Why couldn’t
I am not finished with this chapter yet.
someone speak. Why did they all have to whimper and tremble in fear when the only thing the master had not even entered the room yet? Was it really necessary. Well, he had to admit not many in the clan had managed to do well or complete their missions. And he was a part of that majority. He too should be shivering instead of keeping his dread to himself.
But hiding his fears made him stronger than the others. Which meant once he was in control they would respect him and think back to the days when he had been one of them. They would remember his unfaltering courage and think him worthy of his position. a small smile crawled into his lips as he thought about this nearing day. He didn’t have to be afraid, he had a schedule, he had a deadline, and that deadline wasn’t anywhere near today. As the Spanish would say “Es lejos de aqui.” he looked around the table his eyes landing on Tryst, he was probably the most frightened dark one at the table today. It was quite evident that he was sweat ing threw his cloak. How was that even possible? The guy was a coward and hunter with no skill and no backup plan let alone a plan. He was the worst of the worst. It came as such a shock to him every meeting when he wasn’t taken. Instead someone that normally was successful but failed once was taken. It was getting to all the others and they were all suspicious of him.
Did the mast place him there to spy on them? Then why was he so nervous? Maybe it was all just an act. A way to rid them of any suspicions and stop them finding out the truth. Turning away from Tryst, he turned his attention to George. He was scared to but not as scared as Tryst. George had a habit of messing up but he was always known for his ability to solve problems and fix his own mistakes so quickly you didn’t even know they he mad the mistake in the first place. The master had a habit of forgiving him but that didn’t stop everyone from waiting for the when he’d finally be fed up and decide to get rid of him and his “mistakes”. He put his head down on the table waiting for the master to make his presence known. He was taking longer than usual. He was never late before. something must have happened to stall him. he hoped the meeting would be cancelled. He didn’t feel like facing him today. But the master showed up after all. he first sensed him when the rooms temperature began to get colder. Then he heard a feint sound that told him the master was getting closer and closer. When the master finally entered the room the room had grown so cold everyone was numb. There was no shivering nor were there whimpers, only silent fear.
The sound of the master voice pierced the air and sent shivers threw his body. “So, I see Crease decided not to join us today.” He said letting everyone know not to expect him to join us next time either. He hadn’t noticed him here last time either, the master had flaws after all. the room was silent as the masters gaze hovered over us. We couldn’t see his eyes but we knew somewhere behind that hood they were scanning over us searching for any sign of weakness. “So, Tryst you fail once more. What is this the fifth time since you’ve been here?” Tryst whimpered. the master then turned to George. “Let me guess another accident? You really have habit of doing that don’t you?” George put his head down but made no sound. Maybe he was the spy. The master whipped his head towards me all of a sudden. “Josh!” he exclaimed his voice sharp cutting through the room like a knife. “I heard you killed a taxi driver yesterday.” He stated. Josh jumped his head snapping up. how had he found out about that? “One of my people ran into your little maid burying the body in woods. He clenched is hands. “How did that Happen?” the master was asking him a question, he had never done that in meetings before.
“Um,” he gulped, what was he going to say? He couldn’t tell him that he had killed the guy because his voice was annoying. That would make the master think him irresponsible and one that couldn’t be trusted. He had no choice but to tell the truth. “He would stop shut up and I kind of lost control and yah,” he whispered putting his head down. He heard the others snickering.
“SILENCE!” the master yelled slamming his fist down on the table. “Since when did you kill people because they couldn’t shut their mouths?” the master tilted his head. “Certainly you know better than to do such a thing as that?”
“I’m sorry sir,” he whispered wishing he could sink into the floor and disappear.
“Oh, don’t apologize to me. apologize to the guys family that now has gone from five to four. Wouldn’t you be sad if you had to grow up with no father because some idiot thought it would be ok to kill him because he talked too much.” He gulped,
“Was he going to pick him this time? Had he really messed up that bad?” he felt his palms begin to sweat and his hands began to shake. “don’t fear, I recall doing the same thing when I was young and wild.” He turned from him, addressing the room as whole now. “So, who will be the one to leave us today? Other than Crease of course,” the master scanned the room. “Will it be Tryst who can’t seem to get anything done,” Tryst gulped. “Or, Josh who’s best excuse for killing someone is they wouldn’t stop talking.” Josh could feel the masters eyes lingering on him. “How about George you has a habit of making mistakes.” He was silent for a while as he determined who would be punished and exiled this week. “Tryst!” he exclaimed and abruptly turned on his heel leaving the room.
Josh let go of his breath. He sighed in relief. The master had not picked him. tryst after was not a spy but a victim of the master. He got up slowly and looked around him. there were only a few of them left, he smiled to himself. Soon those few would be his victims not the masters. Smiling to himself he made his way out of the room using a small door placed on the ceiling instead of the one the master used. This door was built for the dark ones the door that led to supposedly many halls was only for the master to use. The master of course, and his “people”. He had always wondered who “his people” were. He wondered if there really were such a thing as his people. As far as he could see, the master didn’t need people. He had everything he ever wanted let alone needed. His powers were limitless so he could do what ever he wanted by himself. In fact, he was so powerful he could conquer a whole universe with so much as a snap of a finger.
He had the power every greedy soul in the universe craved even the so called wise craved the kind of power he had. The master was hiding something, and soon, he would know what that something was. The small ceiling door opened up to a vast landmark that had nothing but dead trees and grass surrounding it. it would have been reffered to as a valley if there were living trees. in fact, it used to be a beautiful valley filled with rich lotus flowers and trees resembling those found in tropical areas. He remembered the first time he had come here. The place had been a natural paradise. He didn’t know if it was the cold or just bad carma that had entered it but by the second week, every tree that had been there had died. The only sign of life left were a few blades of grass and a few flowers that looked more like shrivled sticks than flowers. Soon afterward they too disappeared.
He watched as the others followed him suit. They went of towards the north. He had parked his car in the south so that he didn’t have to put up with their senseless talk about how great the master was and who would be next to leave them.
“Hey Josh!” he turned at the sound of Georges voice calling to him.
“What,” he really didn’t feel like involving himself in a conversation with Mr. always doing it right.
“Where you going?” he asked throwing his arms up in the air.
“My car,” he replied and turned away speeding up his pace. He could feel the other guys watching him as he hurried away. he hated them, he really hated them. They thought all of this was a game, that this was no different then a game of chess. They were wrong. this was not a game, this was real life. And if they wanted chess, they might as well go back to high school and join the chess club. Humph, gosh he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them and rip them apart. He’d show them the true definition for game. The word game was misleading in this kind of situation. The word game was used only to drive the players in the wrong direction. And by the time they realized it wasn’t game it would be too late. he got into his car grinning and full of confidence. He was probably the only one in the clan that had any clue what this really was, the only one that was meant to succeed. Not because he was the strongest, and smartest, but because he was the wisest. He was always a few steps ahead of the rest. Sometimes they caught up to him but he always managed to outrun them in the end.
Starting up the engine he drove out of the valley and towards the motel where he would place a few cameras so that he could keep track of everything Marsiella was doing. Then he would go home and confront Rose with the truth then force the name out of her and maybe even force her to make a call and convince her friend to come here and work with him. she was already frightened enough so there was a chance she would give up the name with little or no hesitation at all. he would keep her with him for the few weeks following his overtaking of the master then he would dispose of her and feed her friend a few fibs about where she was. He thought this through in the few hours’ drive it took him to get to the hotel. When he pulled into the parking lot, he was certain of what he was going to do.
This time he walked around the hotel instead of straight into it. he would have to figure out which cameras would just see him and which cameras would actually identify him. after walking around for half an hour and taking a measure of his chances of getting in and out with out being spotted he finally had a clear idea of how he would carry out the task of getting gin and placing hidden cameras in her room. there were only seven cameras total around the building and two positioned in the front of the store behind the hotel. only four out of the nine cameras were in use. Two of them belonged to the store behind the hotel and two of them belonged to the hotel itself. luckily for him, one camera showed only the front entrance and the other showed only the parking lot. The ones on the building behind the hotel showed the back of the hotel and that wasn’t good. That meant he would have to find a way to get in from the side of the building not the back. but that would make it harder for him to get into Marsiella’s room.
“Excuse me, but what do you think your doing back here?” Josh turned calmly facing a man dressed in a police uniform.
“Nothing, just looking around.” The expression on his face was doubtful. “I’m planning on opening a shop in that deserted parking lot next to here. Just figuring out if it would be the best place to put you know, don’t want to cause disturbances.” The words “Opening a shop” seemed to have disarmed the officer of any suspicions.
“Well, then do all the looking around you want.” He smiled at him. “I hope your business succeeds.” With that, the officer turned and headed back inside the hotel. gosh these people were so easy to fool. They hear one thing, just one thing they like and yours suddenly the good guy. He couldn’t believe they actually called themselves cops. Cops weren’t supposed to be like that. they were supposed to know the difference between truth an lies. But they didn’t. they only knew how to be byst. They didn’t care about what was true or what wasn’t. as long as they got something good out of it they were ok with it even if it mant letting an innocent being die. He was ok with it for now as long as it meant they wouldn’t get in the way of his mission. When he was in control they would have to live up to expectations and act under strict rules.
There would be no such thing as cutting corners anymore, just keeping them glued together. He walked back to the parking lot to get his thing. Looking around he saw no sign of Marsiella’s car. Maybe he should make sure just in case. Dropping the equipment back into the trunk he went inside the hotel. he asked the hotels desk clerk if Marsiella had checked out. aftere going threw a few files on his computer he nodded and turned busying himself with someone else. Curling his hands into fists he stomped out angrily getting into his car slamming the door. how could he have let this happen? How had he allowed her to slip out of his grip. He had to find out where where she was before it was too late. he drove ruthlessly to her house. When he got there he found nothing. Driving back to the house he stormed in angrily. “Rose!” “Rose!” where was she?
“Yes,” she came out of the kitchen holding a cup of steaming coco. “I need you to find Marsiella!” he said knocking the cup out of her hands when she hesitated. She jumped back in shock and ran up the steps to the room he’d given her so that she could track al his people for him. storming into the kitchen he dropped down on a stool and put his head down. “argh, he growled to himself.” What had he done this time. Nothing seemed to go his way anymore, it was failure after failure. He should have stayed at the hotel and kept an eye on her. now it was too late and if Rose didn’t manage to find her he would have once again have to start over and search town after town for her. she could be anywhere. What if she moved halfway around the country? She could be in asia by now. How long had he left her alone? What ten hours? Just as he was beginning to panic, Rose came down to the kitchen with good news. She had found her. Marsiella had switched hotels in the morning. She now resided in a small cheaper hotel downtown. What was she doing there?
What did that matter? All that mattered now was that he hadn’t lost track of her and that was good enough. Quickly he left the house getting back into his car and drove downtown searching for small hotel. what was it called? The lotus motel or something. That seemed a strange name for a motel located so deep in the one part of Millroad that was filled with nothing but scum and bums. Finally he found it. it’s looks couldn’t match it’s name which was completely misleading. He rolled his eyes. What was it with people these days always exaggerating. When he saw the large billboard sign above it, he figured it once was a great place to be. Going in he cringed at the terrible smell scrunching his nose. It was like a mixture of stale cigarettes and pee. What was she doing her? He wondered. How could she prefer a stinky place like this to a fancy clean hotel? Maybe it was just a money issue. He had of course cut her only money source from her life right. There was no way he would have trouble setting up surveillance here. There was no desk clerk here, only a clipboard with a list of people that stayed here. It didn’t take long to find her name on the list there were only five total. Maybe that’s why she chose to come here, there were less people which meant more privacy.
He felt relived when he left the hotel. it was the worst place he’d ever been, and the most ugliest. Getting into his car he thought about how he would get into her room. there weren’t many ways to get in. the place barely had any windows and most of the ones it did have were boarded up or cracked. He didn’t feel like going in there again. he would have to get Rose to convince her to come and stay at his house. He would have to find somewhere else to stay but that wouldn’t be too hard. Plus, at least with her at his house he wouldn’t have to worry about her leaving. The only problem was where he would put her mother. If he left her in the basement she would realize that her daughter was there and make a mess out of everything. He sat in the car for a while pondering on the issue. He couldn’t move her in fear of someone seeing him and raising the alarm. Maybe he could drug her and put her in a box? He would have to do it eight hours before Marsiella ever made her way there. The only drug he had left took that long to get into ones system and in would take it half an hour for it to actually work. God, the master always made it his obligation to provide them with the worst supplies ever.
He smiled to himself. The master was really on to something. The idea of making us work with our hands and minds and teach us not to relay on modern science was pretty creative. The might just be one of the only things he would inherit from the master. That would help him when it came to figuring out who were worthy enough to work for him and who could pose as a possible threat to him. driving out of the parking lot he drove back to the house. It was quiet, the only sound he could here was a whimpering and groaning sound coming from downstairs. He sat down on a stool in the kitchen trying to ignore it and enjoy it at the same time. He frowned suddenly realizing a pattern of his. Why was it that every time he came to the house the first thing he did was go to the kitchen. it was almost like a habit or something. Except this time it was bad. He had always felt most comfortable in the kitchen. it was like the one place where all his problems couldn’t reach him. Like a shield or something.
It was really early in the morning and Rose was still out shopping for some things he needed. When she got back he would finally get around to asking her about the friend. Then he would have her bring Marsiella over here. While she was still out he might as well get to moving MRS. CLEVE. Getting up from the stool he went downstairs going into the little room he had left her in. grabbing the needle out of the little medical cabinet he kept down there for reasons like this he filled it up with the last drop of anesthetic no. one. It was the oldest anesthetic in the world. In fact it was the first to ever be invented. Going up to her he kneeled down on his knees ignoring her cowardly whimpers and pleas. “Now, don’t be alarmed, its not going to hurt as much as you think it is.” He flashed her a smile letting her know she was about to experience the worse pain then she could ever fathom. Still grinning he poked the needle into her flesh and injected her with the liquid. She screamed withering in pain.
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