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The Battle for the Eastern Gate

Kaysie stood with his arms crossed. His garbs danced wildly in the wind from a strong westward front. He was at the peak of a small volcanoe situated in a small uninhabited island off the coast of China. Although China was far from sight he was able to gaze past the vast span of water and see the coast clearly; he was a reaper after all. He watched in interest as the clouds parted above Hong Kong and angelic warriors began to descend from the heavens. The humans were too shocked to do anything but stare in awe. Kaysie looked on further; on the Chinese mainland Pride and his troops, 100,000 strong, were already engaging small forces of Angels.

The Undead Overlord Corps was possibly the most elite of the undead forces, next to the Undead Guard of course. They were all very large demons; easily twice the height of any angel. They wore helmets and armor in the fashion of samurai; yet still one could barely tell it was so for the armor still had a demonic look to it. There armor was clad in black and was thick and long. Their faces were concealed by black clothes, their faces were dark shadows, their eyes were glowering blue, red, or gold. Each carried a demonic pair of daisho blades. Depending on the rank they also carried a spear, naginata, or no-dachi. They knew no emotion other than anger and would express it by fighting; for they had no voice boxes. They were silent killers, but followed each order they were given valiantly.

Kaysie watched as Pride led the front line against the first assaulting angels. Due to the way Demons fought Pride would be in for a long campaign as a general. Demons would follow their captains anywhere; and their captains would follow the commanding reaper anywhere. With that said all they knew was to follow wherever their commander went; one could not simply yell “charge” then sit back and watch the show. It was always “follow me” and if the general lost faith and turned tail to run; although his troops felt no fear they too would turn their backs to the enemy and follow their commander, resulting in the slaughter of that army. It was this way for all troops in hell not just the Reaper’s forces. The reason that the Reaper’s forces became so strong, well known, and feared was because they had some of the best trained commanders. Reapers were a hardcore class of demon; and Pride was proving that as he led his troops.

Kaysie nodded his approval; however he was never all too concerned about Pride. Pride was a strong willed man and was a thousand and fifty-two years old; he had been commanding for a long time, despite his young looks he was pretty old. The reason Kaysie was at his current position was because during his round trip to each of the 72 contested hot zones he sensed a good reason to wait at the one he was now at. Each hot zone was actually descending points for the Angels forces. As Kaysie came upon this one he sensed an amassing aura of Angels above the clouds; he assumed a battalion sized contingent of angels would be descending soon to try and join the fight. Kaysie would not allow that; wiping out a battalion would be a good start to his campaign. Kaysie continued his prospect of Pride’s engagement.

Kaysie’s eyes slowly moved up towards the cloud line above him as he turned around. The thick clouds dispersed and the frontline of an angel battle formation appeared before the king. They had adequate armor however none possessed a helmet. Each had a long spade shaped shield and carried nimble looking swords. Kaysie stood unwavered. Higher ranked foot soldiers; Kaysie thought as the angels descended.

“The Dark king?”

“It’s the lord of Fear.”

“My goodness…”

Kaysie could sense the fear emitting from his enemies; to this he grinned. As the rest of the Angels descended they touched the ground on the field below Kaysie at the summit of the volcanoe. Looks more like an entire brigade; Kaysie thought to himself.

“Do not fear this fool; we are blessed by God himself. No blade of darkness shall do us harm!” Shouted a man with long white hair and silver armor. Kaysie assumed he was the commanding officer. He flashed up behind the man who turned to him with wide eyes.

“Well I suppose it’s a good thing that this is the blade of a demon.” Kaysie stated as he reached for his blade. The man before him brought his shield up to guard his chest; as Kaysie drew his blade he cut through the man’s shield as if it were butter. The angel stared at Kaysie with fear in his eyes. “Convinced?” Kaysie asked as the rest of the angels converged on him. The young king cut the man before him in half as he ran past him. A second angel charged for him and Kaysie paid little attention to her as he ducked low then brought the demonic blade through her legs sending the female angel screaming as she fell to the ground. Kaysie stood upright then shrugged his shoulders and popped his neck. The angels surrounded the mighty king; there was a mixture of anger and worry emitting from them.

Kaysie’s dark red eyes narrowed as he looked left then right; moving only his pupils and not turning his head an inch. “Now then,” Kaysie started as he pointed his blade forward, “Line up, I shall start with those in front of me first.” Before an angel could say any words in defiance Kaysie flashed forwards as he cut through five with pure momentum. The king moved around spinning, flipping, ducking, and dodging; however, with every move he made he cut through at least two angels. Kaysie’s movements were cool and fluid and he seemed like an unstoppable force as he slaughtered this large contingent of angelic warriors.

“Three hours have passed.”

As Kaysie spoke the words he sheathed his sword and walked forwards.

“All have fallen to my blade.”

The king looked to his left as he stepped over a carcass.

“Yet you have survived; and all you do is cower.”

Kaysie stopped in front of a female angel. She was lying on the ground propped up by her elbows, staring into the dark kings red eyes. Fear was written all over the young angels face; Kaysie sighed. She had long blonde hair and deep blue eyes, the more Kaysie looked at the girl the more he saw Amy in his mind. Kaysie closed his eyes briefly then opened them; the girl was still sitting there. Kaysie nodded as he walked closer towards her. “You know I’m not a monster. You should leave now.” Kaysie said as he walked past her and gazed back over at Pride and his troops, still in combat. Kaysie turned his head around slightly as he looked back at the girl picking herself up from the ground.

“Thank you.” She said as she picked up her shield. Kaysie faced forwards once more after giving her a nod of his head. “My name is Summer; I believe that my commanders will be pleased to hear of the mercy that you are showing me.” The girl spoke.

“That’s fine and all; just don’t let me catch you flying around when I show up to another battlefield.” Kaysie replied; the girl bowed. Kaysie began to laugh as he turned to her. “You’re alright for an angel.” Kaysie said as the girl looked up at him; she paused then asked, “May I ask your name; mighty king?”

“You don’t already know it? I am the Third King of Darkness, Lord Fear the Unforgiving.” Kaysie stated; Summer bowed again.

“Your actual name; mighty king.” said Summer; still bowing. Kaysie looked at her for a moment then stated, “Kaysaan Hiroji.” Summer bowed even lower.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She said as she looked up; Kaysie turned around and continued watching the fight near the Eastern Gate. Summer stood upright.

“I have a friend.”

“If he or she is lying on this field, then I have no words to say to you.”

“No; actually he is a reaper.”

Kaysie turned to Summer at the statement. She looked down as she said, “Give Wolf Setaki my regards; tell him I miss him.”

Kaysie nodded as Summer sprouted her wings; they weren’t near as large as Kaysie’s, but they still looked quite majestic. She took to the sky leaving the king standing around the bodies of her fallen comrades.
Kaysie turned around and looked across to the gate once more. Pride and his troops were now making camp; bodies of angels lay in a field before them. “Interesting.” Kaysie said as he turned then walked away.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7

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