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The First King

“If I shall fall to his blade; my only wish is that you protect my son.”

“Shut up Ryuusuuke.”

“I’m serious Ryan.”

“I told you not to address me by that name!” Death shouted atop his throne. The first king looked up at his young lord. Death looked away from him; Ryuusuuke was like a father to him, and yet no one could change the way Death acted.


“Be silent; you shall return.” Ryan stated as he finally looked at the forty-six year old First King in the eye. Ryuusuuke’s bangs were long and wild and his side burns fell well past his shoulders; his hair flowed down past his shoulders near his hips.

“Of course.” Ryuusuuke replied with a low bow…



Ryan swung his scythe around wide as he cut three angels in half.


Aya’s cries could be heard all throughout the battlefield. It was an agonizing cry that pierced Ryan’s eardrums. “DAMMIT!” Ryan shouted as he morphed his scythe into its nimble blade form. He surged forwards cutting down friend and foe alike. In his rage he had only one objective; reach the nursery where Ryuusuuke and Aya were protecting their newborn son.

The area around Ryuusuuke’s mansion was a raging chaos with a swirl of Reaper and Angel forces battling frantically in the fields around the large house set atop a mountain in a vast forest. There were no battle lines of which officers commanded there units into attack, there was no Undead Overlord Corps, no Femmes Arcani, and no Reavers of Torment.
The Reapers forces were an inexperienced army and in the chaos of forces mixed in a wild battle they were getting slaughtered; but that was not what concerned Ryan. His only focus was reaching his friend and holding to his promise.

As Ryan regained himself his motions became more controlled and he again aimed only for the angels that swarmed around mixed in the crowd of warriors. After realizing their lord had regained his senses a group of the nearest Undead Guard formed on him. Of the Reaper forces the Undead Guard were the only reliable troops and they were proving to be a challenge for the ancient angel forces; twelve of these men and women, each with elaborately detailed masks, now accompanied their lord on his assault. As they surged forward with Ryan at their center leading them up towards the mansion the thirteen soon clashed with the members of the Heaven’s Elite. “We shall take them my lord.” Said the man to Ryan’s right as he and five others sprinted in front of the formation and began to clear a path. “The rest of you aid them!” Ryan shouted as the men and women to his left passed before the other group and continued to open a path. Ryan dug his blade through an angel’s neck as he kept up his pace; all the while Aya’s screams could be heard.

An angel sank his blade into a female guard; she turned to see Ryan approaching her way. She sank her blade into the Angel; who shrieked with pain. She held her foe down as Ryan lunged over them; he looked down at her then nodded his approval. All throughout the chaotic field the Undead Guard were relayed the image of the sacrifice Ryan just saw; he believed it would motivate them to fight on a bit more. The act did far more than that. Soon Ryan could hear the shouts of Undead Guard officers calling platoons together and organizing the lesser beings in the army to ranks. The forces of the undead began a renewed assault; in order to aid their lord in saving their king.

Ryan jumped through a window and upon entry to the mansion he was met by the sight of the Archangel, Lansona. He was a massive man with thick white and gold armor that covered him head to toe. His helmet bore a mighty golden cross set between two white wings; a white cloth flowed from the back of his helm. Within his hands was a mighty golden battle axe. Before him was Ryuusuuke; his long black hair flowed with a passing breeze. The ends of his garbs shifted in the wind. In his right hand he held his blade with a tight grip, in his left arm rested the beautiful Aya. Her long black hair covered her face; however just by looking at her Ryan could tell she was dead. Dammit I didn’t even notice her stop shouting; Ryan thought as he tore through the angel’s that stood before him.

Ryuusuuke’s dark red eyes glared up at the Archangel. “Ryuusuuke!” Ryan shouted as Ryuusuuke gently set down the body of his dead wife and rose to his feet.

“Ryan, my son is still in the nursery.” Ryuusuuke said with a soft voice; however the words seemed to enter Ryan’s ears with extreme weight. To this Ryan nodded; he ran past the angels, striking any that neared him, as he ran up a flight of stairs.

The First King pointed his blade at the Archangel. “Well then shall we begin?” Asked the great angel as he brought his axe into both his hands. Ryuusuuke closed his eyes; he focused his mental energy towards his eyes. As he opened them he released a seal that allowed immense energy to flow from his body. Streaks of red shot out from Ryuusuuke’s pupils to the rims of his irises. “Yungai Kussen.” He proclaimed as he prepared for his first strike.

As Ryan entered the nursery a large group of Undead guards surrounded the inside battling off any angel that dare step foot near the king’s only heir. As they saw their lord they made a small gap of which Ryan charged through. The wall of elite guards was closed and a second group converged on the nursery to aid in their lord’s defense. Ryan looked down at the tiny baby that lay peacefully within its crib. He sheathed his sword then gently picked up the baby and wrapped him in a white cloth. He held the child close to him. “Come now!” Ryan yelled.

The group of twenty-three guards surrounded Ryan as they moved out of the nursery and back into the hallway. There was a large hole torn in the wall behind them. “We must make haste my lord; the units securing our escape route will not be able to hold much longer.” Spoke a female guard; to this Ryan nodded. He turned around to see Ryuusuuke and Lansona in heated combat. Noticing her lords concern the guard stated, “My platoon and I shall assist our king.” Without hesitation the guard and six others ran towards Ryuusuuke’s side. Ryan nodded then made eye contact with Ryuusuuke. He saw his lips move; but couldn’t hear the words he spoke, however he thought that he said, “Protect Daisuke.” Ryan nodded towards his friend, mentor, and co-lord. He then turned and retreated with the remaining group that surrounded him. They soon regrouped with a large contingent of the army; a rear guard was formed by a brigade of large demons lead by two Undead Guardsmen, they held back the angels as the rest of the army withdrew into a large portal. After the portal was closed the remaining troops were at a major disadvantage; however their confidence was restored when they saw the archangel thrown fifteen meters through the air outside of the mansion and their king flash before his remaining troops. A cheer rose. “My king!” Was shouted many times by multiple demons. Ryuusuuke turned towards the still chaotic swirl of remaining demons and angels. The top of his garbs was torn and on his chest was a horizontal cut that blood trickled down from. His eyes were still shining red with fierce lightning strikes within them. “Now then; this is our last stand!” The first king shouted as he charged forwards; with the two undead guardsmen flanking him and the group of large demons at his back.

Ryan sat atop his throne. “It’s been three months.” He said aloud as he gazed down at Daisuke nestled in a crib made of skeletons. “Word has reached my ears of your last stand. You were a mighty king…Ryuusuuke.” Daisuke turned in his sleep. Ryan walked down from his throne and stood beside the crib. He covered the small child with his blanket. “I shall raise this child as if he were my own; however I will raise him with the knowledge of his great father.” Ryan said as his teal eyes were filled with sincerity as he gazed down at the parentless baby that slept before him. “Daisuke Numigori; you are the Second King of Darkness.”

Death was startled out of his memory from the sight of a female guardsman bowing before him. “My lord you’re revealing your human form for the first time in a while.” The woman spoke. Her hair was a deep black that shimmered under the light. Her bangs were long, her sideburns fell down past her chest, the back of her hair was so long that it rested on the ground behind her. Death stood up; as he neared her she bowed her head. Ryan knelt down before the woman as he placed his hands on her arms and motioned her to stand up with him. Her mask was in the fashion of a devious fox; it was highly decorated and reflected that of the rank of lieutenant general. Ryan took off the mask and held it down by his side; the woman’s magenta eyes locked with Ryan’s teal eyes. “What do you wish for me, my lord?” The woman asked.

“You will protect him; wont you Nicole?”

“Of course Ryan; for it is a wife’s duty, to follow her husband’s command.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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