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The War to End all Wars

Kaysie placed his coke can on top of the table next to him. “So what of it?” He asked. Wolf was startled out of his memory. “You alright, bro. You where reflecting for a good five minutes.” Kaysie added. Wolf looked towards his king.

“Yea I’m fine.” He replied; Kaysie nodded. “All clan members were blessed with eighty percent control of their minds.” Wolf stated.

“So that’s where it started?” Kaysie asked; Wolf nodded. Kaysie looked at the ground with a puzzled face. Wolf looked at him, waiting patiently. “Well, this is all the more reason to find the Legacy Azlam left behind.” Kaysie said; Wolf nodded his approval.


Kaysie looked to his right and watched Amy make her way towards him. “I did it!” She screamed with an excited look on her face.

“I knew you had it in you; what about the other’s?” Kaysie replied then asked. Amy looked at the ground then put her hand to her mouth.

“I was the last one to learn.” She said as she looked at her best friend. Kaysie gave a sideways frown.

“Well, do you want to go out to get ice cream?” He asked; Amy’s face brightened immediately. She nodded her head repeatedly.

“I’ll go get the others!” She shouted as she ran back the way she came; Kaysie smiled as he followed behind her. Wolf watched them; he was still getting used to all of these people.

“I’ve come a long way; Autumn, Rain.” He said as he placed his can next to his King’s then walked away.

It was the dead of night and all was quiet and peaceful within the domain of our heroes. Everyone was either asleep, or cozying with their beloved. Yes, everything was quiet and peaceful.

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” June asked as she shifted in bed towards Kaysie. He was already out of bed and on his feet; he hurridly put a shirt on.

“I thought I heard a thud.”

June closed her eyes then said, “It was probably just Wolf and Sunset; you know how they get at night.”
The two stopped their conversation as they focused their ears.

“Those where wings.” June said as hers and Kaysie’s eyes narrowed.
It was quiet in the condo and the area surrounding it; dead quiet.

In an instant an Angel Scout soared in through the opened balcony door and slammed into Kaysie. June stood up then lunged towards the door; grabbing her blade as she went. Kaysie placed his hand on the Angel’s face.

“I’m going to wake the others!” June shouted as she exited the room then sped down the hallway.

“Whatever you say, dear!” Kaysie called after her as he turned the Angel into ashes. He stood up as he summoned his blade; ashes formed around his body. He lunged out of the balcony door and down into the lot behind the condo. Awaiting him was a platoon of Angel’s of Purity. A breeze shifted his Kings garbs as the angels descended upon him.

“You must be the Dark King.” An angel in the center of the formation said as Kaysie’s sharp, dark red eyes glared up towards him.

June barrel rolled forwards as a scout plummeted into the hallway from a door to the right of her. She turned prepared to strike, but was comforted by the sight of Dotsu sinking his blade into the Angel’s abdomen. Yuki exited the room with her blade drawn as she looked towards the opposite end of the hall. “I’m guessing the war’s starting?” Dotsu asked as he withdrew his blade then stood upright.

“You guessed correct.” June replied as she stood up then drew her free arm back and threw it forwards with an outstretched palm. As she did so a streak of flames shot out down the hallway. “Alright the flame will travel throughout the condo; everyone will gather at the lot.” June said as Yuki and Dotsu nodded. The three then continued down the hall fighting a scout here and there as they made their way to the lot.

Zero locked blades with a scout. His golden eyes gleamed at the Angel. “You’re weak, reaper.” The Angel stated as one of his teammates dashed for Amy; who stared at the female angel with wide eyes. The angel pressed his blade forwards as Zero disengaged him. The angel stumbled forwards as Zero sidestepped past him and cut his blade across the Angels chest; slicing the Angel in half. He spun around and was prepared to throw his blade at the other angel; but was surprised by the sight of Amy holding a gun up to the shocked Angel’s face.

“You reaper’s would use such weaponry?” The angel asked.

“It’s a water gun.” Zero said as he sliced his blade through the Angel’s neck.

“Nice teamwork!” Amy exclaimed as she jumped up and threw the gun aside.

“What do you mean; I did most of the work.” Zero said as he folded his arms and gave a sour face.
A flame screamed through the hallway past the two.

“That’s the signal.”


Kaysie stared at the Angels that now stood around him; surrounding the mighty King. Kaysie couldn’t see into their white and silver helmets; but he could sense their fear. “Is it the fact that I’m twice your height; or that I’m a King who possesses the power to turn you all to dust with the wave of a hand.” Kaysie stated casually as he waved his free hand up. Several of the Angel’s winced; Kaysie grinned.

“This is a direct message from Archangel Lansona.” The lead angel began. “I hereby declare war upon the Reaper forces after being insulted by the slaying of a reincarnated Angel.” The Angel finished.

“Is that all?” Kaysie asked.

“I have personally been ordered to lead my squad in the downfall of the Third King of Darkness and his Subordinates.” The Angel said as he, and the surrounding angels, drew up large two handed blades. The Angelic warriors held their blades vertically in front of their bodies.

“I’d have it no other way.” Kaysie stated as he closed his eyes, looked to the ground, then grinned, unwavered.

At once the entire Angel’s charged the King; a mistake duely noted. Kaysie threw his blade into the lead Angel as he stepped sideways then back dodging an Angel’s blade. From his standing position he spun around into a side flip swirling ashes in a sharp ring around him. As he landed he moved his hand around spinning and flipping as he shot the ashes around like a blade slicing through the Angels. By the time he had finished his friends made their way out towards Kaysie. They stopped and looked on in awe. The bodies’ of thirty white and silver iron-clad Warrior Angel elites where strewn every which way. They had holes and cuts in their bodies’ and their pure armor was stained crimson with blood. Kaysie reached down as he withdrew his blade from the lead Angel.

“These men and women where Angel’s of Purity.” Kaysie said as he sheathed his blade then crossed his arms as he faced his generals.

“I guess this just goes to show how much of a difference there is between yours and ours levels.” Wolf stated as he and the rest of the males crossed their arms and nodded their affection towards their King.

“I’m a Reaper Lord; it should be expected. Besides I don’t think you all were able to truly showcase your strength here.” Kaysie said as his friends converged on him.

“So this is how it begins.” June said as they all gazed at the carcasses.

“Well then; ‘till tomorrow.” Kaysie said as he began to walk away. Everyone slowly followed in suit behind him. June stood there for a while, still staring at the dead bodies’.

“It will only be worse, tomorrow.” She stated as she closed her eyes then walked back to the condo. The dead bodies floated away as ashes in the breeze.

Death rolled his boney fingers on the arm rest to his throne. He had his opposite fist up against his hooded head as he rested it on the skeletal limb. He sighed impatiently as he looked at Kaysie’s generals as well as Pride, Lust, and Agony formed up in front of the Undead Guard; who were formed into ranks as well. They alined either sides of the entrance to the throne room facing Death.

June’s red eyes gazed up at Death. She was still getting used to him; as he was an awkward fellow, in the way that he was cheery one second then dead serious the other. Is he bipolar, June thought; giving a puzzled face up towards the demonic Lord. “I most definitely am not!” Death shouted as he stood up on his throne, bent forwards, then pointed out towards June. June closed her eyes then smiled as she rubbed the back of her head. All of her friends looked at her with smirks and grins; Wolf and Pride had broken ranks and began to laugh hysterically, as Death continued to whine and complain about how rude June and everyone else’s thoughts where towards him.

“Death, what are you doing?”

Everyone looked towards the now opened throne room gates; they quickly reorganized into their ranks as they stood staring forwards awaiting orders, regaining their rock hard attitude. They all stood still as Kaysie walked between the two formations towards Death’s throne. June glanced at him; pride and affection glimmered in her eyes as she smiled at her unnoticing lover.

“Your girlfriend was being rude to me! As well as all of your friends! They’re such meanies, Kaysie!” Death shouted to Kaysie who simply crossed his arms and closed his eyes. Wolf and Pride struggled to hold in their laughter.

“Shut up, Death. You’re acting like a kid.”

“You’re such a meanie!”

“No I’m not. Just get on with your orders.”

Everyone watched the two Lords as they engaged in a child’s war of, “yes you are,” and, “no I’m not.” Finally after five agonizing minutes the two Lords arguing was quelled as Death sat down on his throne.

“Well you are; and it’s a good thing too, I can’t have someone soft as my co-Lord.” Death stated as the air thickened; Kaysie dropped his arms to his sides as he stood straight and nodded towards his co-Lord. “Now Kaysie; you get on with your orders.” Death commanded as he waved his left arm in a semi circle.

Kaysie turned towards the two formations then said, “War has broken out; with that said this will be the following deployment standards: My generals shall stay in the palace with their assigned platoons of Undead Guard’s and will act as reinforcements to be deployed as needed.” All of Kaysie’s friends nodded towards their King. “Pride shall lead the Undead Overlord corps through the eastern gate and engage any Angels that descend upon the Asian countries and Pacific Ocean.” Pride made a cha-ching gesture with his left arm. “Lust shall lead the Femmes Arcani through the Northern gate and engage any Angels that descend upon the European and Middle Eastern countries.” Lust grinned then nodded her approval. “Agony shall lead the Reavers of Torment through the Western gate and engage any angels that descend upon the American continent.” Agony nodded towards Kaysie. “I shall personally be floating around the unattended hot zones around the globe and will try to prevent any small groups of angels from slipping past our solid defense.” Kaysie finished.

“Why don’t you have some of us protect the hot zones?” Pride asked.

“Because if you leave any gate undefended for even a second the Archangel will send twelve legions through it and attack the palace.” Kaysie replied with a cold tone. Pride possessed the facial expression of a student who was just scolded by his teacher. “You will all stay in the vicinity of your gates while fighting any aggressors.” Kaysie commanded; everyone nodded. “One more thing,” Kaysie started; everyone looked at him attentively, “do not under any circumstance slay a human.” Kaysie commanded with a, you defy me and you die, tone in his voice. His dark red eyes gleamed at his subordinates.

“Yes, my King!!!” Everyone shouted in unison; Death rolled his fingers.

June and Amy sat down on the humungous steps to the palace gates. Demons past by them as they continued their preparations for the deployment of forces. “What do you thinks’ gonna’ happen?” Amy asked as she gazed at Zero; who was talking with the leaders of the group he was in command of.

“Who knows?” June replied as she slouched back a bit then slowly moved her hands from her bangs then down to her ponytail.

“I bet you I’ve got a good idea.”

Both June and Amy turned around. Sunset approached the two; she sat down next to June. The three gazed in different directions: Amy continued her prospect of Zero, Sunset half frowned as she watched Wolf making conversation with Lust and Agony, June’s red eyes moved here and there as she searched for Kaysie among the crowd of Demons.

“You realize what’s going to happen to Kaysie, right June?” Sunset asked; Amy looked at Sunset with a raised eyebrow as June closed her eyes.

“Yea, there’s a large possibility that he’ll die in this war; well die for good that is.” June said as she opened her eyes; uncertainty was present within them.

“What do you mean Kaysie might die, he’s invincible.” Amy chimed in.

“The last time there was a war with Angels was when the First king ruled at Death’s side.” June spoke.


“He was killed by the Archangel.” Sunset added.

Amy looked at the ground with watery eyes; June looked at her then smiled. You care about him so much; she thought. June wrapped her arm around Amy’s shoulder. “It’s okay; Kaysie’s invincible and he has us just in case.” June said as she smiled at Amy; Amy looked up at her then dug her head in June’s breasts. June smiled as she placed her head near Amy’s.

“Oi, look at that.”


Zero and Wolf watched June and Amy with wide eyes. There mouth’s where open a little. Sunset looked at the two then back at June and Amy; her eyes grew wide too.

“Man, how can we be sure about those two?” Wolf said with a grin. Zero blushed as he looked towards the ground.

“Hey you pervert’s! What are you looking at?!” Sunset shouted as June and Amy looked up. Wolf whistled as he stuffed his hands in his pockets; Zero turned the opposite direction then walked away.

June made her way through a hallway; she was bound for the throne room. She moved through the crowd of demons and as she came to the throne room’s double doors she could feel an intense amount of energy emitting from the other side of the doors. She looked around; the hallway was now empty, everyone had filed out towards the palace fields to form into their units. June opened the door ever so slightly as she peeked in and listened to the conversation that was taking place between Fear and Death.

“This is quiet risky, don’t you think?” Said Death as he sat atop his throne; his voice seemed to thicken the atmosphere as he spoke.

“We don’t have a choice. If I’m able to kill enough angels on my own the Archangel will be sure to show up early; that way we can have the decisive battle to conclude this war. It will be over within a few months if we’re lucky.” Kaysie stated.

“You can’t take him alone.”

“I know; I’m going to need your help in defeating him.”

“I understand; however if you are defeated before then?”

“That won’t happen.”

“Well, then. In case the impossible is proven possible?”

“Then withdraw our forces and rebuild our strength; and also…” Kaysie paused.

“What is it; stopping in the middle of a sentence isn’t like you; oh, king.” Said Death. “Might it be that you are in love?” Asked Death in a somewhat sarcastic tone. Kaysie nodded.

“Protect my generals; let them live here within the palace, they shall prove of proper value to you.”

“What if I come to the position that I am not able to save them all?”

“Save as many as you can.”

“Any in particular?”

“As many as you can.” Kaysie’s voice was thickening; the Lord of Fear was named rightfully so.

“I understand; what if I can only save one?”

This question brought a moment of silence; June’s eyes frowned as she watched Kaysie staring at the ground with his eyes closed. He held everyone dear to him, but who would he choose.

“June.” Kaysie stated.

“I understand; should you fall in battle I shall protect her for all of eternity, no harm will come to that girl. I will chase the illusion of human death from her if I must.” Death stated; Kaysie nodded his gratitude towards his lord. June’s eyes widened; she was relieved but at the same time ashamed. She wouldn’t want to be held above her comrades when it came to who to save if defeat was eminent. June regained herself as the conversation ensued.

“However if you fall in battle it will be the end of the war for us; solely due to the fact that you have no heir. I will have to wait another thousand years before I can bestow the King’s seal upon a new human.” Death stated with a sigh. Kaysie nodded.

“Are you sure she isn’t pregnant?”

June’s eyes widened.

“What the hell; of course she isn’t.”

“You two haven’t…you know.”

“Death you’re crossing the line.”

“Well then why don’t you two…”



“Stop while you’re ahead of yourself.”

“I see.”

June watched on in anticipation as the two grew silent; they gazed in opposite directions. The two then looked towards one another again; seemingly out of nowhere the two began to laugh hysterically. “I can’t believe you asked that.” Kaysie said between laughs.

June gently closed the door as she looked at her hand then sighed. Her eyes narrowed as she looked up then walked towards her room. Kaysie looked back towards the door. “Go to her.” Death commanded from atop his throne. Kaysie turned to his lord then bowed low. He then turned around as he exited the throne room.

“You fool; be careful, you are a good king.” Death said to himself as the door closed. “I do not wish to lose another mighty King, especially not to that bastard.” After the words exited his mouth Death brought his skeletal hand up to his hood. During its ascent the flesh and skin returned to his arm and as he pulled his hood down his teal eyes glared out at the closed double doors. His long slick black hair fell down past his shoulders. His face was that of a young man’s, one no older than thirty. On his left cheek was a tattoo of a skull; his teal eyes continued to glare at the double doors. With each thought that raced through Death’s mind the atmosphere began to intensify; as Death remembered his human name his anger seemed to lull. However, as he remembered another name his anger spiked far beyond that of which it was before. “Lansona…” He stated with rage filled eyes.
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