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The Gathering Storm

June paced back and forth. Last night Kaysie was sound asleep in his room of the condominium that the group had rented to stay in; now he was gone. This had been occurring a lot during the past years and June knew the reason, but she was still worried and always wondered why Kaysie never told her when he would leave. When he returned June would confront him about it instead of always brushing the question aside.

It was near night and everyone had returned to the domain with no sight of Kaysie. They moved throughout the condo all doing their own thing. All the kids where now in their early twenties. Within the years between Kaysie’s victory over Hikousha and now they had small skirmishes with angels here and there; but the full scale war, which was promised by the archangel to take place, had never commenced. Our heroes, even though they were supposedly the “bad guys”, had taken that time as an opportunity to get to know each other better and get stronger in preparation for the war.

At the same time Death’s troops swelled well over the limit God granted the lead Reaper; however as this was war Lucifer held counsel with Death and said to him simply, “you give no quarter.” Death saw this as an invitation to expand his military might; and expand he did.

The undead guards constantly appeared at the condo relaying news of skirmishes and updates on preparations for battle. The undead guard where the most human of the reaper troops. After serving then thousand years as normal troops then another thousand years as either Undead Overlords or Reavers of Torment the soul was inducted into the Undead Guard; known as Death’s finest. These troops received their human bodies to live in once again as they served their Lord as personal body guards. They wore kimonos or hakama’s and brandished traditional katana’s. The catch was they were to never at any circumstance let anyone see their faces; and so they wore decorated masks. The more elaborate the mask the more important the guard.

Just as June stopped her pacing one of these guards appeared from a shadow in a corner of the room. “Any news of Kaysie?” June asked quickly.

The female guard spoke in an even voice as she stated, “Lord Fear the Unforgiving has completed his 320th task; he is now being debriefed at the palace and will return here soon after.” The woman bowed then stepped back into the shadow as she vanished from sight.

Kaysie slowly strode towards Death’s throne. Ashes formed around Kaysie’s body as he changed from his BDU’s into his Kings Garbs. Kaysie stood at the ready as Death approached him. “The souls?” Death asked in his serious voice. In response Kaysie snagged the contraption off his belt and held it out to Death. Death took the skull from Kaysie’s hands then made a fist crushing the skull and dispersing the souls throughout the most savage parts of hell.

“Well done; you have completed your 320th task.” Death stated as he slowly made his way back up to his throne. Kaysie couldn’t help but notice how crowded it had gotten. All kinds of demons dressed for war scurried around in preparation for battle. Kaysie’s dark red eyes then fell upon a large black and gold book nestled on a table made of skeletons. He glanced at Death; who in turn nodded his hooded head motioning Kaysie towards the book.

“These are the laws of the ancient Setaki’s.” Kaysie said with interest as he flipped through the book.

“Yes. It was given to me as a gift; however I must say I don’t exactly know much about the ancient empire.” Death replied from atop his throne.

“And why is that?” Kaysie asked as he turned towards Death while closing the book.

“I was young and disinterested in human affairs.” Death replied gazing in the opposite direction.

Kaysie nodded then stated, “we keep this between the two of us for now.” He then tossed the book up to his co-Lord. Death caught the book then watched Kaysie make his way down the crowded marble floor; his turquoise eyes gleamed within his hood as he remembered Kaysie and Ace leaving to fight Hikousha. You’ve grown up quiet well; Death thought as the twenty-one year old King of Darkness exited the huge gates of the inner palace.

As Kaysie exited the throne room gates he walked down a hall, nodded at several demons; that bowed in reply, and then opened a purple door and stepped into a black portal closing the door as he did so. Kaysie’s foot exited onto the gravel of the alleyway outside of the condo. Kaysie flipped up the collar to his white jeans jacket. He grinned as he merged into the crowd on the sidewalk in front of the condo. A few years earlier when Kaysie first gained his powers he would have never been able to transition his clothes like that with such ease. Now it seemed like nothing to him.

Kaysie placed his wallet in his mouth as he fumbled through his pockets.

“Forget something?” said a familiar voice from behind Kaysie. Kaysie spun on his heels as Zero approached him holding out Kaysie’s key to the condo’s front doors.

“What’s goin’ on bro?” Kaysie asked his friend as he graciously received the key and opened the doors.

“June’s not happy.” Zero replied as his gold eyes gleamed under the lights of the building.

“You don’t say.” Kaysie replied as he placed his wallet back in his pocket. The two stepped into the front of the condo and shut the door behind them.

“Kaysaan Hiroji!” June yelled from atop a flight of stairs.


“See ya’.”

“Have I done something to anger you?” June asked as she and Kaysie neared one another.

“And how on earth could you think of that?” Kaysie replied with a grin; at the same time Zero walked away in the background. June held her hand up to her forehead.

“You know it’s okay to let me know when you’re going out to complete a task.” She stated. Kaysie gazed at her; she had her hair up into a pony tail and wore a red tank top with jeans short shorts. Her red eyes lingered away from Kaysie’s.

“Hey Kaysie!” Amy shouted from down the steps.

“What’s up?” Kaysie asked as he turned towards his oldest friend.

“You just missed dinner; but I left a plate for you in the kitchen if you’re hungry.” Amy stated; Kaysie nodded in reply as Amy walked away. June frowned as she watched Kaysie’s eyes follow Amy’s figure.

She quickly smiled then said, “She’s been lonely.”

Kaysie paused then turned around. “Yeah, well she’s got Zero to fix that.” Kaysie stated as June’s eyes widened realizing the growing relationship between Zero and Amy. “You know she’s like a sister to me; besides I’ve had my eyes on someone else.” Kaysie said in a soothing voice as he wrapped his arms around June’s waist and moved his head towards her. June looked down as she smiled. She was up to Kaysie’s chest and not an inch taller. She rested her head on his chest.

“Whoa, what do we have here?!”

June jumped as she knocked into Kaysie’s jaw.

“Ouch.” Kaysie exclaimed as June placed her hand onto her forehead once again.

“I’m going to kill you Dotsu.” June said.

“I don’t think you will.” Dotsu replied with a grin.

“You wanna’ find out?” June retorted as she dropped her arms and curled her fingers preparing to summon fire. Kaysie grinned then kissed June on the cheek as he passed her making his way up the steps.

“What about me?” Dotsu asked mockingly as he puckered up. Kaysie slapped Dotsu on the chest.
“That’ll work.” Dotsu said as he coughed.

Kaysie entered his room; on top of his desk laid a packet of papers entitled, Red. Kaysie gazed at it as he recalled the events Wolf, Sunset, and Zero had gone through. A gust of wind burst through the opened balcony door sending the papers across the floor. Kaysie dropped to a knee as he began to sort through the sheets attempting to reorder them. Wolf walked past Kaysie’s room, stopped, turned around, and then entered. He knelt down beside Kaysie as he helped him pick up the papers.

“You’ve read it?” Wolf asked.

“Yeah; you three have been through a lot.” Kaysie replied as Wolf handed him the papers. Kaysie looked towards the desk as he placed the papers down.

“Yes we have. My brother was a hell of a man and I don’t intend on wasting his sacrifice.” Wolf stated; Kaysie nodded in reply. The two then stood silent for a period of time. “Don’t drag Sunset and I into the war.” Wolf spoke revealing his feelings about the conflict for the first time.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to everyone about tonight.” Kaysie stated in a tone worthy of a King.

Everyone gathered in the gym room in the attic of the condominium. They stood around Kaysie as they all waited on Sunset to return from her trip to the weapons dealer. As Sunset entered Wolf helped her place all the purchased equipment in their proper places. Once they finished the two then turned and moved towards the group. Everyone’s eyes; each a unique color and holding unimaginable power, fell upon their King.

“As you all know after Azlam and Namikasha defeated the Demon Azlam founded the Black and Gold Setaki Empire.” Kaysie spoke to his most trusted generals as he briefed them on the unfolding situation. “The empire was lost in time; even Lord Death has little to no knowledge about the empires fall. With this being the case I have come to a conclusion of these troubling events.” Kaysie paused. “Starting after the third battle of this war June shall lead Wolf, Sunset, Dotsu, Reiji, Yuki, and Miyako in search of the lost empire.” Kaysie stated; his voice thickening. Everyone nodded their approval. “As for Zero and Amy.” Kaysie started as he turned towards the two. “Zero shall accompany me in the war; I will need your skill in the battles during the time after the rest of the group departs.” Zero knocked his left fist to his opposite shoulder symbolizing the brotherhood between the two young men; a brotherhood much similar to Azlam and Namikasha’s.

“What about me?’ Amy asked.

Kaysie looked at her then said, “You will be in the royal palace under heavy guard.”

“Kaysie.” Amy started.

“I’m not going to let you hurt yourself.” Kaysie said raising his voice as he cut her off. Amy’s eyes widened as she looked up at Kaysie.

“I’ve been having strange dreams.” Amy stated as she looked away. Everyone listened in interest. “In these dreams I wake up standing in a pond; next to me is a large cherry blossom tree.” Amy explained; Wolf’s ears perked up.

“I can see Tokyo beyond several hills and forests. Then a golden orb flies over the skyline as the scene turns to a wasteland and the city turns to a black outline. I can hear sirens as Blue, White, and Silver figures descend from the heavens and Black, Red, and Purple figures ascend from hell.” Amy finished.

“Why have you waited until now to tell us this?” Zero asked; Kaysie looked at Zero then shifted his eyes towards Amy as everyone’s eyes followed Kaysie’s.

“I was scared.” Amy replied as she looked at the ground near Zero’s feet.

Kaysie closed his eyes as he stated, “Amy shall join Zero and I.” Everyone looked at Kaysie with shock as he continued speaking. “That dream is without a doubt a vision of a battle to take place.” Kaysie explained; everyone nodded in reply as they gazed in different directions.

“Now get some sleep; I plan on waking you all up early tomorrow. I’m going to teach you all some tricks to help you out during the war.” Kaysie stated as everyone walked out of the gym and up to their respected rooms.

Kaysie slipped on basketball shorts and a tank top as he sat on his bed. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. As he did so June entered his room and sat on his bed behind Kaysie. She placed her hands on Kaysie’s shoulders as she began to massage him. Kaysie opened his eyes after awhile then looked back at June who leaned onto his back and wrapped her arms around his chest. She closed her eyes as she felt a warm feeling ascertain itself within her stomach.

“You’re not wearing any pants.” Kaysie said as he grinned.

“I know how much you love these red panties.” June stated as she smiled then giggled. Kaysie placed his hands on top of June’s as, for the first time in a long time, he smiled. Not a grin; but a true to the heart smile. “Do you remember the time when we first met?” June asked; Kaysie nodded as he remembered standing in the pouring rain facing his partner.

“That time I could barely look you in the eyes.” Kaysie said as he turned to look at June; June looked at him surprised. “It’s a good thing I overgrew that; because your face is more than beautiful, June.” Kaysie spoke as he placed his hand on her check. June placed her hand on top of his. The two stayed there like that for what seemed like forever; and could have rightfully been so, they didn’t mind at all. “Let’s get some sleep.” Kaysie said breaking the silence as June nodded.

As the new day dawned the group gathered in the huge parking lot located behind the condo. The lot was surrounded by huge walls blocking the outside world from witnessing the events that where to take place. Everyone was dressed in their battle garbs and had training weapons in place of their actual tools of mass destruction. The sun rose high shooting shadows in every which direction.

Kaysie gazed at June taking in her image as she folded her arms and leaned onto Kaysie’s vamped up Mazda 6. She wore her common attire; a red scarf around her neck, her garbs that was sleeveless on one side and had a long sleeve on the opposite, once again her hair was up in a ponytail. Her blade dangled freely by her side, strapped to her belt. June looked over at Kaysie then smiled.

Kaysie then turned to his teammates, who where conversing amongst themselves, and stated, “ash warping.” After he did so his figure floated away in the wind as ashes. He then reappeared at the opposite side of the lot. Everyone looked on in interest. “The only beings who can use this technique are Reapers.” Kaysie said.

What good does that do us then?” June asked as she moved towards the rest of the group.

“Shadow warping.” Kaysie said as he appeared behind June up from her shadow. Everyone turned quickly as Kaysie winked at June; who in turn smiled up at him.

“Anyone, even humans,” Kaysie said as he looked at Amy. “Can perform this technique. However, it is a more restricted technique compared to ash warping.” Kaysie explained. “Basically wherever there’s a shadow you can sink into yours and rise into that one.” Kaysie finished.

“And just how do we perform this technique?” Zero asked.

Kaysie stopped for a moment then stated, “Believe.” Everyone seemed puzzled at this statement. “I’ll let you guys figure this out, then.” Kaysie said as he made his way towards the entrance to the condo. Kaysie stopped dead in his tracks as Wolf flashed from his current position to in front of his King.

“The flash warp is an ancient art taught to all Setaki youths.” Wolf stated.

Kaysie nodded then replied with, “Wolf let’s talk more about your clan.” The two then departed.

As the two left June clapped then said, “Come on guys, let’s get to it!”

Wolf tossed Kaysie a can of coke as he opened a can of his own. Kaysie opened his as the two each took large gulps from their soft drinks.

“How is it that your clan members were able to fight like that?” Kaysie asked breaking the silence.

Wolf placed his coke down as he closed his eyes then said, “The elder used to tell me stories about our clans forecoming…”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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