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Gunshots rang out in the distance. Seven United States Army Rangers ducked into cover as hordes of insurgents swarmed towards their position. “Light ‘em up!” One of the men yelled; immediately all seven men opened fire.

“We’re getting battered sarge!” One of the men yelled as his rifle jammed. “Damn!” He cursed as he struggled with the weapon.

“Just drop it!” Another man yelled at him. At the same time an insurgent, hooded and dressed in garbs, stood before the soldier. The man’s eyes widened as his enemy brought his weapon towards him and prepared to fire.

In an instant a man dressed in long black BDU’s seemed to appear out of the dust. He wielded a massive scythe. He tore the insurgent in half; as he did so a red light left the corpse and stored itself within the eyes of a skull dangling by a cord connected to the man’s waist. His face was hidden by a black cloth. His eyes were a dark red that seemed to pierce through the chaos of the battlefield. The other rangers converged on their teammate. They all watched in awe as this man, who was twice their height, tore through the crowd of insurgents.

Kaysie’s lips formed a grin underneath the black cloth as he glanced back at the flabbergasted soldiers. He then looked onwards as he gazed into each and every man’s soul. Kaysie was currently partaking in the 327 tasks required of all newly anointed Reaper Lords. He was now on task 320; the gathering of damned souls.

A damned soul glows a normal blue within the womb of the bearer. In time the souls of humans damned at birth glows red; signifying its host’s period in the living world has been completed. These are the souls Kaysie was now circling the world in search of.

Kaysie tiscked as he witnessed two damned souls merge in the crowd of fleeing insurgents. The rangers cautiously formed on Kaysie.
“Thanks we would’ve been dead if you hadn’t come and helped us.” The man who was directly saved by Kaysie said. Kaysie gazed into his soul; it glowed red. Kaysie frowned as he looked on at the other men. They all had blue souls. Kaysie frowned once more as he lifted his hand up and placed it on the man’s face.

“Back to hell with you.” Kaysie said coldly. The other men stood shocked; a mix of curiosity and horror overtook them. The man then turned to ashes before Kaysie’s feet; the red orb floated into the skull at Kaysie’s side.

The rangers then regained themselves as, with hatred swelling within them, they brought up their rifles towards the strange man. Kaysie lifted his scythe vertically then brought it down to the ground with tremendous force. As the butt made contact with the earth a ripple shot out around Kaysie throwing the men to their backs. Kaysie then disappeared into ashes.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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ChristopherMenton said...
Aug. 11, 2012 at 5:27 pm:
Any comment's? I'd really like to know what you guys think about the storyline so far.
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