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RED the ending

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The forgotten squad

We had been under heavy surveillance of the United Nations for months now. We were locked up in a safe house and forced to pass the days by training, watching T.V., or slipping out to get fresh air then back in without anyone knowing. The news had been showing some crap about some mysterious kid who had gotten sent by the U.N. to another planet and made it back while his squad had died, apparently this same kid had survived after being held up by terrorists. My brother and I would get a good laugh
I've made a more in depth story soley about Zero and squad 47; i'm going to try and post it but if i can't then anyone who's interested is gonna have to gimme' and email.
or two out of it, but Sunset and Autumn had a different approach about the subject. I would’ve kept my laugh out loud attitude if it weren’t for that we had met him. This was no coincidence though. The president had requested that he joined our group. We couldn’t deny. He seemed like an okay guy. He didn’t say much, but I thought that wouldn’t be necessary since I could read his thoughts. We were at another safe house. It wasn’t his, though. Makes sense to me though. They transported both groups from the original safe house to this one. It wasn’t that much of a bad idea. “What’s your name?” I had asked him. “My code name is Zero my real name is classified.” He had replied. Yup just another bastard, I thought.
Several weeks after meeting him we were attending his school in Fort Benning Georgia. The weather sucked. The second day of our coming they were holding an assembly for this so called hero. The whole school was seated in the bleachers in their gym. We were seated in chairs away from the bleachers, Zero sat next to me. At first I didn’t like the guy, but he was turning out to be a good friend. When the assembly started a girl from the seventh grade stood center stage on a microphone stand. “I was asked to tell you all about the events that took place on January fifth several months ago by the position Zero saw these events.” She paused then took a deep breath. “The following is a copy of the notes Zero had taken in his helmet.” Everyone knew him as Zero now and it just bugged me how I didn’t know his name, but everyone else did, I twitched. “Johnston just called me down to the engine room I’m going to see what’s up. Crap! Sergeant the engine blew. Dammit Johnston! Roger Johnston’s messed up, but alive. Roger heading to health quarters now. We’re going down! I won’t make it in time to save Johnston. Dammit! (Crashing sound) That was a bad concussion. Johnston you alright?! Sergeant Woodock. Johnston’s dead. This is command we have one casualty and are currently in combat, assistance is required. What do you mean you can’t help us?! No why are you guys leaving? Our squad needs immediate assistance! You piss-off cowards!!! Damn. (Gunfire in the background) The other squads left we’re on our own. What the hell is attacking us? Stones? Robots? Sergeant Woodock has sent Smith up top to our turret thank god that’s still intact. (Panting) The huge stone faces are turning into robots. There are thousands of them. Smith is in trouble. The robots tore open the glass around Smith’s turret. Hold on! No, I won’t close the hatch and you won’t die. Uh. (Thud) Sergeant Smith is dead now too. What?! Why’d you guys assault without me? (Panting) Sergeant’s half dead. Sure your last smoke sarge. Sergeant’s dead now. (Panting) Wilson, Noel, and I are sprinting back to the ship. I can use parts of these dead robo freaks to reassemble the engine so we can get the hell out of here. Wilson got his helm torn out and his face wrenched in and Damn! They got Noel in the back. I made it, I made it with Noel, but he’s dying. Yeah, I’ll tell your family you died a hero. (Crying.) Noel’s dead. Why won’t you (censored) kill me!!!” the girl stopped and began to cry. People in the bleachers were crying, too. Zero’s long hair covered his face, for his head was facing down. Teardrops dripped to the ground. He stood up then walked up to the microphone, everyone watched in shock. He leaned forward a little as he started to speak. “Damn you United Nations for sending us on this mission. Damn you United States government for sending us with insufficient supplies.” He paused. “Damn you squads 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43 for leaving us behind.” He finished. “Doesn’t he know this is being broadcasted live?” Autumn asked. “He does.” I said. The three looked at me, my eyes were barely open. “He just doesn’t care.” Rain added as he smirked.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 13 Next »

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