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RED the ending

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The new kid

After being dropped off by Falker I made my way to my class room lead by the principle. I was in Mahaffey Middle School. This is going to suck, I thought as I followed him in the class. I had gotten in late so it was block one; apparently I missed primetime, whatever that was. The principle introduced me to the teacher, and then I was forced to introduce myself to the class. “Hi my name’s Wolf.” I said, several people started to giggle. “Wolf is here because he is with the United Nations.”
Have you ever been a new kid? If you have then I feel your pain I've moved around seven times. I'd love to hear someones account of moving to a new place; although i doubt you had rogue soldier descending on you from you school roof. :)
The teacher said as she gave a weird look. I heard some, yeah, wrights, and some pleases. “Take off your jacket and show them.” The principle said, several people gave me hand motions and sour looks. I turned around showing them my back, and then slowly took of my jacket. When I turned around all the students looked shocked. My chain-and-sickle dangled from its place in the vest. The vest was lined with knives that were easy to see and packets full of shuricken throwing stars. “Convinced.” I asked looking several people in the eyes, they looked down. Another thing that was visible was my many tattoos that lined my arms. There were some good looking girls, but I didn’t think they stood a chance next to Autumn. The principle left and I took my seat in the front, I struggled to get in the strange chair-desk. Once I got settled in I stood back up as I caught the scent of something disturbing. My ears twitched as the roof tile above me fell on top of my head. I winced then jumped out of the way as the ground was streamed with bullets, several people jumped and screamed. I drew my sickle and lashed out at a soldier’s neck as he came down from the roof, his head flew into the wall as his body fell lifelessly to the ground. Another soldier jumped down and grabbed my chain. I drew a knife as he pulled me towards him; I stabbed him in his chest back handed. I stood there for a while keeping the lifeless carcass upright. My eyes shot around. People started to regain their mentality and come to. The soldiers carried U.N. patches; I clenched my teeth baring my K9s. underneath the U.N. patch was another patch that showed a skull with a bow tilting down through it.
“Betrayal?” I asked Rain who had entered the room with Sunset and Autumn. “Most likely.” He replied. The two of us started searching the bodies. “They bare the U.N. patch, but look far from being U.N. material.” Sunset said. We looked at her puzzled. She sighed then knelt down by one of the bodies. “The U.N. agents had all looked like a bunch of pretty boys, take a bath every five minutes, kid of guys. These guys have dirt in their fingernails.” She drew back as she waved the air in front of her nose, “and horrible odor.” She finished. “Rogue’s?” Autumn asked. “Possibly.” Sunset replied. “Oh! Also, that patch underneath the U.N. one is new to me.” Sunset inquired. “A passenger airliner getting shot out of the air randomly, U.N. soldiers attacking a middle school which happens to be located on a military base, none of this makes any sense.” I said. “We’ve got to get out of here.” Rain said. “Roger.” I replied as we left the still shocked class and exited the school.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 13 Next »

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